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Why and how to relearn manhood?

It’s not Man and Woman, but women and men. No generalities but only special cases. There’s feminine in the man and masculine in the woman. Men and women are not identical, undifferentiated or interchangeable but complementary.

To male behavior-oriented competition, intense pleasures, respect for traditional roles, rationality, women oppose emotion, sensitivity, caring in society, quality of life, the desire to give a meaning to her life. Feminist totalitarianism versus male tyranny. Is there a possible compromise… a win-win scenario…?

Relations between men and women are the central subject of literature and history of ideas since the dawn of humanity.


Why relearning manhood?

– The single worldview hurts many people, but they do not admit it (to themselves). Lambda guys have an attitude submitted to the whims of women who do not do anything because they do not dare.

– The Church did not try to change men, but handle their appetites. To put it away from view to pretend they did not exist. Modernity believes eminently superior. It does not demonize sex. It assumes it very well. It is released. It even no more requires marriage. It respects individual freedom, human rights, etc. This is why it less tolerates delinquency, evil, sex without love, tariffed sex, horror, sex for sex, sex drive repeatedly without specific purpose, without feeling, no past, no future. I think the release in surface serves to compensate, to offset the fact that the guys have no balls anymore and that girls no longer wet for manly guys. The fantasies of most people, which brain was well washed, are now satiated on the big screen, not in the bedroom. And besides, it’s good for trade.

– One source of the problem is those who decide the fashion trends: they lead humanity to consenting bodies of women without breasts or buttocks, without roundness or softness, to body of men, long and dry. In other words, fashion designers (mostly gay) transform women into men, and force men to love women who look like men. Do you see what I mean?

– Men have, on statistical average, lost masculine energy. While women adopt more and more manly behaviors. Unfortunately this is the reality of the field: men send more feminine energy, women more masculine energy. And often, when a guy takes his balls, he is looked like a UFO. Guys are becoming more feminine, they adopt feminine behavior: they One Itis too quickly, want love at any cost, do not want one night stands, etc.

– By feminizing, men are sterilized, they prohibit all boldness, every innovation, every transgression. Fortunately, my blog is there to train a generation of alpha males who act as if they were masculinity islets in a feminized world. They are called macho, they do not care.

– Women are caught between the “doctrine” that told them to frustrate themselves and their envy, their instincts, which lead them to taste a real hard cock. Will they see for themselves where their interest is?

– Powerful women push away men from them. If we refuse to see the troubled relationship between money, power and phallus, we voluntarily wear blinders. Everything happens indeed as if women were investing the scene that power and money deserted, as if the unconscious link between phallus, money and power remained steadfast, despite rehabilitation campaigns we regularly experience in the media. Power is no longer where it was. It is now in finance and in the upper echelons of the industry. Where there are no women. The power is evil, death, phallus, man. Nobody in the young generation of our country wants to take on this burden. Because power is the capacity to kill the opponent at the ultimate moment. It is, ultimately, the death instinct. This is why power is the biggest taboo of our times.

– There is a discrepancy between the acts and words of men: their bodies, their instincts, their cells still speak, the old man is still there without the brain of the new man who tries to put words, a sense to that he did. And women are gobbling anxiolytics. And men are rushing to sexologists to talk about their impotence problem. Men do not understand what happens to them. Women either. They do not realize that their obsession with “respect” send them back to the Puritan starting point from which they come. The sacrosanct respect works like a machine that destroys the desire of men. Faced with this feminizing pressure, undifferentiated and egalitarian, the man lost his bearings. The lambda man is too afraid to dare to tell the woman how much he desires her… and in every position! Symptomatic: Porn takes the opposite of the society and is sinking in a raging violence. The men take revenge of a reality where they feel more and more dominated.

– They blithely cover their impulses, their male desires with a sentimental speech worthy of women’s magazines. They don’t want to feel guilty : they do not fuck, they love. They cannot control anything, it is love that carries them on its winged horse. They often are not even aware of their duplicity, as they are alienated by the predominant rhetoric (= social pressure).

– The society is facing a major contradiction: advocating an exclusive individual freedom, it promotes divorce in self-service. But to manage the devastating effects of this massified divorce, it accumulates constraints to frame the excesses of male sexuality. MALE only.

– This creates demographic problems: for thirty years, we are happy of the perfect control, between contraception and abortion, of fertility by women. We never realized that the end of this story is sad, it is precisely combined with the end of the story, with the phasing out of European peoples.

– In practice, it involves the settlement immigration: they fuck our women. They come from a world where men are not feminized, they behave according to their instincts, but where their impulses are contained by a rigid frame, family and religion. Now they live in a country where the rigid frame exploded. They are conquerors in an open city. And women love that. It is sexy !

– The feminization of men causes immense distress, unbearable frustration for them, intolerable misery for children. How to respect men who cannot even fuck their wives?


How to relearn manhood?

– “Casanova rather than the Princess of Cleves“. The alpha male wants to breed with as many females as possible. And he is not ashamed!

