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My purpose : making you save money on the Internet

This book aims to teach you how to pick up free of charge on the Internet, as classy as a PUA. Just like Dark Vador, I wish to transmit here everything I know to my padawans. I will deal with the case of the free dating sites and applications… and of the social networks (free ones). Of course, all these techniques also work on paying sites : but once you’ll see that you don’t need to pay in order to fuck seduce, you will ignore them, I’m sure.

It is necessary to understand the underlying principle to all the sellers of meetings: because the guys are more numerous on a dating site, it is necessary to make it free for women so that women come. Women who will make come more guys who… them… will pay. It is inequitable but it is exactly the same principle as in these clubs I hate : “free entrance for girls” or “free champagne for girls”. Where I live, the entrance in a club costs 20€, what means that one MONTH of online pickup is not more expensive than 2 nights in a club. Anyway, if we accept this system, we are suckers, money pits. And the worst thing, it is that all these people do not have any interest in the fact that we meet love because then we would not come back on their site or in their club. Do you understand the problem ? Cool.

Paying sites tend to have more money, so are able to advertise more widelty : they claim they have quality women, women who, of course, take online dating way more seriously than on any other dating site… The truth is that “no”. This whole thing is fake. On one hand, because often women can join free of charge thus they have no reason for taking it more seriously than somewhere else. Then, because there are lots of fake women on these sites, fake profiles, supposed to incite you to join… or then real profiles but women who do not connect any more for years. Finally, because, sincerely, the women who join on this kind of sites to find rich guys are more discouraged and old on average than somewhere else. You won’t sink to that all the same!

There are certainly serious paying and quality dating sites… but they are rare. It is a business above all. So statistically, you are more likely to get it in the neck. Besides, I know some guys who paid 30€ a month or more to subscribe on a site then discovered with bewilderment that in fact there was only three people in their area registered on it (if you don’t live in a big city, it is quite likely that it will to you). Statistically, that is not worth it (unless you agree to add to the price of the registration, the price of the train ticket).

There are many traps in the world of online pick up, so in a general way, avoid paying, giving the code of your credit card… and you will avoid a lot of problems.

If you decide to pay to register you somewhere, use a secure platform, like Google Play for Adoptaguy : so they will not directly have access to your personal information and cannot renew your subscription infinitely (by ignoring your e-mails of cancellation). I’ve read on some forums that it had already happened to some guys. If it is impossible and if you all the same want to join (sic) verify that the transaction will be secured (https://) in the address bar.

In France, I use my free account on Adopt. Also apps like Tinder. And Facebook (by far what made me meet most women). Obviously, the combination of several sites will considerably increase your chances for success with girls.

It seems that on the international stage, PlentyofFish and Okcupid are interesting. But in France, at least in South of French, very few women are registered on these dating sites thus their interest is limited (except maybe if you want to date foreigners).

Extract from “Secrets for seducing on the Internet

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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