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When you will attract a hot woman, you will be tested

« Fuck, what are you looking at ? There is nothing for you here »

Why most of men (and women) hate confident people? Because they secretly want to be like them.

It is funny to see how the attractive girls feel offended when you take the initiatives. « How can you dare to be also confident. How can you dare maintaining my eye contact and hoping that I’m the first to look away ? You are not even feared of touching me … You are not tall, handsome nor rich, … You would do better to remain in friendly mode, buddy. Make some jokes PLEASE. Entertain me or disappear. Do not try your tricks of seduction on me. »

Fuck the social conventions

Don’t be afraid of being sensual. Do not let the social pressure stop you. Let people talk. We don’t give a damn.

Resist the desire to act like her (to be nasty or whatever). Be over that. It is just a mechanism of defense she has. So, stay cool, confident and humble. You have nothing to prove (nor the need to apologize). A big smile.

Adopting a confident posture, shouting your mouth and maintaining the eye contact of a woman, then getting closer to her… it’s not only for handsome men. You don’t have to be Johnny Depp to take the initiatives. Fuck Depp ! Everybody can do that. You have as much rights as the others…

You will be more tested than Johnny Depp

The women are going to try to frighten you, as if it was bad to be sensual and enterprising. They will test you. More than the other guys, especially if you are not really their type.

I have already told you that even if you are ugly and not specially cool, hum, the good news is that these women are attracted as well by you because you are a human being endowed with testicles (compatible with her womb).

It is because there is a sexual tension which exists between men and women and because by making some little gifts like maintaining her look, getting closer and not breaking the tension, well, the attraction increases naturally. In other words, nothing can stop you. You can just be confused by her tests.

When women are attracted by beautiful guys, the resistance is easier to deal with. When women feel attracted to a guy who is short or fat or not their type or not cool enough for her social circle or whatever, it is going to irritate her. She is thus going to force you into error, to tell you that you are strange or to politely suggests you to go to hell. But she feels attraction as well. This one is not just accepted. Frustration, when you hold us…

Do not stay at your place

The reason why you meet resistance is because you try to cross the invisible border between men and women. « How can you be also confident while you are ugly ? How do you dare trying to excite me, I am a model, screw you… »

They just want that you shut up your mouth and that you stay at your place. « Do not try to be promoted or someone will put you back in place chop-chop ». This resistance will always exist. In fact, it will be worse and worse. The resistance will always be a part of your life thus become used to handle it from today.

If it can help you feeling better, when you do things quite correctly : women (in spite of their tests) are attracted by you.

The guys like you are going to have to ignore the resistance more than the playboys. You cannot take every remark personally. Continue to smile, I know that it is difficult… But the sexual tension and the attraction don’t depend directly on your appearance, rather on your confidence.

It is interesting to note that most of these beautiful guys who would obtain positive reactions with the opposite sex have not the balls to approach women like you do. You are better than  them, that’s it ! You are not passive. Attitude > Physical appearance

Extract from : The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations


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