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How to spank your girl ?

spank woman

You must know that spanking has a literary dimension: it is found in literature for men and women throughout the ages. From the Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Fifty Shades of Gray

You should also know that, like the dirty talk, many women love spanking. It is not because they want to protect their image and be thought of as whores that we must lie to ourselves: a good spanking, it spices up the sex.

Moreover, even if a spanking establishes a kind of relationship of dominance between the man and the woman, it is not a hardcore BDSM practice.

How to successfully spank a women?

First of all, during sex, do not ask a woman for permission to spank her. If you want to talk about this topic with her, for example in order to ask her for permission, do not do it in the middle of the action at the risk of breaking the atmosphere (I think it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission). Do as if it was something normal, natural… we are not there to make her feel that she is a deviant or none of all that.

Also demonstrate adaptability: feel the ground, put your hand on her buttocks, give a little pat during the action… and, if she reacts well, increase in intensity. If you go very strong from the start, your partner is likely to get scared, feel humiliated and it can cut everything off.

If your girl seems closed to the idea of ​​being punished by your powerful hand, if she says “no”, it is no. We must respect women and the sexuality of each one.

Then, from the moment you start, assume your pat on her rump completely. A good spanking stimulates the blood, it’s bestial and it shows that you know how to let go. Aim for the fleshy part of the buttocks… and do not tap on the bone, otherwise you risk hurting yourself.

By the way, remember that you are not spanking your kid: it must remain something exciting and not incestuous. A good spanking can transmit an enormous amount of sexual energy.

If you tap with the fingertips, you will whip it. It’s going to hurt her. The best thing for a woman is to go with the palm of your hand. You can then release your grip or grasp the buttock in full hand. It’s something very animal (and yet animals do not do it in nature so it also differentiates us from them).

Finally, know that you can spank your woman in other positions than doggy style (for example when she is on you), but that this remains my preferred position because a doggy without spanking is like a rap without a dirty word.

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