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What gift to offer to your girlfriend or wife?

What gift to offer to your girlfriend or wifeWhen one asks the question “what to offer to my girlfriend? “Or” what to offer to my wife?” One should not to think about the financial value but rather to the sentimental value of the object. A good gift is something that touches her and that she will use with pleasure by thinking of you. As far as money is concerned, the more you know her for a long time, the more you can invest without risking being screwed.

Gifts that are not expensive but can be very fun:
– A book (if she likes to read) that you can dedicate to her “to my darling brunette, your koala of love”.
– A CD of a band that she likes or the DVD of a film that she likes or that she wants to see. It will show her that you are listening to her and that is the most important thing… It makes her understand that she is unique and non-interchangeable in your eyes.
– A scented candle, a massage oil or an essential oil if she likes think kind of stuff. The babes love what smells good, in general.
– Develop and frame a photo of you two that has a special meaning.
– Visit together a difficult of access and romantic place (for sports or VIP women).

Jewelery (variable prices):

There are not many women who do not like jewelry. But in any case, do not offer a ring if you do not plan to marry the girl. A ring, it has a damn symbolic value. Pay attention ! A bracelet or a necklace, it seems to me a priori to be a better idea… Earrings also, it can be not bad.

On the other hand, as men, it is often difficult to understand something and to know what a beautiful jewel is. So, I have a trick: I like to walk casually in stores with my girlfriend and pay attention to what she likes. I do not buy her when she seems to love something but I come back alone a few days later to take the jewel she has been eyeing!

Then, if the girl often puts the jewel you offered her, then it is that she likes you very much.

A garment (variable prices):

Same strategy as with jewelry. A top or a dress, it often makes its small effect! But it is necessary to choose well, and this is the most delicate moment…

Shoes or bag (variable prices):


Lingerie (in general it is quite expensive except some brands like Etam):

For Christmas, for her birthday or just like that, offering lingerie to a girl means communicating that you love her body. It’s sexy, erotic, and so on. And the best part of all this is that, normally, the lingerie will only be seen on her by you. This way, you create a certain complicity between you two. Besides, if you offer her that kind of stuff, it will encourage her to pay attention to her body and not become fat.

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Perfume (usually quite expensive):

The perfume is usually quite expensive. If you go to stores like Sephora, you will also find a lot of creams and stuff that go well with perfume… in general, chicks love this kind of stuff.

But to be sure that your girlfriend will like this perfume you have specifically chosen, make her smell it among others during your next visit to a store and ask her what she thinks. Do not her him of course why you make her smell perfumes « oh just like that! » Then, keep in mind the kind of stuff she seems to like!

A week-end somewhere (gift for two):

The chicks generally like to go on weekends with their man. The best is to plan a romantic week-end like a snowy cottage in winter where to make love on the skin of a beast in front of the fireplace. Or it’s cool to include an activity during your weekend, such as taking two tickets for the show of an artist she likes.

Avoid at all costs non-romantic gifts:

What is a non-romantic gift? A mixer, a microwave, a dildo belt, and so on. You understood the idea…

Even worse: A scales, a subscription in gym (is she at?) Attention to what it means !!!

And you, what are your best gift ideas?

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