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Good manners

Good mannersA lack of education ruins a whole potential of seduction. The following tips will probably not give you more conquests, but better ones. And they will help you to avoid the contempt of your neighbor and friends.

Walk the dangerous side of the sidewalk, the one of the cars, and let the safe side to the girl.

Decide quickly in the café or restaurant and do not enjoy your food or your glass like if it was the first edible food that you saw this year. Ask about her wishes before ordering yours, then order everything at once to the waiter, starting with hers. Do not snap your fingers to get his attention.

At her place, ask if she wants you to take off your shoes; usually she will say no but this will make her happy. Do not come empty handed. The wine is a classic.

At your place, after eating, do you think that seeing your hands in warm water with pink plastic Mappa gloves covering your forearms will make her mad with desire? Do not put either the place mat in the center of the table like her parents …

Be respectful with ancestors of others!

Never judge the quality of things in their price!

Naturally let a woman go first in the elevator shaft, let her go out first too, which may sometimes require some awkward contortions. In this case and when you cannot do other way, go out first : hold the door and wait on the threshold that she passes in front of you.

Make sure after your shower or bath to rinse the tub or tray.

Always put your hand over your mouth or suppress your yawning when someone talks to you.

The man before the woman when going in a pub, a cafe or restaurant; they have once upon a time been poor attendance, so a man has to play the role of protector. Under any other circumstances, a man must open the door and let the woman go before him.

You never said “bon appétit”. If someone said so, do not answer “bon appétit”, deal with a “you too” if really you want to answer.

Do not chew with open mouth, do not talk with your full mouth.

Invited at someone’s place, even a close friend, for dinner, come with a bottle of wine, flowers, dessert, a little something. Be sure to carefully remove the label or the reference price on your gift.

If you are headed and gloved, when you meet someone, start by taking your hat off and then remove your right glove to shake the hand of the person.

Never wear white socks, or sports socks, when you do not do sport.

Avoid short-sleeved shirts.

Highlight your guests and especially your interlocutor. Insert cleverly conversation topics that enhance your audience. But avoid the vile flattery, as well as obsequiousness.

Proscribe the “I”. Assume that “you’re not interesting,” unless you are asked questions. Do not hesitate to ask things, it is very well seen, but avoid being too intrusive or personal.

Do not put your elbows on the table.

Wait to be alone to put your finger in your nose or elsewhere. If you are caught in public by the desire of itching below the belt, stay stoic and do not scratch.

Learn to tread lightly, and not noisy big heels. Also, learn how to open and close doors gently, not to slam them.

Avoid picking your teeth in public.

Few people deserve that you get physical, or even that you put yourself in anger. Do not give a damn, treat them with contempt or indifference.

Consume nothing in excess, everything in moderation. However, do not err on the side of moderation.

Don’t say “excusez moi” but “je vous demande pardon.” The excuse is not acquired.

When you are hosting a party at home, do not forget to tell your neighbors to ask them in advance to excuse your friends for the noise caused.

It is desirable to get engaged properly before you get married, three months to one year before.

Never cut the cheese at the end, always take a piece of the crust.

Ask permission from your neighbors before smoking.

Your home should be tidy, neat, airy, always ready to receive a visitor.

Always answer yes or no to an invitation. If you do not answer, you will not be invited again, and if you are invited, know that you have to invite the person in your turn. Each one takes into account the invitations given and received, refusals and acceptances. Refusing twice an invitation means that you do not want to see the person. If you are invited and cannot come, however, consider this invitation and invite in your turn the person in question. Remember that you are lucky to be invited, you, while others are never invited anywhere.

Never say “Mince” and prefer “Zut”, “Flûte” and even “Merde” (though prefer “crotte”, but it is hardly in use).

Do not start sentences with “no,” “I know” (you will seem more friendly).

Do not use “sur” everytime, instead of “à” (eg, “Je suis à Paris” and not “Je suis sur Paris”), do not use “to” instead of “of” (“c’est le frère de Veronica”, not “c’est le frère à Veronica”).

Never say “he” or “she” in the presence of the person: name.

Don’t say “Ouais” or “Nan”, say “Oui” or “Non”. Similarly, don’t say “Chais pas”, but “Je ne sais pas.”

The men wear at the pool or at the beach swimsuit Bermuda shorts (maillot short), they should outlaw the pair of underpants (le slip).

Men should not put their hands in their pockets; it could deform them, and then you can never know what is happening there.

When you are suffering, physically or morally, do not go anywhere, do not inflict your miasma to others.

Be aware of the very high probability that if you say bad things about someone, he or she will eventually know and find the origin. Refrain therefore in most cases, prefer the murderer silence.

Blow your nose and discreetly store your handkerchief by folding, without looking at what you have let there. When you sneeze or yawn, put your hand over your mouth.

