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The panda tamer

Written by Padawan on February 4th 2014,

Sometimes, the modjo does not leave you and you know that it is eventually going to work. I had not sent Sergeant Popol to the fight since almost 1 month. He was ready to recover and to go back on the battlefield even after having fired a big cartridge.

Yesterday I had a date with a scamp met on Adopt. It is necessary to say that the trying to pick up online had not been very complicated. The girl sexualized a little bit and I just had to outbid after; small extract (yes it is about pandas, because I told her that I was a trainer of pandas) :

She : What do you generally do during a first date ?
Me : I tame and I take the panda to the zoo to give her care
She : Where do you tame ? You take her at your home?
Me : Ahah does it scare you ?
She : Yes a little
Me : No reason !
The panda remains free
But generally she likes her new house
What would you do for a first date ?
She : Mmm the ideal would be that the panda and the tamer go have a drink together then decide what they will do later
Me : I always liked taming when the panda comes to drink
She : Me too I like being tamed after having had a glass of wine…

Here I am in front of her at 10 pm, she takes some muscatel wine, me some red wine. The waiter tries a little “here the girls do not pay” by taking my bill. Well it’s OK, for €2 I was not going to act skinflint, but for my game it was not very good. Later the waiter was a bro and proposed us a table more quiet. Again installed, we start to say bullshit, she even sexualizes herself the conversation! We come there to speak about porn, about the size of the male genital organ according to the region of the world, or still about her theory according to which men who practice martial arts have the biggest cocks because you need big balls to do that ( welcome to the club Fab ). She touches my leg unintentionally and says a little “sorry”, I answers “if you want to play footsie you can go on, do not find yourself excuses” by stressing well the fact that it was “sexual” with the tone of my voice.

We finish our drinks and we go home, we do not really know how that is going to take place. I walk with her and arrived near her street, she tells me “I live here” silently I pretend to go with her and I continue the conversation casually.

Her small studio is nice, we settle on the sofa bed, and we still discuss. She takes a pillow in her arms to keep her warm. I say “are you not ashamed to take a pillow to keep you warm while tonight you have a guy at your home with you?” Thus I take her in my arms. Then we start watching a Hentai (porn manga). In fact it looks like she watches a lot of porn with her friends, but with me she is not comfortable then we stop. I get closer to her by discussing without kissing her to make rise the tension.

We both crack and it was so good ! Her small breasts were firm, as well as her muscular body that has good forms. Her small mouth on my sex was divine. Mine on her lips (you know which ones) gave us the desire to go farther even if I prolonged with my fingers to excite her. I do not know why we fit into very well (I think it really depends on the partner) : she managed perfectly the andromaque [cowgirl/whisper] (what is not common) and the suspended union [ascent to desire] was orgasmic. It is a difficult position for the most part of the women I met because they did not know how to position nor to sheathe, she had never tried those positions but everything was well done.

We did it twice, she came 3 times. I won’t bother you with her eulogies on my physical appearance and the repeated “you are sexy”.

In brief, an excellent adventure! I do not know if I am going to see her again but I keep my modjo which is certainly going to urge me to write other lines here.

Cyprinely yours,

Padawan, trainer of pandas.


For having seen the FB profile of the girl, I can say she is sexy. I looked at her photos in a bikini the same way as a starving North African would salivate in front of a couscous royale. Padawan makes me proud because he is finally successful with my advice for trying to pick up on the Internet. For my part : I slept alone that night, for the first time since 1989, because I had taken the bad habit of always having a girlfriend in stock.

A slight drawback maybe on the complicated and difficult sexual practices for a first date like Padawan did : it is not compulsory to fall down as soberly as a dress of Geneviève de Fontenay… Because that does not make all the girls feel comfortable. And even for yourself, you have nothing to prove (to yourself)! Well, the most important it’s that she appreciated the session, she enjoyed and she is satisfied. Some claim they are able to live by feeding only on the energy of the trees around them, I wonder if we can live by feeding on handjobs, that would maybe be worth trying. On the other hand, I liked the sex-opener “are you not ashamed to take a pillow to keep you warm while tonight you have a guy at your home with you?

Why did I put this Field Report on the blog? You will know in the next post !!! And I can assure you that it will be even more rock ‘n roll than a serving between a Jean-Luc Mélanchon in heat and a Marine Le Pen affected by vaginitis! More disconcerting than Ségolène Royal deciding to rape her ex-husband François Hollande in the premises of the Elysee by encircling him on a chair in solid gold, while Julie Gayet would look at the scene by masturbating while thinking of Benjamin Castali on whom she fantasizes since he presents Secret Story ! More improbable than a foursome of reconciliation without condom between Valérie Trierweiler, Alain Soral, Nicolas Sarkozy and Manuel Valls (François Bayrou would be there too but he would remain soft) that would finish in bukkake and that she would tell in a second best-seller under the title “Thank you for these knocks of crop”.

See you soon !

May the God of the Game be with us !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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