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When sexual desire fades…

My father visited me last weekend in Lyon. We, as often, had philosophical talks about sex. Among them: “when we age, are we still warm?”

He was warm, my dad, in his time. I also still surprise him from time to time, starting at the ass of sexy chicks in the street. It’s only natural! It makes me laugh!

According to his testimony, one thinks less about sex for sex after 60, and more about the beauty of women. Where from the interest of having pretty wife (you must see how aged her mother) and daughter. (I’m not talking for Playboy’s boss).

It’s a bit the answer to the question I often get: “will you be a player all your life?” I hope not, honestly. I am already tired. I always said I would stop soon to start a strong family and have balanced children.

Sex for sex with hot babes we like, it’s awesome at the beginning. So I do it now in order to don’t feel the desire to cheat on my wife during a fucking midlife crisis.

But above all, I learn many things through the Game. About me, about communication, about how to be respected and how to use my charm on women. Among others.

I do a lot of experience that I would have regretted having not made, I think, if I had a youth of tight-ass. I do not like living in frustration or in ignorance. This is especially why I love the game : I am more motivated by the understanding of how seduction works than sex-addict (sex is not only useful to pie).

However, it’s not because fucking chicks in a mess (and not all the women I want) thanks to psychological communication tools has become a second skin that I can never get rid of it. I am not Neil Strauss!

Indeed, in his book The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, Neil tells the crisis which followed his life of Pickup Artist. He wrote what happens when a guy wants a LTR but cannot control his superpower of seducer (or when he fails to properly lock his Efficience belt).

I recognize myself in him a little, when he speaks of his mother, in this book. He said she was a little stuffy. Like mine (and my father too). He had a rather boring childhood, without realizing it at the time, just like me.

After his life of PUA, he went in sexual detox (or rehab). They identified him emotional incest. Seriously, I hope it’s not my case.

In my fantasies, I want to live with two women who would love each other as they would love me and who would bear my children. But this is just a dream and I will content myself with a pretty, healthy, slim, sweet, intelligent, courageous, not too much a pain in the ass girl.

I want a healthy relationship. I want to be really transparent and honest with my wife and my children. I do not necessarily want them to be players, what I want is that they are good in communication to understand the world, protect themselves, dominate others and succeed in life!

To the question: would I enjoy an open relationship until my penis is no longer able to get hard? On one side, I like the moment between the opener and penetration: I love the Game for the game. On the other hand, it would piss me off, I guess, that someone else fucks MY WIFE. The fantasy of purity and all that shit, when it applies to your wife, is not necessarily the same thing that when it applies to a fuckfriend. With that said, if I’m the only one with who she fucks without a condom, it may be enough… maybe. To be tested ! What I want is to have special privileges.

That said, I do not know if it would be very healthy for my children that their parents are libertines.

In his book, Neil discusses the delicate issue “once I’m in a serious relationships, how can I make it work?”

It’s a good question. So far, almost every relationship I’ve built fell apart. In The Truth, the author wonders whether we would not be the victim of a former trauma, maybe we repeat the same things again and again? It’s a bit like what plays in our mind when we always want to get our ex we idealize back or when repeated endlessly the same patterns that leads to nothing good and we are emotionally desperate!

I do not want to be, in my turn, an ignoring or stuffy a parent. I do not want my children to suffer, to devalue constantly, to feel depressed, anxious, etc. I do not want that, like me, my children need affection, but quickly feel stifling and therefore never attach themselves to people for too long.

The conclusion of the book is that the marriage of love is not what corresponds to our wild bodies! Wedding is a cultural thing, we must make sacrifices for it to work. The greatest biologists and psychologists agree to tell so. Our body says “why looking for our soul sister ? I don’t like incest.”

“Do not trade long-term happiness for short-term pleasure.” Rick Rubin
“Masturbate once and you will feel better!” Fabrice Julien

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