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Why denigrating online pickup?

Why denigrating online pickupIs online dating effective ?

I do often read crap like these:
* “Real pickup is much better (street, work, sport, college etc.) than on the Internet …”
* “If there are so many people on the applications/dating sites it’s because they do not have the motivation/balls/skills to go SPU/NPU and meet people. ”
* “This is for the guys who do not have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and confront reality.”
* “In terms of results and personal satisfaction, the OD and the NPU/SPU have nothing to do.”
* “It requires less balls, and it is less euphoric.”
* “Seduce is a SOCIAL and HUMAN skill that is learned by confronting to the REALITY of gender relationships.”
* “When you pickup online, you cannot say you know the entire seduction process, so you cannot claim you’re a real seducer.”
* “The OD brings me much disillusionment and reinforce my behavior of supporter of the least effort, the more time passes the less I am good IRL.”
* “The virtual is a waste of time.”
* “Girls are easier online”; “There’s online ugly chicks online.”
* “These companies are capitalizing on the desperation of people shamelessly, and it disgusts me. So I refuse to give them my money and my time and contribute to make them live, just a question of ethic…”
* “I would not look for a serious relationship there. But for a FC if the 2 are OK…”

SPU = street pickup
NPU = night pickup
OD = online dating
IRL = in real life
FC = fuckclose (sleeping for the first time with a chick)

There’s a little intellectually limited guys who think the chicks they are fucking thanks to online dating are not real in real life. If I meet a girl on a dating site, she also meets me on a dating site. Now, I have a full life next door so she does too. QED.

There’s guys who think the online pickup is a brake on the development of the seducer. I do not agree. Indeed, a dating site removes a lot of barriers and allows direct access to the first date (but you still have to get it). But precisely, it helps to learn to be good on the first dates. Moreover, if we fuck the chicks after, it enable you to become more confident and thus to shine more in all other types of pickup. Finally, the first date or the sex are IRL therefore we must also like each other: BL and communication aspects come into play. These are not date in which we throw each one on the other when we meet: it happened to me a few times and it was not the coolest dates of my life.

Dating sites are only a tool to put two people in touch. Just like, the nightclubs. But, a month on a dating site is often as expensive as only ONE good night in a club. We can criticize companies that capitalize on singles but we can also criticize the mafia of the night that does exactly the same thing. The trick is to don’t fall in commercial drifts like offering virtual flowers to babes for the modest sum of $ 5, pff (they don’t care about virtual gifts lol)…

We have taken a number in the street, in a bar or on a dating site : then, phone game. Then we get, if all goes well, a first date. And finally, the rest happens IRL. Period. We also confronts the reality if we pickup on the internet, keep it in mind.

Why online dating would require less effort? To make a profile, etc. Granted: it’s easier to click on a mouse than finding HB in a particular place and a particular time. However, isn’t it a return on time and effort? And is it not therefore a form of intelligence? “Pragmatism”.

I also grant you that there are many girls (and guys) who are very unattractive, on dating sites, but neither more nor less than IRL. For those who are just looking for a sexfriend, and found a partner on the same wave length: this is perfect and the net can sometimes allow to be frank where there might be some misunderstandings IRL and therefore a heart broken in the end. For those looking for something else, a girl to carry their child, people with conversation, there is also stuff in stock. I have not only met chicks for a one night stand online.

The danger of online, it is losing touch with reality. Congratulations to those who draw their game with the online pickup but I give a yellow card to those who do only it by default. My opinion is you should include it to your whole game: we will always need a sms/chat game, but we must not forget reality because it inevitably comes back… and a few rakes in a bar allow to keep your feet on the ground. It must be used in addition to the real pickup! But “real” = ? the only not real pickup it’s the fake FC, right ?

But it is no different from SPU, or NPU, in the sense that if a player practices only it, he has not a complete game. It is not miraculous either, the OD, if you just come up and say “do you want to fuck?” You will not go far.

Picking up on the Internet, it is neither an act of cowardice or weakness, or even ease. This is the opinion of those who are not in and observe from afar those for who it works. The girls are not easier, but some of assume more online than in front of a stranger in the street. Why a solution nof ease? Because it generally works better than SPU? This is common sense, especially seen the climate with the attacks, terrorists and everything. Why weakness, because the legend says that girls are fat, ugly, full of problems? Stereotype, idea received, a red card.

Then, never believe the legends (my blog can be confusing): the net does not allow to get laid as soon as a girl visit our profile. There’s not on one side chicks of the bars/clubs and on the other side chicks who are registered on a dating site.