– Tolerance has its limits because it means losing the respect. So I do not tolerate any behavior, and a lot of chicks like when we show them the limits. We are no longer in their eyes, a “sex-starved” like the others. In the 1970s, we were called macho, but it was the girls who insulted us! So reframe the submitted effeminate guys who call you macho.

– Women’s magazines love effeminate men reconfigured by plastic, aesthetics, gay refinement. The man who pleases them is the one that looks like them. The difference, physical, social or psychological, is now equated with inequality, new mortal sin of the time. We are far away from the truly virile man (by the way : masculinity is mostly an attitude), the alpha male. That’s why a guy should never have more style than his girl. I’ve seen guys with a mono-brow or long hair on the top of the shoulders that exceed their shirt and I find it very ugly. But a beardless guy and too neat, in addition, it’s laughable.

– It is not about becoming violent, but it would be nice to have the balls and the drive to defend when one is attacked in the street.

– I describe the ridiculousness of a generation wisely coupled at 20 like one would be at 60, I lampooned boys submitted to a sentimentality of girls. People are lost in the desire to be a couple. The couple, now, is the way to go. While it is ephemeral. All the more ephemeral it is sacred. My brother, for example: we have never seen him alone since he met his fat girl on the Internet. He only moves with his girl and lately with his stepmother too. They are then cut to his family (on my side but also his cousins ​​from his mother’s side) to chain bullshit on bullshit and now they are almost be ruined. This is how the principle of coherence leads in a couple when we marry the bad woman (my brother’s wife is a first class asocial and he is has not enough balls to reframe her).

– From an early age, people are encouraged to be a couple. They cannot conceive life, desire, encounter, in another way than in a frame immediately installed. Sometimes the elements of the couple change, but regardless, these are not people that count, it is the couple. Love is the sacredness of the time. But words lie to us: the more we love, the more it is hard to make love. The more one worships, the more one feels respect, the less one fucks well. Love is associated with the mother, and therefore prohibited sex that goes with it. The old dichotomy between mother and whore, modernity rejects this horror. Let’s be aware of it!

– If love is classically considered as a guarantee of solidity, we know that there are lasting relationships even after the disappearance of the love impulse; that in couples therapy what is called attachment is far from negligible value. Besides, what is love? I think there are many people who are more in love with the idea of ​​love than with the person they say they love. And you ?

– The man must now be a predator of desire. He should no longer flirt, seduce, shoving, attract. Every seduction is assimilated to a manipulation, violence, constraint. The lambda man finally gave up on it. It is him who must heal. Who must be transformed. Who should bind desire and feeling, sex and family, drive and loyalty. But this is not a problem when practicing fast seduction for example, pickup with only “the cock and the knife.” All cards are laid on the table. And we respect the choice of the wife to go home and touch herself alone while she might have enjoyed ten times more with an alpha male. We think it’s stupid, but hey, what can we do at our level? Except giving a lot of pleasure to them that take the leap so they will want to do it again?

– The man has no right to desire, no more the right to appeal, to pickup. He must love, only love. That’s why when ordinary people see that my blog is about pickup and seduction, they demonize me and stigmatize me without trying to see beyond the tip of their nose… personal development. Do not do it !

– For years, it was decreed that women could also act like men, separate desire and love… everything happens today like if women acknowledged without saying that they had tried, they even had fun, for a moment, not long, but they could not assume. Encourage them to assume!

– A study has shown that young people today no longer know how to fuck. They make love. No wonder, then, why chicks have less and less interested in sleeping without love… as most of boys are bad lovers. I guess, most do not even know what a good fuck is! Women should thank men to fuck bitches : they are less pitiful lovers after. It’s good to try some girls before getting a couple.

– Women can finally realize their unifying, totalizing or totalitarian dreams, they want everything together: love, desire, status. Marriage and fun, children, romance. Everything. Most of the time, they have nothing. You cannot have everything, that’s not how life is. Men have now adopted this female speech. They want to love too. Formerly, it was an artificial speech that they served to women to have sex. Too many guys are actually a couple by default or convenience, just to get laid once in a while. And too many girls are a couple just because they were told that this it is what was expected from them, too.

– Sincerity: I practice and it is sometimes disarming… so much women are no longer accustomed to it.

– Formerly, to ward off their fear of women, men were playing superman; now, they mimic the woman. We can still play superman. Cyprineman !!!

– I encourage you to listen to rap music: rap singers admit and assume a joyous don-juanism without complex and sometimes violent. Our lobotomized children do not admit they would like to imitate them.

– This is the US that was born the feminized man. The castrated man. But this is also from the United States that came a vigorous masculine reaction, with these groups of men who are relearning their manhood in forests. It’s also there that was born the Game. 😉

– I want to give you the ability to say “no” or “stop”, to women and other abuse of everyday life.

– In these circumstances, it is not surprising that a PUA, an auto-proclaimed libertine, multiplies the gains with such ease: would we, the guys in the seduction community, be the last hard phallus? That should piss off some lobbies!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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