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Fast Seduction explained !!!

Fast SeductionWhat are the Inner Game and the Outer Game?

The inner game, it is your perception of the world at large. It’s the fact that you are aware of your value in your head (inner strength), and that your beliefs are constructive (because what you think possible or not often determines the field of possibilities…)

The outer game is what you do with all this, how you trade interactions. Basically, how you act IRL, on the ground, in your interactions with chicks.


Why is Inner Game so important?

Because what happens inside you makes possible what is happening in the outside world. Because you must be able to recognize opportunities when they present themselves to seize them. Because you should have confidence and a good body language to arouse interest among the fairer sex. And because you must stay strong during nights when everything goes wrong …

What you think about yourself and other influences you and sometimes blocks you, most guys do not know that it is possible to approach a girl in a bar or on the street and sleep with her one hour later. So they do not even try … And it creates a dirty frustration.

Your inner mindset will therefore DIRECTLY impact your success with women.


Negative beliefs (which are mostly unfounded but that will limit your success with ALL the women):

– ERROR 1: Women do not like to be touched. “And the erogenous zones, what do you think about that ???!” Of course they love the contact, like any human being btw. Provided that it is done properly…
– ERROR 2: touching, it sucks, “a woman once told me that a guy got a little too close to her in a club and she panicked. Then, because I am a good boy well I never fit in the intimate space of any girl, I’m afraid to annoy.” This is simply because the guy in question did it badly and/or she did not like him and/or she was not available.
– ERROR 3: I’m afraid she does not want to talk to me if I make her know I want her. “I wanted to try to warm her but I would not take the risk to get closer to her, I did not want to spoil everything.” This is completely stupid because it is while doing nothing that you’re going to ruin everything. She’ll say “hey, one more asexual pussy. I am looking for a manly man who takes charges like a big boy.”
– ERROR 4: “A girl cannot be interested in my cock so easily, and if it happens it must be an accident, I should not take advantage of it, it would be bad to fuck her while she’s sad tonight (or another stupid excuse). “If you don’t, she will do it with a less idiot guy. And if they are compatible in bed, they might even continue dating.
– ERROR 5: giving up too easily. Even if she tries to turn you on and does not kiss you after, do not say to yourself “oh it’s a crappy tease.” It may be the case but it can also be a test of perseverance. In club, just like in any interaction in which you showed your interest: if a girl leaves some ambiguity, it often means “come back talking to me, I want you to try to approach me because I like you.” Oh, because, yes, in France, the majority of girls are passive in the seduction approach phase.


Positive beliefs:

– They love being touched by a guy they like;
– If they passively accept that you touch them, it’s a green light. Indeed, they will never say “oh I ADORE you groped me, go on”. This is the principle of tacit agreement;
– The idea : they like saying things like “I do not sleep with you but I want you to continue to try to sleep with me.” Basically, they love that we try, it flatters them. Therefore don’t focus on a detail to say that it is screwed up. As long as she stays with us despite our attacks, we can keep trying. If she turns her head when we try to kiss her: it is not fucked up, she maybe just wants to keep playing (depending on context). Moreover, the kiss would break the tension;
– You do not need to apologize for your desires, you do not have to try to prove that you are a good guy…

I want to tell you a story: There was a girl like that in a club, I was sitting on a couch and I told her a little bit for fun “do you want to sit on my lap?” I did not know her but she did. Then I started groping her leg, she accepted the deal. I pulled up her skirt and she waited 10 seconds before saying “Are you crazy or what” so I said “yes I’m crazy” and after I did it again so she said “stop, not here.
– So you like when I’m crazy, right?
– Noooo” and finally we fucked in my car. The bottom line is that they do not always say what they think, and it may require having confidence in our man’s power, our sexual power that women are naturally receptive to (that’s what makes the world turn).

You are biologically a sexual being:

– Your body is a sperm plant, reproducing is the only real purpose of existence, and is shared by both sexes;
– It is the power to create the life that lies dormant in your balls. They give you the male energy and it is good to start interacting with the sexual energy (of course don’t masturbate in front of the girl … but classy pushy attitude);
– You have the power to make women feel sexy. Most guys hide to a girl they like her. That they want her. Hell, it’s not a crime! The truth is, it’s just biology that creates the attraction. Do not hide your sexual energy to women. Do not be ashamed of being excited;
– Women love sexual energy, sexual tension, that bubble which is created between two people is magic …
– Touch her like if she was already your girlfriend, or at least like if you had already slept with her. Do not ask if you can touch: either do it or do not it. Your mindset should be something like “I dare you to stop me, because I know you like it.” Warning: a serious no really means no.

