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Three complementary attitudes

You are sociable :

– you begin numerous conversations with girls AND guys ;
– you mix the sets and introduce people ;
– you get the attention ;
– you are a good communicator ;
– you are very interesting and entertaining ;
– « he teases me… Do you think that he likes me ? » ;
– you invite other people to join you ;
– you are the leader of a group ;
– other women want you ;
– you have to leave SOON…

You are attractive :

– you have a confident body language ;
– you are not affected by her tests ;
– you do not speak too much, you communicate a lot via your look and your facial expressions
– you avoid the too much attitude ;
– you do not brag ;
– it is difficult to get your attention;
– you are very confident, you even play with the sexual tension;
– your favorite expression is « fair enough » ;
– you are in a sexual state and contaminate the girls to whom you talk ;
– the women feel comfortable with you, even if you are mysterious ;
– you do not eye everywhere (women), you are fine where you are.

You are a sexual predator :

– « he kissed me after just one minute and made fun of me because I was disturbed » ;
– « He put me a finger and caressed my clit discreetly but with a big smile » ;
– « When he asked my number, I asked to do what and he put me a spanking by saying THAT’S WHY » ;
– « he said that I have a nice ass but that I  show off too much» ;
– « he told me that it was my fault if he was so excited but that my seducing techniques were not going to work on him» ;
– « he does not take into account my resistances, he even accuses me of taking initiatives » ;
– « he was aggressive when he touched me but now that he left, I miss it » ;
– « he texted me a naughty thing then told me I was a naughty girl » ;
– « he took my hand, put it on his hard sex and told me DID YOU SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE » ;
– « he said that he was for the frankness and thus that he warned me that he was going to seduce me. »

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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