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Main blocking points

It’s your job

It’s your job to say the first words, to escalate and to show her your sexual interest.

It is important to be very honest with yourself : when you don’t begin a conversation with a woman whom you would like to meet I want to know why. When you do not try to get closer physically I want to know the cause and when you do not push the sexual interactions at the most I want to hear your excuse.

Three blockings points

There is really no secret to seduce the women. Curiously, it comes alone when we are able to overcome certain fears and to be sincere. The three fears you have to overcome are:

– you do not dare to say the first words to begin a conversation with a woman;
– you do not try to take more initiatives tactilely speaking;
– you are afraid of wasting everything you built with her until now. Then, you are not sincere because if you did everything you did until now it is because you want to come back home with her (/at her place), right ? Either you are just afraid not to be good in the bed.

In any case, your ass needs to be kicked.

Do not care about results, only about fears

Train to overcome these fears… Even those who studied the seduction for years are afraid.

The fear of the sincerity

All your anxiety comes from the fear of being sincere. For example: fear of telling her that you want to meet her. Fear of showing her that you are interested. Fear of admitting that you want to sleep with her.

Three main stumbling blocks

– Some guys need to drink alcohol before being able to do something ;
– Some need the night to be capable of being sexual (like if the darkness protected them);
– Some are incapable to make the first step alone, then they call their buddies…

Do not associate these three elements with the fact of meeting women : you can have a drink, go night-clubbing with your buddies without it is your only option to meet women. Realize that you can also meet women when you have a walk, alone, in the daytime, without alcohol in the blood.

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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