It is good to spend Christmas with family, while the first of the year is reserved for friends.

Avoid biting your nails, sign of weakness and nervousness. More you eat your nails and more you will have sausage fingers. It is the same for the small skin around the nail. Keep your extremities intact, they could be useful later… If you cannot refrain from biting yourself, at least do not swallow it.

The rule not to do any piercing remains is in use for every parts of the body (except the ears), including the nose, tongue, navel, nipples or the lips (the big ones).

Give to your neighbor the bread basket, never directly take one piece to give him.

Avoid sucking noises and pasta when you invite. Be very careful not to spray yourself some sauce, which is often impossible.

Be polite with the house staff or waiters. They will serve you better.

Never complain, it is a very bad thing.

Invited to a meal, remember that you must eat all the food. If certain foods make you vomit, take some and give it discreetly to the dog of the house if there is one, unbeknownst, or hide them under your utensils. The role of the hostess however, is to know your food allergies.

Never finish a dish, unless you are prayed and after many polite refusals, after many passing the buck, etc. This is true for the last oyster on the plate, the last slice of foie gras, etc.

Be polite and pleasant all the time.

The child has an absolute respect for adults. Adults often use politeness to maintain some distance with their interlocutor. More sociocultural difference exist, more the politeness must be affirmed.

Leave a symbolic tip in a café, a restaurant, or when you take a cab. It is usual, even if you no longer have to apply the 10% rule, at least in France. The few times when you cannot leave a tip is when you really want to punish a cad or dishonest behavior against you.

In a family (home or friend), be sure to replace the possible “PQ” roll that you have just finished with the reservation. We prefer the use of “toilet paper” rather than “PQ”.

Choose names like Louis, Francis, Edward, Philip, well, names of kings or great men of this world. Give between three to five names to your children, and do not hesitate to use the “Marie”, even for a boy, to place him under the protection of the Virgin. The names such as Nathan Job, Edith, etc. are connoted thus not recommended.

Do not hesitate to give your turn when you are in a queue (supermarket or other), especially for a client who only has two products when you have a full cart. Do not forget to do it with a smile. Do not hesitate, in the absence of deep appreciation you can say an audible “you’re welcome!” to the rude.

When you have not heard, do not say “Quoi?” or “Hein?” but “Comment?” or “Pardon?” or better “Je vous demande pardon?”. Sometimes you can ask “can you repeat the question please?”… a slight nod of the head, or an eyebrow can be enough to revive your partner.

When you are hosting a reception, make sure the buffet is not out of alcohol, and there is enough toilet paper in the bathroom, and soap and towels are present.

Following an invitation, call the person you received the next day to thank her. Otherwise send him a little thank you card. Or an email, take advantage of modern technology. Do not hesitate to do so, you would be surprised by the rarity of this act and your host will feel gratitude.

For a man, outlaw being late with women. For a woman twenty minutes are tolerable, but she will have to say to her companion that she is really sorry. Between a man and a man, accuracy is the politeness of kings.

You may laugh, but avoid the trumpeting, or whinny. Prefer smiling. In some families, too big events such as laughter are almost unwelcome, as it is fashionable to take everything with cynicism and second degree humour.

Always offer an odd number of roses.

Never sauce your plate. If really, you can gently take a piece of bread, planting your fork in and sauce. Do not take your plate in your hands and lick it directly, only dogs can do so.

If the servants take care of you specifically, wash your clothes or wax your shoes for example in a hotel, let them when you leave, in a small envelope, a “tip” in cash.

Do not stretch out your hand first to someone older or “superior”. Wait until he does it first. Also, do not crush the hand of your partner, nor have a soft hand, nor fingertips. The handshake should be firm and straightforward.

Boys wearshorts. The stringvestsare to be avoidedexceptDamart when cold weather.It is unseemly(ievulgar) toreveal avestor poloin the openingofa collaropen shirt.

Do not be a bad player, stay calm, do not get excited. Be fair-play. Do not say “Oh, how lucky you are!” during a coup even hazardous of your partner, but “Well done.” In some extreme cases, in sport or games, let your partner win if you see that it really makes him feel a big pleasure.

Make sure, when giving the dish, to respect the protocol of women before men, and of the most important people in the hierarchy. Ladies first (except a member of the clergy), the oldest to youngest (excluding children : the latest), and also the proximity with those who receive (example: young woman of 22, a friend of the son of the family, pass before old 40 years cousin) and men (cross age and distance too). The hierarchy will be indicated by the table plan which has to be respected, special guests being placed alongside the hosts, to the right of the hostess for the guest number one man on her left for number 2 . Same for the woman invited number 1, to the right of the master of the house, etc. More you are far from the host and more you fall down in the hierarchy.

Do not call before 9am, nor after 9pm, as well as the alleged mealtimes. When you call someone, introduce yourself at first, state your identity and only then ask to speak to the desired person.

