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I love you Italian-style

February 21st, 2014

I had spoken to this girl on Adopt in September, I guess. We had to make a porn movie without camera together but that finally did not happen. The soufflé and my cock fell as fast as a guillotine that would décabite (cut your dick : bedick) you… like it is often the case with the chicks. But the situation however took an unexpected turning point: Padawan has recently approached her on Adopt and they talked about me (merci poto). Watch out, at the risk of shocking sensitive souls, I am in an incredible bad faith in the following extract (I am not really such a jerk at the bottom of me, I just keep up to the times) :

HER : How are you? I am speaking with one of your buddies apparently! He does not understand why I did not succumb to your charm … I said that I had especially not taken time to meet you lol
ME : Who are you talking to ?
HER : Padawan
ME : Lol . well it’s simple . I gave you your chance . you preferred postponing ceaselessly by taking me for a marionette who would be available when YOU would have decided it then it’s over now
HER : Yes I know I assume the full responsibility. All the same I did not take you for a marionette
ME : You didn’t deign to make any effort because you believed that Adopt was a distributor of guys like me so go on and bang some suckers, the one who have lose the most in this story it is you, love
HER : Lol too bad you think that but ok I accept no worries
ME : Too bad I think what, go on explain your point of view
HER : It’s a pity that you believe that I consider Adopt as a distributor of guys like you and that I am going to bang suckers because it is not true! I would never have allowed myself to consider you as a marionette, I have just not taken time for you just like for the others because I had more important things to do
ME : Well then how do you call this?
HER : And know that you too are missing something
ME : Always postponing for shitty excuses . yeah probably I missed something except that I have nothing to regret : it is not me who stands between me and what I’m missing… it’s you
HER : Ok
ME : Then unless you have now a solid and concrete proposal to make
HER : And in addition, by thinking well about it I have not the impression I have postponed a lot of dates with you! Look at previous conversations ! [she is right]
ME : Answer … not next
HER : Lol yes sir . what is a solid proposition for you ?
ME : A place a day an hour and no flake
ME : and sex
HER : Lol you’re very good, reverse psychology and straightforward it is really what works with me!
ME : So much the better if I did sting you to the quick then maybe that I had underestimated you
HER : Probably yes
ME : So will you stop flaking me?
HER : Does it bother you that I talk to your buddy?
ME : No I don’t care why ?
HER : Idk you quickly overreacted like “yeah go on and bang suckers” all this … lol
ME : It’s ok, he is not THAT a sucker

Amazing (I talk like an American dude) ! There are probably a lot of guys outside who are jealous because a girl they have never met ALSO talks to their buddy on the Internet ! Wow, I did not know that we still practiced ablations of testicles in the birth! Well, then, by force of circumstance, we spoke about her with Padawan and we invented a phony game : THE FIRST ONE WHO SLEEPS WITH THE ITALIAN/CORSICAN WINS. Usually, the hesitation of a woman when I suggest her going fucking for free without condom in a rotten motel sleeping with me ASAP is eliminating is but in this case I decided to leave her a second chance. Then, I had nothing to lose, that’s it what is good with this : it is like going to the casino (slot machines not to do errands) if you only could win.

Okay, so. I had another date at the end of the afternoon but the girl has flaked me (fortunately she did it early “I have a training that was not planned finally this afternoon“). I didn’t care, I had planned 2 dates today, knowing perfectly that both girls were feverish thus that at least one on two was going to cancel… so I sent to the Italian/Corsican on FB “thank you for confirming for this evening : 06 XX XX XX XX ! kisses darling
– Lol it looks like a business meeting!
– You will pass an interview
– Apparently”. The interest of the nickname “darling” here is the implementation of a frame: if she answers without criticizing, it is because she agrees to be my “darling” or “my love”… I also use this when I provoke nasty silly bitches : this contrast (that a guy is openly laughing at them while giving to them cute nicknames) really pisses them off in general. Awesome. The good side of this it is also because we quickly get used to this and we can more easily tell it to girls who interest us during a face-to-face sincere flirtation: it has generally an impact.

If none of the two had come, maybe would I have tried to contact a hot Polish prostitute presenting a recent AIDS test as her resume. With Paris Hilton and a Thai whore as members of the jury to estimate my performance who would have written a note on my buttocks with their favorite red lipstick. I know that the other girl flaked me because she did not make any counterproposal : she has just chicken out. What does not mean that she did not want to enjoy.

Thus here we are, she came to my place. 26 years, classy, working girl, Italian or Corsican cute little accent. A sparkling brunette with a charming face. Not bad. On the other hand, rather shy IRL, crossed arms, closed posture, etc.. After 10 minutes in my lounge, I found that time passed slowly then I said “I show you something if you want?
– OK
– Come on (compliance test)
– What is it?” I switched on the light “ohhh that’s your bedroom lol
– Yeah, and that’s my bed, do you want to sit down ?
– Sure.” Then we spoke about her Adopt dates and gender relations, then I ran my magic finger on every not hidden part of her skin that was not covered by cloth (roughly: her arms) and she asked “when will you kiss me ? Unless you don’t want me…
– Well I think it is going to happen soon”. Well, then, In the order or in bulk I don’t remember : I liked her pussy, handjob (no blowjob too bad : she must be shy), I went down on her again, “I can’t wait I really want you right now please”, missionary, rider, two orgasms, doggy style “ah you’re good”. After sex, she acted way less shy, the exchange of fluids creates bounds, cool. Sex first.

To answer her, I think that it depends on the person and the situation if I am good or not (a moose of modesty has just invaded me, I hope I’m not sick). This week it was OK, fucking modjo ! I made three different come in two days… and not ugly ones. The God of the Game is with me for the week of my birthday, cool. With this rhythm, I even risk the overdose of cyprine: I hope I won’t finish sick of women until 2048…

I give you kisses. Everywhere, everywhere. Yes yes, I insist. Smack. And buy my ebooks fuck I need money (to pay my consumption of cocaine and take some mistresses) !!! And make me presents for my birthday too! Thanks you !

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May the God of the Game be with you !

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