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We only think about it, women only think about it

The truth is disconcerting of simplicity

All the women are obsessed by the phallus in a way or another : the young, the old, those who have a boyfriend, those who take an unsuspicious air, the fat, the anorexics, the virgins… and even YOUR girlfriend !

The thing it is that the society works 24 hours a day and 7j / 7 to persuade us of the contrary. This is why, every time a man meets a woman, he wants to make sure that it is the truth. For example : in bed, when she sucks him or when he takes her doggystyle : « You love my cock, right ?
– Yes I do.
– Say it !
– Oh yeah, I love your cock !
– Say it louder !!!
– I LOVE YOUR COCK !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh ! »

Hearing these magic words is really very exciting for us, men, because the society (with the maybe involuntary complicity of the women) tries to convince us of the contrary. Like if sex was bearable only in a relation of couple. As a result, when a woman proves you her passion for your penis while you know her only for 4 hours, it is so good! It is really fun !!!

Think again about this girl whose you took the number, yesterday evening, in a bar. Imagine her,  roaring that she likes the cock, because it is the truth. Your social conditioning can try to make you believe that she must be invited several times to the restaurant before she likes your cock. But it is not true : even a busy, put under stress woman or who has to take care of her little sick cat, likes cock. They like it. Every women. Even if they claim the opposite.

We can now say that we are a secret society because we know that women love cock. Welcome to the club !

If a girl feels that you don’t know, or that you think naively that only certain categories of women (bitches, easy girls) love sex : you will be tidied up in the category of « potential boyfriends ». You know, those they make wait a long time (weeks or months) before sucking them with passion. However, when you will give her that look which means « Stop playing this lousy role. I know that like you cock. I know that you want to fuck. I do not judge you, I even think this is a good thing. It is Nature » Then, her tests will be divested of sense.

As a result, why deciding to fix a date next week? Consciously or unconsciously, they want your cock RIGHT NOW. All these conventions, it’s a fucking waste of time… Please, have the honesty to admit it.

Go to eat with her if you are hungry but understand that there is no shame if two adults (who like each other) fuck on the first date withtout doing all this big joke (several dates, going to the restaurant, etc.)

« I want that we learn to know better each other before going to your place.
– You think that you will know me better before or after a good doggystyle and two orgasms? »


You have to keep in mind that women like cock. Repeat it when you wake up in the morning.

It’s important to maintain this faith because you are constantly bombarded with subliminal messages, with ads, in brief with all this propaganda which tries to hide the truth. Truth which holds nevertheless in three little words : « women love cocks ».

So, next time you will fuck a girl and will ask her « do you like jumping on my dick? » You will already know her answer.

The sex, it is so beautiful

Nobody can resist the desire of smiling when he sees a beautiful baby. Yeah, it’s cute, a baby…

We would all love believing that a child is conceived during a romantic candlelit dinner. Yet, the truth is probably that the woman forgot her pill/a condom cracked and that it’s a quicky in an elevator or a doggystyle on a balcony which brought into the world this cute creature.

If you are full of prejudice against the dirty sex, remember : sex is beautiful, sex is pleasure, sex is life! Those who go without this pleasure on behalf of I-don’t-know-which principles miss one of the best things that life has to offer!

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

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