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The illusion of the feminine purity: malaise and guilt

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The hatred and the desire

By way of preliminary, I want to tell you a short history : One of the girls with whom I went out had gone to have fun in a club, without me, obviously. Suddenly, I received the late phone call of one of her friends who advised me to come ASAP to [the club]. Clearly, my friend was completely on an another guy and her buddy was afraid that she messes around.

« I don’t care, I’m watching the match and have a drink with Hafid ». She had to come spending the evening with us but preferred going out with her friends, and did not even make a phone call to warn me that she had changed her plans at the last moment. I was really fed up with her attitude then I intended in any case for a while to break up with her.

Well. She finally came over at 4am (she had been rejected by the guy in question or still had his sperm in her vagina and in her stomach … In any case, it’s the reflection I made at the moment). I thus planned to kick her out of my home manu militari.

But once her flat stomach, her very nice butt and her little magnificent tits crossed the threshold of my apartment, I was excited as a bull. Furthermore, this naughty girls had certainly just get banged by another guy bigger, more beautiful and stronger than me. That drove crazy so I wildly took her all night long. I was really hard… and it was so good, for her AND for me !!! She didn’t want to leave me anymore after that.

Let’s talk about emotions

Just after this session of hardcore sex, I felt this mixture of malaise and guilt. I do not really know how to describe it with more details. In brief, I did not grant it more importance than that at the moment and slept of the sleep of the just man but this adventure changed me : I had just lost my illusion of purity. I’m going to explain what it is exactly…

When you were younger, you doubtless fantasized over things which seemed a little bit crazy to you. Maybe that it still happens sometimes… You were hard in front of your computer, watching a young Asian with innocent looks be taken violently by three jerks. They gave her a hard time : submitted her, treated her like a slut and ejaculated in her mouth. You imagined participating to this orgy but when you just finished your movie, strange feelings invaded
you : malaise and guilt.

The explanation

You felt UNCOMFORTABLE because you think that this « dirty » attitude decreases the woman, and thus reduces your chances to be sincerely loved one day by a « good » girl. And you felt GUILTY because you really LOVED that.

The only thing which expires, it is your illusion of the feminine purity

Every porn video a little bit trash that you watch, in which girls bang a guy in duet then finish with liters of sperm on the breasts, reduce your illusion of the feminine purity, NOT THE WOMAN HERSELF.

In your opinion, if a girl get a facial, then she is out-of-date ? Guys, realize that she liked that, she is not soiled and you are the only one who is disturbed. If a video of her sucking a cock at the high school circulates on the web, then we cannot envisage anymore a serious relation with her? Pff. The only thing which expires it is your illusion of the purity, which (like any illusion) is not real. Such a mindset is your problem, not the problem of the women who have fun.

I am going to make an a little bit far-fetched comparison but I adore pulling the hair of the girls during doggy-style : if we exploded a tube of toothpaste on your face, would you feel raped ? Of course not. If a woman fountain ejaculated on me, would the following one think that I am out-of-date and would refuse to touch me? It’s stupid. Women don’t care about purity, they are over that : we are the only ones whom it bothers to know that a girl did not fuck only with us.

Then, they claim to be innocent and unsuspicious, just to please us. It is the big hypocrisy between men and women.

Deal with your feelings

There is no reason to feel a MALAISE. The feminine purity is just an illusion (a fantasy for some) but has never existed. No matter all the dirty things a woman did, does or will do … It is in her nature and it doesn’t strip out her value (her beauty, her enthusiasm, her energy …)

There is no reason, either, to feel GUILTY of loving something they also love. Instead, we should unite our strengths to enjoy life together !

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

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