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How to manage the expectation of a distant rendezvous?

How to manage the expectation of a distant rendezvousHere is a case that comes up regularly: you picked up a chick and she has agreed to meet up with you… let’s say in one week. What should you do in the meantime to keep the flame? How to maintain her interest until the day of the appointment?

The wrong strategy

I think, and experience shows that agreeing on a date and an hour in a long time : it’s not enough to consider that the game is won.

What I mean is that stopping “keeping the feet warm” of the girl, during the time you’re waiting for the hot date is a bad idea because she may interpret it like : the commitment no longer stands.

It can work all the same, with some chicks highly motivated or with chicks who organize their lives a long time in advance. However, from experience, I do not advise to do it. The most common case is that she will forget it or will zap you during this week of waiting. Keep your eyes open, then!

Let’s see what you can do to maximize the chances she comes at the rendezvous in one week.

I take this opportunity to remind you that a girl who agrees for a date “next time” did not give you any appointment. We need the commitment to be clear and precise to think we have something strong. Do not be a spare wheel !!!

Sometimes it makes more sense to keep you mouth shut when you got an date. But it’s especially for dates that will take place “soon-now.” To avoid saying a bullshit.


The best scenario

The best scenario is, of course, when you share a great connection together, the conversation via texts or on chatting while waiting to meet up is fluent. These relationships are like evidence. They present no particular difficulty.

But when this is not going by itself or when one is busier than the other: this can cause problems. “Doing too much” requires a lot of energy and by doing that, you also take the risk of saying something stupid that will make us look “weird.” This is the problem sometimes: we want to make the shot, but in fact we often screw it up. On your side, while awaiting the appointment : stay simple and alpha.


The best compromise

The good compromise, in my opinion, is to answer her once or twice every day or every second day. It allows to have every time things relatively interesting to say. To stay in the newsfeed of his life. And especially to don’t be too needy, to don’t invade her.

Of course, do not bother to tell the girl when you will answer and why. Let her wait for the answer. Do not be a fucking AFC who is too afraid of offending his target for some shitty reasons. We can say that you will act like a little girl: you will learn how to make her want you and how to make her miss you 😉

If she is what comes over you, beware! Is she lacking of affection? Must see what is behind her behaviour : the love at first sight is rare but needy or low self-esteem chicks are not… and that can be really a pain in the ass to manage them. Sometimes it is better to next in these cases, even though it would be an easy shot, to avoid future inconveniences.

There’s also this solution : send ready-made routines like “so what color are your underwear today” every morning. Or send her an erotic text every day to keep the mood (from your collection already written of course).

Therefore this time interval can be used to create comfort and make them want to fuck you at the first date. You thus need time to get the date, but you can win at this game if you handle this delay in a good way.

On the other hand : not enough comfort or talking too hard about sex with a girl who is stressed by it, and you take this risk : she will maybe flake, as explained in the following diagram (stress : good or bad stimulation) :

Not enough stress bores you. Too much stress inhibits you. Optimal stress turns you on.

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