Touching = taking risks

You do not need to be a criminal to create sexual energy like a badboy.
– Women love men who take risks;
– They like it when initiatives are spontaneous, exciting, unexpected, in other words they like FUN;
– What kind of man are you if you do not dare to take initiatives with a girl you like? Do not accept to be seen as a pussy.

“Fuck yeah, I take risks, I’m a kind of badboy: I express my desires and I do not care about your fucking judgment of tight-ass. If she rejects me, I will have done my part of the job, nothing to regret.” I’m that kind of guy.

It’s not so much what you say or do, or even how she reacts that will make the difference, but rather how you meet resistance. You’re not perfect, but that’s the game, no one is, then you will be rejected. But you can lower your rejection rate by learning how to read the signs of interest. And if you’re pretty confident, you can say stuff like “oh you pretend that you do not want me? Well then, why are you still holding my hand ?!”

You are thus a fun and sexual guy, not the “nice guy” who does not take risks (and who is proud of it “I not take girls for bags of meat
– Me neither, I reassure you “).

How many times have you tried to fuck a girl in a bathroom during a party? 0, I bet. It’s strange for a guy who wants to have sex, because it is very convenient. Know that even if she rejects you, you’ve tried. If we succeed every time, it’s 2000 girls that we would make love to during a life, not one hundred. Being rejected is truly a part of the success, that’s not virgin’s claptrap. When you feel like it, try to do her, that’s all. There’s not especially good moments (but bad moments exist) that’s the thing. And if you still believe that a kiss means something between you and her … God, go back playing to give kisses in the middle school playground.


Rejection = respect

If you do nothing, you will not have sex, that’s all. By moving your ass, you maximize your chances. You earn respect for yourself because you dared, and respect from her because she thinks “this is a guy who took his chances, tried to get what he wants, he will go far “.

I tried to kiss girls in a bar and on the street after 10 seconds of conversation “what’s your name? you’re cute, I want to kiss you.” Some had boyfriends, some did not want to be seen as easy girls in front of their girlfriends, some have found me “weird” and thought I was a psychopath. But most said “you’re cool, I like the way you expressed your sexuality.” You should understand here that they want more than anything in the world to uphold their reputation. One cannot blame them for that, if the lambda guys were less stupid, they would not need to do so.

But success still awaits. Whenever you meet a girl you like, it’s an opportunity. It can work any time, you never know, so it is good practice to try. We don’t give a shit about social conventions and well-thinking. There’s lots of guys who read blogs or watch videos of stories that truly happened … but no, they do not want to trust me. They do not believe that’s possible. This is actually an excuse to do nothing. Two crazy adventures in which I tried to kiss bitches with cold direct approaches :
Would you like to kiss me ?
Music festival, kiss festival


To do a good approach:

– Concentrate on your breathing;
– Learn to ignore this shitty inner dialogue “that girl I like, I should go talking to her… no I do not do it, it would be weird and she would tell me to go to hell anyway… no, I will try just to give it a try … ah too late!”You go there, albeit with butterflies in my stomach, but you give it a chance… without knowing exactly what you’ll say “she’s on the phone, I will not approach her.” The closer you get, and more you find her sexy… and she intimidates you “I don’t give a shit, I’m kind of a warrior who has to prove himself as a man.” Understand that you’re not a loser if she does not want you. Or rather, you are just seen as a loser in the eyes of those who do not move their ass and those who are stuck in their social pressure glass prison and have unfair personal bias. Any connoisseur of the difficulty it is to approach a girl in the street or even a simple beginner in the Game should respect you for that. Remember also that the best PUA have stats like 1 success for 15 approaches or more…
– I am happy and proud to fight my fears.
– Be comfortable with sexual tension, be able to shut up and let her talk. In brief, as a man, you must be able to endure more sexual tension than her.


If she is not up to:

– You’ll find it quickly: she will tell you or will make you understand soon enough.
– Do not decide for her what are her limits: you must not decide instead of the girl what is appropriate or not. The trap here is to put yourself in her skin to try to guess what she wants. Do not decide for her what she expects from you.
– Find out what it possible to do with her by testing her.

Respect the limits such a gentleman, but do not decide FOR HER (don’t try to go in her brain) what are her limits. You must find out what are the barriers to your physical escalation (it may be just her fears, her personal history or insecurity) and respect them. That’s it. If there is no trap or if you can unblock her, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Just have the balls!


