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Funniest messages received on POF and FB

Like I said, I had created a fake profile on POF and FB (a girl). Here is the best-of of the messages I received with. I did not even have to provoke them nor to wait for a long time to be entitled to it! Enjoy !

“how u doing”

“hey whats up”

“Hey there what’s up”

“Hello 🙂 how are you??”

“Heyy, how are you?”

“Hey there beautiful 🙂 how’s it going?”

“Wanna be my girlfrien? I forgot the d because you can get that later”

“I find you attractive and I will cut the chase by asking that do want to discuss the proposition to meet tonight?”

“Sexy! 🙂 Good morning :)”



“hi u there”


“Hi! Up to anything crazy this weekend?”

“hi u so beautiful ^^”

“Hey you have such a beautiful smile”

“I’m Marc. I’m a few years older than you and not knowing if you had any preference of age range I figured I’d introduce myself anyway. Your profile doesn’t say a whole lot about your interests so I’m not sure what we might have in common.”

“Hey sweetie”

“look at that face”

“Bonjour love, how’s a chat,drink and food sound?”

“You look absolutely yummy. 😉 Where are you from?”

“Nice picture”

“Hey I just wanted to tell you that you have a gorgeous smile. My name is Joe it’s nice to meet you. How is your day going?”

“Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I just read your profile and I enjoyed what you had to say. I’m 43 years old, young at heart, fun and looking for an intelligent and attractive woman for an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. Maybe you just need some spoiling and support each month. 🙂 I also enjoy meeting new people and I’m looking to find someone to hang out with for such things as dinners, drinks, shows or whatever else we both enjoy. It’s also very important to me that we establish some sort of friendship and connect on some levels. I would like to hear more about you. I’m also willing to send you a picture if you’re interested in talking. Please let me know how I can reach you to chat further. Talk to you soon. :)”

“sure u looove black cocks”

“hello can we make a friendship :)”

“Hieeee can I be ur frnd”

“peace luv unity”

“Life is going to be better when these is someone like u”

“Bonjour beauté 200euros pour une fellation (200€ for a blowjob)” from a old fat dude

“My lucky baby how are you ! You are very beautiful !”

“my awesome baby . I wanna see your sexy pics.”

“send it on private”

“Oh ya your very beautiful in your pitcher 😉

“Hello my favourite are you?”

“hey how is goin on life there:)?”

“Hi sexy you and i can go to town”

“i’m looking to this lady infront of me, sexy as it can be tonight i want a slut , would u be mine ? i heard u was freaky from a friend of mine now i hope u dont get mad at me, but i told nate u was a freak. he saids he wants a slut, hope u dont mind, i told him how u like it from behind ;)”

“hey babe how are you?x”

“Hello beautiful girl 🙂 my name is aytül I’m from turkey. How are you ? What is your job ? How old are you ?”

“hi how r u sexy”

“just got pulled over by a cop writing my first response to you. He gave me the whole “texting and driving” shit speech and was about to give me a ticket. But I showed him your picture and and explained what POF was. He let me off with a warning and said that I better get your number.”

“Ohhhhh sex…..”

“ewaths your nam”

“are you online honey”

“ciao bella” (or Spanish messages)

“ciao dolcezza”

“bonjorno come stai bene”



“If u or your friends ever want AMAZING weed…call or text me at XXXXXXXXXX any time of the day or night. Great quality and counts. Pickup only. Pass it on to anybody u know that smokes please and thank you:)”

“you can come to me in the summer to spend your holidays and I’ll show you my country “the” Morocco “””

My boyfriend and I noticed you on here and found you extremely attractive and down to earth. Would love to see if you would entertain the idea of getting to know a laid back couple for fun, adventurous times.”


Now, translation of French messages:

“hello i’m porn actor (dorcel tv) I guess we met there?! ;)”

“Hello I’m Stephane’s wife , thanks for not chating with him anymore”

Hello!! 07XXXXXXXX can be useful, or not, see you soon I hope!!!”