Seriously, can’t I smell a slight whiff of jealousy ? Those who succeed online and fuck a lot are just efficient. At one time, I read “yeah but in the night it’s easy it is cheating, the SPU is the only real thing.” This was already the exact same problem. These people do not assume so denigrate. It’s always a little bit a shame to be on a dating site, but a PUA must be better than that and assume.

Let’s keep in mind that the point of the pickup is still to meet and fuck beautiful women. Not to stir the air for the sake of art. However, the time invested for dates got from the OD cannot be carried over the SPU/NPU and if in addition we fuck the chicks: envy when we go out on the field has inevitably diminished.

There’s also people for whom it is a matter of common sense to practice on the Internet:
– Those who have a job and no time (or a good schedule) to do SPU nor too much NPU except on Saturday night;
– They can pickup at the same time they do something else on the computer or on their phone;
– They like to write, it is their strong point;
– To screw the married women;
– If they are suffering from school phobia or agoraphobia (this was my case);
– Etc.

There’s plenty of chicks that will connect online because do not like bars/clubs (do not drink alcohol/do not use drugs) are practicing chicks sports, studies where there are only girls and gays, have a taking work. So, remains the street and the internet to fuck them… what is the probability to cross them in the street? Low. But are they worse than women met IRL ? No. Clearly not.

Furthermore, I see no reason why the percentage of fuckable chicks would be higher in the street or the subway than on the Internet? I observed around me the other day and my conclusion is: there’s not much fuckable woman if you take away the old, ugly, fat, chicks in a relationship and faithful, etc. I like to venture outside the circle (which I always find too small) but between fucking a 6 met in the subway and a 9 met on the Internet, the choice is quickly made!

Communicating by networks, virtual message and conveying emotions, communicating in writing, it is a part of the social dynamics that is playing an increasingly important role in today’s society. It would be stupid to don’t use it. It’s easier to develop an idea by writing than to repeat it all the time if you want to use it in a big scale. Additional argument: all times, humanity has written kinky letters. Although this written communication is different from the rest of the game and still a minority, do not denigrate it because it basically communicates the same messages than the other Game schools. Rather denigrate those who took refuge in a particular segment of these dynamics but who claim to know everything (which is right of course for the online, but also for the NPU and SPU).

I know here in Lyon people who practice only SPU (you do not know why they do not even come to NPU). They have no job and do that all day. The guy I know has done it since September and has just got 1FC (in 4 months). Yeah, he’s good in the street… so what? During this time they are out of breath in the street, I have FC 18 girls and have been good at work.

I’d say these guys criticize opportunistic guy like me because they are jealous (just like the guy who says a HB8 is a 6 if she doesn’t want him but is she wants him she is a 10 it is bad faith). They want to play and the cocky men but they do alone a dick contest: I’m the strongest even if I fuck less because I approach “for real” (because me, of course, I approach “for wrong”). That’s their problem if they want to find shitty excuses for their failure.

There’s chicks that make a profile on the Internet only to feel desired. OK, but they are people in the street that will take your number with kindness too. And you’ll never meet them again! There’s not only fakes and sluts. There’s it’s true a lot of sites where there are hostesses (fake profiles) but hey need to sort before registering, it’s like when you go to a bar where there’s only balls.

This should be beneficial to the moaners who practice in the street because they have less “competitors” on the field. So I do not see where is the problem for them …? Must explain to me … that’s where we understand that their reaction is irrational, like hatred is in general. They may be afraid that we fuck the chicks online and then in the street they don’t want them anymore? Must move with the times, too. I know guys who pride themselves to have no phone. It is ridiculous too.

It’s a bit like those who make their living on the net. Why criticizing? Good for them (they earn €, I fuck HB7/8/9/I never give 10). They may be smarter than us, we, the idiots employed by an asshole.

Snipe in the interview I recorded, talks about online dating. So if one of the best PUA of France says it’s good, it’s not lamdbas guys on a well known forum that will have the last word and that will make me change my mind. Cajun and David de Angelo agree too. Personally, I’ve until 6 FC in a month online, it’s good. Call me liar, if you want, we will good laugh during my third diary when I will publish the evidence! Meanwhile, here are my tips and routines to get laid online!

The bottom line. Denigrating the online pickup is in my view the same level of false beliefs than “ugly girls are easier to fuck than beautiful ones.” It would be logical but wrong because when you say so you think like if we could remove everything that is fear, complexes, principle of coherence, etc. Online, theoretically, we should be able to fuck more than we do but the fact is they are ashamed to be on a dating site too, they are afraid, etc. You need a high level of persuasion to bring a chick directly are your place. In terms of quality, you have to learn too, first of all the rule of the 10kg (always at least 10kg of difference between her size and weight – 1m70 60kg okay, 1m70 55kg she is very hot 1m70 70kg noooooooo), several photos are needed too or try to find her FB.

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