The casual sex mindset :

– Many girls WANT even WAIT FOR casual sex without commitment;
– If it’s not you, it will be another guy who will give her some pleasure;
– This is your duty to share your sexual energy with the opposite sex;
– This is so exciting for them, and if you do not offer them a good fuck, perhaps no other good fuck will try to pick up them before a long time;
– They can try with you things they would not do with a guy they expect to become their official boyfriend. They often fear that their boyfriend discovers the true nature of their sexuality. Know that there is no goodgirls or badgirls. Each girl has both side. But they are hiding it because most guys are not as open-minded as they claim, are jealous, etc. Believe it or not but a lot of guys are shit, they bother their girlfriends because of their past adventures. It’s sad to be so stupid.
– Sometimes they will test you like “I have already two sexfriends thus I don’t need anybody” to see if really you have the spirit of the sex without headache or if you pretend it because you are a dead man of hunger who just wants to fuck her (badly). The keyword here it is “need”: you either, you do not NEED but DESIRE and you can give her certainly more pleasure than these two clowns (more chances it is the case than they are gods in the bed).


Female sexuality:

– They are sexual beings;
– But they learn how to hide it very well: they want to be respected, and it is normal (who would want to be called a whore?), so officially the girls act well in every respect (some really are very good girls but their lives are probably so boring, I would not be in their skin).
– If you show them that you appreciate that part of them they are a little ashamed of, they will open to your penis. It’s rare to find a guy who accepts the hard reality like that. This is also rare, guys who know how to make love properly.
– “Ohlala I want to make love only with guys I’m in a relationship with and in love.” Maybe that’s true in some situations (religion, strict culture) but these are minority cases here. And they do not know what they miss;) Anyway, these girls do not even say they do not like sex. I found out also that people who are happy, feeling good in their skin and know how to have fun in bed are never reluctant in a good fuck. In fact, it is often those who have never been well fucked (too shy, complexed, frustrated, clumsy, etc.) that are a pain in the ass.
– The girls want to use our cocks for fun. The concept of human-object has a long future (on condition that you’re not disappointing, it is also your JOB): I already heard shit like “I do not even know your name” it’s okay I slept with lots of girls who didn’t care who I was in fact. They live in the moment and it’s much cooler to live in the moment than for a hypothetical future. It’s really nice also to be used for sex.
– “I need to fuck at work”: some girls touch themselves at work. It could be better than a cigarette break, right? A lot of girls really want to fuck, no matter the circumstances, but few credible guys dare to offer them a possibility so it’s up to you to do so. If they say you are ugly or disgusting or something like that, keep in mind that it is because you have destabilized them (they could possibly tell it to Ian Somerhalder too) and probably already did kinky things with a much more ugly guy than you. Girls and guys, we are a bit the same, huh, and I know plenty of guys who are hot in private but if a girl wants to bump into them, they would feel scared, and reject her because they are in a panic (comfort zone, it breaks their fragile princess dream, etc.) Seen the number of dead losses outside, they often leave the principle that we are one and that they have to test us, and that is very sad because their pussy radar does not allow them very often to recognize a good fuck. Only the most intelligent and the best in general succeed but we undergo their doubts on our sex generally and that sometimes hurts!

What hurts sometimes too, it is that they try to make us feel dirty and to show that they are superior to us because supposedly “we only look for sex”. It is a fucking caricature that we put them in mind and that they dread because said like that, it sucks. But the truth is that a couple without sex, that does not exist, and the complicity often comes from there because the intimacy breaks the ice. And that often, if they dread “fuckers”, it is because they always were badly fucking and do not see the interest of sex. In brief, I have already developed this subject in my Diary.

Last thing, you have to be credible: who can blame them if they refuse to have sex with a guy who has super long hair and grime, too long beard, shirt too long with written in big letters “I love beer and soccer and tuning”. What I mean is that it’s smarter to put the odds on your side to accept the rules and to move your ass. Grumbling alone in your corner and fill yourself with hate and frustration doesn’t help. Once you’ve done what you can, if they prefer to be fucked by a disgusting guy who does not understand anything to sex and who is full of drugs or anything but just because his dad gives him € 5,000 per month to buy his coke and his clothes, it’s sad for her eh not for you. Also be aware that the level of IQ plays in the meetings we like, so a silly bitch get along well with a fucking young little asshole. It’s a question of personal reality (let me remind you that the game is an art of seduction for those who do not have or do not want to use money nor power : If I was a billionaire or famous, it would be the girls who would try to find how to sleep with me and make me faithful : question of power given by the society)! In any case, respect the women, be ready to give them what they maybe not even know that they like.


Read those books to understand how they think, what their fantasies are, etc.:

– Philosophy in the Bedroom – Marquis de Sade
– My secret garden – Nancy Friday
– 50 shades of Grey – E.L. James


For those who are interested, my book will reveal all the secrets of this form of seduction: The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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