” Sorry I’m late”

“It’s hard to be interesting… I admit I work for the SNCF(French National Railway Company)… and you”

If you want to get acquainted with a mature and nice guy do not hesitate ;)”

” Hello, are you waiting for the prince charming?”

” I want to eat you!!!”

“You don’t like me :(?” It’s a first message, yes yes !

” Hello ! Are you coming from Venus ?”

Good evening,
I would like to get acquainted but I am quite hopeless to approach girls I think !
Anyway if you want to talk you are welcome.”

Hello your profile is really different from all the other profiles I have seen…”

“Hello how are you? My name is Arnaud. Sorry for the a little bit basic approach ^^.”

Nothing would more please me than discussing with you. Your profile hardly left me unmoved. I thus seize my keyboard to meet you with the hope that this short text tempts you to know a little more about me. Hope to read you soon”

“Hello miss.
I want to tell you that I’m not here talking to you because I have nothing else to do in life. I’m here because I’m looking for a serious and human relationship !”

“My initiative is simple and humble , my sobriety wants to get acquainted and why not meeting you while going out of this virtual world and promises you a world full of knowledge , smile, tenderness, respect, listening and more….”

Above all, I am anxious to specify that I am not a kind of “fat obsessed pig” or a weirdo….”

“Hello. I’m here.. Finally found you .. do you wanna marry me?”

“Hello, Yoann 23 I live with my dog the only female who lives with me :p can we talk?”

If you want we can discuss to see if we have common points.”

“yooooooooooooo what do we do tonight?”

” I had decided to try to pick you up because you are perfect but I am a little tired now so you’ll have to do the job for me”

Opened or closed?”

“hello I live in senegal.”

Hello, if by any chance you want to meet a beautiful and soft guy and not a horse of the whole, answer.” …………… “baby ?” ……………….. “???”

“hey honey”

“Hello I’ve already seen you in a party, unless she was your double lol “

“Your eyes are like a shotgun, I’ve no body amor but I’ll take the risk because you’re so hot ;)”

“Hello master!! I am subjected to the feet of the women… Fetishist of feet and shoes” … “I’m ready to pay to be the doormat of the girls..”

“I am a Cro-Magnon man”

You are too beautiful it’s serious!!! I’m melting”

“Woow very nice eyes perfect mamamia lol”

Hello I like you and wanna meet you , I know it is direct but nothing is compulsory it is a simple request”

“First time I send a friend request on FB to someone I don’t know not but Madam is really hot…. then I innovated!”

“Snapchat: XXXXX37 add me and you’ll see everything!!!”

“I would want to photograph you for my project of art “sublime machine” !!!”

Knock knock?”

“Naughty ?”


“u’re so ugly I want to kiss u…………….. ”

“hello can we talk ?”

“are you faithful ?……;-)”

“sorry for this intrusion but I find you so attractive with very sexy lip:-)”

“yo plz give me ur phone number to talk my name is mamadou”

“hello, did we already meet?? ^^”

Kisses of love and friendship “

“hello it’s me”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

I am depraved, I am going to humilitate you “

“hello where are you from? do you want a sexfriend?”

“If you don’t mind I would like you to do something I love??? always shave your pussy”


hey sexy, do you want to meet me ?? I am sarah , a 21-year-old Moroccan, and I have a webcam !!”

“you’re so hot… stay as you are”

“Do you like threesomes?”

“I kiss you everywhere”

“Lache moi ton phone-tel, j’ai pas l’temps de te parler … It’s a song of Booba, he is a great man!”

“Hi. I know you have a lot of friends but if you give me 5 minutes , answer to my texts , so we know better each other I would be happy”

A rare beauty!”

“I saw you and tumbled off my chair”

“Hello are you looking for a job ????”

I like your sweet little face do you want to go have a drink to chat?”

“Do u want some weed ?”

“good weather today… board ride ?”

“if you’re single give me one single chance to live with you and to marry you , I work hard , I have money , I’m looking for a serious wife , I’m 31 , I work in a restaurant”

“escort ?”

Extract from “Secrets for seducing on the Internet

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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  1. Guy, who ever you are, mr french pick up… you are funny! i like you. continue man,
    govinda, Austria

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