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Men fantasize over the purity

Fantasizing the purity of love

The male point of view (erroneous and stupid) is the following one: « She only sleeps with me: it means that she loves me. »

Why most of guys stay in an exclusive relation when they are bored and when sex is not even good ? Suckers’ answer : « Because she is a good girl and everything <3 ». Well, stop. This is a bluff, guys. You are bored and have not the relation you wish, that’s the only thing there is to understand. If you stay, it is by ease. Besides, you vainly let her hope. You do not deserve to be respected, neither by her nor by me.

Why do they stay ?

They stay because they are afraid of never being really loved. I also think that, in spite of their boredom, these guys appreciate in secret the profit of an exclusive relation: « She sleeps only with me, that means that she loves me, I am loved, yippee, I can rest on my laurels. »

The girls who assume their naughty side are dangerous

Other (lousy) male point of view : « If my friend likes dirty sex, that means that she can easily sleep with someone else when I am not here to defend my position. And if she sleeps with another one it means that she does not love me. » Ridiculous ! We now understand why « bad girls » who assume loving sex scare all those men who consider that sex and love are strongly correlated.

The defenders of the purity

Will you really prevent AT ALL COSTS your friend of sleeping with somebody else IN THE ONLY PURPOSE of feeling loved ?

Are you afraid of leaving one month for holidays with your buddies and leave her alone? Would you forgive her if she was going to have fun in Vegas with her friends? In other words, would you exchange your freedom for her purity ?

The (inconvenient) truth it’s that nobody will ever love you unconditionally, except your mother (maybe). Nobody else than you can really love you. Women only like the sensation your hormones give them. It is a chemical pleasure. Everything happens inside their body. You’re not Superman… I do not say that everybody is exchangeable, I do not say that everybody can go with everybody. I just say that there is more than only ONE girl who can make you happy in life.

When the feeling of sexual attraction between you and her will disappear (sooner or later), she will look for a new guy who will give it to her again. The sexual attraction is a selfish bitch who do not care if you planned to move together, etc.

On the other hand, I know a lot of guys who have absolutely no problem going out with several women at the same time. They sleep very well at night. I would even bet that they feel more loved than the average.

What’s their secret ?

Their secret is : they don’t care if their girls sleep with other men : they do not consider it as the proof that they does not like them.

They know that she will never love them anyway. Because the relation is built on the sexual attraction, she will never like them in the way we all want to be loved : unconditionally.

Unconditional love, we can only find it in family (and still…)

You are finally ready to stop associating the purity of a woman with the fact of being loved ? If yes, what are you waiting for ? Purity is just a fantasy… She slept with someone else ? It doesn’t matter : washed well, it serves again. Set yourself free, love each other and have fun !

You will always have your freedom

The purity is a little bit the joker of the women. They are too happy to sell it to you, but you will have to buy it… and it is very expansive. Whether it is with your freedom, your money, your time or by supporting dramas, children who do not belong to you, etc.

We already said that : men are programmed to feel aversion when a woman whom they appreciate fucks with another man. They find too difficult to accept their affection after that. Maybe it is a natural defense which avoids us raising the child of another one. Not important since the condom exists. If you are not capable of overcoming these naughty feelings, you will never be free FOR GOOD… You should never wait for the purity of a woman.

Men generally have sex with a woman « because she is hot ». Women sleep with guys for any sorts of reasons (the status of a man can justify that a woman sleeps with him without making him wait, without social pressure, because he is like a trophy) : he was on television, he is a barman, he has beautiful shoes, he has a lot of money, to take revenge on her ex, because she feels alone, because he made for her feel pity (yeah yeah, it can work), etc.

When men realize that women are very far from what they imagined (their fantasy of purity and feminine affection coming from a pure source) : The only way they have to rationalize the thing is claiming that the girls in question are particular (sluts, star-fuckers, bitches, etc.) and by pointing them because, supposedly, they would be different from others, different from the « good girls ». But, in reality, it is not true.

Every naughty girl is potentially a « good girl ». Every « good girl » is potentially a naughty girl. Well, this is life…

Girls have to learn how to have fun with impunity, guys have to learn how accept it and to take advantage of it!

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

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