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Don’t be afraid of looking pervert because women are pervert too

Just like you have to take the risk of seeming strange when things become sensual, you have to take the risk of becoming perverse when it’s time to cross a speed.

Lousy swine !

If she nicknames you « big pig » or treats you pervert or something, remember that it is a test. She does not want that you think she is easy. But which woman sound in body and mind does not like sex ? Sometimes the girls make strange heads which seem to mean that the guy is perverse as soon as he speaks about sex and as soon as he begins to get closer to her. He does not want to disappoint her then he gives up. It’s a pity for him.

She convinced him that the women do not like sex. She won … By what did she won by the way ? Couldn’t we say that she lost an opportunity of having fun ? Some women have never been correctly fucked, then they do not know… It’s your job to make them addict !

The truth is between her legs

Instead of being mad, use her resistance, and do not fall in her trap by becoming the wise guy and by talking about this and that. The best way to have sex with a woman who hesitates to fuck is to make her understand that « you know »… you understand that she faces a dilemma. Of course she likes fucking, but the social pressure, and the guys who fantasize over the purity, force her to claim that it is not the case (it is as well for that when we ask her, she does not say what she really expects from guys and that sleeping again with a guy with who she already fucked « doesn’t count »). She even claims it since such a long time that she can have convinced herself that it is true. Moreover, her guys then tend to treat her like the little and fragile human being she likes to be thought of, then the sex is not terrible, as a result, necessarily she likes less and less that. Do not make jokes to justify, on the contrary, be nice and sincere.

Role-playing games

The role-playing is a fantastic tool to overcome the fear which have women to look easy. For example, if you make a game in which you are a dominant jerk who thinks only of the ass and that she is your subdued slave who must be punished … She can relax, release and appreciate all the more the session.


« I am going to give you a lesson of sexv» : another way to turn her on, it’s the sexto. Women are stimulated by the written things and like receiving messages (even if you are sat down next to her). It is one of the advantages when we take her number very early in the evening.

The women, too, are perverts

Women love sex MORE than us. We already knew that women liked sex. Good for us. But did you already wonder TO WHAT EXTENT they were naughty? It is not enough to believe that women like sex as we do. The only way of approaching the reality is conceiving they like it more than us. It is unfortunate but we are not equal on this point.

Set one second to think about what you would really want to do in bed. Now tell it to a woman whom you have just met. For example, it can be that you would like that she kneels down and sucks you, or to finish in facial and to film the whole act. I am sure that you would never admit it to yourself otherwise then tell it to a woman to exteriorize it in a healthy way. With that said, I think that your prose will be rather mat compared with the fantasies of the girls.

The good news is that the devourers of apple are also perverse (in the best sense of the word) than us, if not more. Another good news is that the sexual aggressiveness of a man is often a fantasy for them.

What goes around, comes around

The women watch the package of the men quite how we watch their ass, their tits and their fork. They are maybe more discreet, that’s all…

I shout in the injustice! How many women possess with impunity sex-toys in their intimate drawer ? But if a guy has an inflatable doll or something then he is a pervert. It’s funny, but the women do not want the whole man, they just want the cock. And WE are the perverts ? Of course…

Don’t be ashamed of your balls !!!!!

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

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