It is recommended, in the case of a wireless telephone, in a call from the outside, to only respond to tell the speaker to call again later, or that we call him back that very evening. If the telephone conversation is absolutely necessary, go into another room to do not disturb your guests, and shorten the conversation to a minimum. Do not, of course, speak loudly nor involve the whole world in your conversation, modern technology performs miracles in terms of sound quality.

Do not use the word “toilet” or “crappers” or “WC”. Prefer terms like “down the hall”, “where even kings go alone,” the “wawas”, “little corner”, “throne”, or the “cheugueudeugueux.” For the open fly, “the little bird will come out.”

Make sure of course, when you’re a man, to lower the window and flush the water before you leave. Do not hesitate, whenever possible, to leave the toilet as clean if not cleaner than when you arrived.

Always ensure that the glasses of your table neighbors are filled with water or wine. When the glass is empty, offer them before you serve yourself (same for bread, salt …)

When you move into a place, it is customary to invite your neighbors in the first few weeks, just to pretend to know each other. Also to identify harmful and those to who you can possibly borrow a corkscrew.

Avoid sudden driving, do not you turn macho driving, do not swear, do not honk at everything, do not be impatient.

Open the door to your passenger, offer her your arm to help to go out of your car.

When you park, do not glue the cars in front and behind, let them a little space to leave. Just to avoid reprisals.

Always “vouvoyer” people when you do not know and you do not have mutually and expressly authorized the familiarity. Age criterion?

When one helps you or provide a service, do not forget to make a gift to thank the person for his kindness.

Always introduce to the person, the most “important” first. Example: (mom) I introduce to you my friend (name) ; (name) this is (mom). Male to female, young to old …

The art of kissing of hands: for men, it is not only to stoop and pretend to kiss her hand, he needs to touch her lips. Pay attention not to raise the hand of the person you kiss: it is you who you tilt it up. Way for a man to greet a woman, with the exception of young unmarried girls (except if old girls) or members of the immediate family. To be used exclusively indoors, never in public places, with the exception of private gardens, or places such as horse races at Longchamp and some places exclusively for members of high society.

Send your condolences to the friends and relatives who lose a loved one, move to the funeral or religious ceremony if possible.

Dinners in place, do not try to change positions. The art of placement at the table is a hostess’ thing.

Never turn your back on your neighbors when you’re at the table. Stand up straight. You are not a mollusk or overcooked noodle. Do not drag their feet. Overcome the weight of your body.

If, unfortunately, you have children without being married, do not hesitate to marry later, it will be better than nothing.

When you have guests at your place, even for one night, supply towels and washcloth. Ask them what they want for breakfast. If you give them a room, always tap on the door and ask your guests permission to enter. Strictly respect the privacy of your guests and promote their welfare.

With the relative lapsed straps, adjust a belt on your pants.

Never forget the credo “thank you”, “please”, “hello” in all circumstances. Do not forget the “I’m sorry”. According to the caller, specify “Mr., Mrs., first name.” Do not hesitate to learn those words in the language of every country you visit. Do not say “sir, lady.”

Freshen your breath, avoid garlic for a tryst.

The neighbor at the table should help the woman to sit on her chair, in two movements: he goes behind the chair of the neighbor, take it back for her to sit, then he approaches it of the table once seated, so it is the right distance.

The men sit after the women.

The knives are placed to the right of the plate, blade facing the plate, and the forks to the left, back curved outward. The glass of water is placed to the left of the wine glass.

Do not take your head to the food, but your elbow goes up and approach the fork or spoon to your mouth. While you are likely to spill the contents doing, it forces you to take smaller portions. The head and back should remain straight.

Share your conversation with your neighbor equally between the right and the left one. When you talk to one of them only turn your head and not your shoulders, don’t turn your back on your other neighbor. Avoid shouting across the table if it is too big.

Never start eating (not even putting your hands over the utensils) until everyone was served and following the hostess. If she is distracted, casually ask permission to attack your plate before it cools.

Always let the couch to the woman, or the most comfortable seat. Let her also the seat that has the best view.

Learn how not to talk about your work unless you are asked questions about it, consider your work as a necessary evil that there is no need to discuss in private. Book your possible occupational stress at specific times, one-on-one and when you are sure you do not disturb your interlocutor.

Glass is taken by below (but not by its foot). Do not take it with both hands but gently. A cup is held by its handle.

Never disregard the wishes, it is a mandatory exercise or almost, just like you send your greetings to those you sent you some.

Respect others, do not always do “like at home”. Be alpha but not a big uncouth. Make good use of your knowledge… follow the law, do not harass, etc.

Remember that people who have good manners will never tell you what to say, or do, or what you should not have said or done: it would not be right, exactly. But trust them to notice it and tell others.

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