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We’re lucky! We said we like each other

We’re lucky! We said we like each otherNovember 16th 2015,

This morning I had a hard time getting up: I spit mucus like the thirsty of cyprin dragon that I am. It must be said that the weekend was agitated… and cold. In addition, with the LAIR of Lyon, we have the annoying habit of hanging out in the street around 4 o’clock in the morning.


Retrospective :

*Friday night, France beat Germany at football. It’s really that something was wrong. Afterwards, I saw the story of the terrorists attacks in Paris on TV, so I realized that something was really wrong. No, seriously, it sucks. It sucks, yes, but not to the point of putting a temporary profile picture with a blue-white-red filter on Facebook. Why do I think it’s shit to do this like all the sheep? Because it is a TEMPORARY picture of profile, precisely. That means what it means. In a few moments people will have forgotten and will vote again for a shitty president to whom I will reproach lies, a demagogic speech intended to sleep the sheep, the fact that he will talk to us like we’re dumbs, that he will have formed a government of fuckers, and to show a fake goodness when he hates us in fact.


*Saturday, the Pick-up podcast with Snipe is online (you can listen to it on Youtube). Then, in the evening, we went out at the Fuckland (the name is a fake) in a club in Lyon. THIS WAS EMPTY! People were afraid, people did not want to party, people made the terrorists win. But I do not think these suckers will attack again right away while everyone is on the alert. That would be stupid! In a few weeks, they will strike again when the flock returns to sleep. Pathetic trick: poor dudes used the excuse of the attacks to stop us from approachings. I was with black and Arab friends and there was a scandal because they found them “threatening in the current climate so they do not have to approach chicks in front of the club, blablabla”.


Well, I still kissed two chicks. In fact, there were balloons in this party and, with the Nice Giant we were next to a penguin floating in the air, only held by a thread. A girls came and asked us to give her the ball. The nice giant proposed her to kiss the penguin on the mouth (or rather on the beak). She did it: playful !!! Then he proposed her to kiss him, she said “it does not work like that” but he moved towards her and they kissed. She was hot, I was jealous.

They then tried to unleashed the ball but could not. I told her I would do it if she kissed me too. She said “no I’ve already kissed your buddy, wait, I’ll find a girlfriend.” So I kissed the friend. I plucked the thread that held the ball by forcing like a nag and the hottie smacked me. Understand who can, it was surely her instinct “sex-resource exchange” that turned her on! In short, we do not care.

The medal of the best opener of the evening returns to the nice giant: “I have already kissed 10 chicks tonight, would you like to be the 11th? LOL. It was a fake, of course… but it was funny. Well, the girl, it did not make her laugh… she even repeated it to the bouncer, outrageous. What made the scene even more comical.

I did not do much more at the party. And that’s a problem. In Aix, by going out regularly I still had 1 or 2 FC per month from NPU on average. There, in 2 months and a half in Lyon, I only got 1 fucklose in night… and some kisses. Sometimes I really was close to the FC, like when we brought the two sisters home, but no.

So, where does the problem come from? I think I fuck too much online. So I play the economy when I go out, I do not have the fangs. Or I developed an allergy to the cyprine of the bitches (those chicks are legion in these clubs).


*Sunday, Tinder date with a girl. I opened her and said, “We’re lucky! We said we like each other.” She accepted my frame. We chatted and then I warmed her with erotic texts. She also wrote some naughty things to me. And we agreed to a first appointment in the shower. We had said we’d take a shower together by undressing each other but we would not touch each other until the shower was over. Concept that I found fucking exciting! But I didn’t know if she would assume or get cold feet like 90% of the babes?

Well, she assumed! I went at her place at about 6pm yesterday. She had created a nice atmosphere with candles and everything. We spoke a few minutes, she devoured me with eyes. I liked her : tall enough, hot, pretty. We went to the shower and almost followed the plan.

I admired her beautiful underwear that put her wildly in value: they made me harder than a young high school girl determined to celebrate her degree. Except that once she was naked she could not handle it anymore and kissed me everywhere trying to jerk me by any means: she could not resist sexual tension. So, I fingered her + caressed her before the shower. For a long time… And she came. It was so good.

We finally took the shower: I knelt like a submissive boy before her and re-licked her. She re-enjoyed! Then she knelt before me and sucked me. But not until the end. She finally wanted to go to her room because otherwise who says hot water says huge bill.

Preliminaries again on her bed, me, I was still loaded. She came again then I penetrated her for 5 minutes (maybe less) and I had a good orgasm. I almost even overtook the hood. She asked for a time-out. She was all red, it was too hot. Me too, by the way!

She cooked me pasta, but while she was cooking she caught me and made me make a super-sporty position on the table in her kitchen. She was sitting on the edge of the table, me standing in front of her with a good angle of attack. She spread her legs well and stood backward with the strength of her arms. The penetration was crazy. She was soaked. I screwed her like crazy! And we enjoyed TOGETHER! It was beautiful, it was cute!

We ate (the pasta was overcooked) and then her roommate came home and I got out! She wanted me to go down the stairs while her friend was taking the elevator with a friend  : like with the shrink, we do not meet each other. She had to be afraid that I would fuck her too (or that it ends with a foursome).

In any case, she had her dose, final score: 4 orgasms. She even asked for a ceasefire at the end so I have broken her. She told me that I was the oldest guy she’d banged… she must be understood, she’s a little nurse of 20 years. She’s still young! She has a delicious ass, really cute breasts, a flat belly, beautiful hair that smell good, a very soft pussy and a mouth… I do not even talk about her mouth! I also have like her very original name. A clue : it’s the name of an island.


*I give you news of my project of orgy with the teacher: the couple that she had found to have sex with her got cold feet. The guy wanted two chicks for himself, but did not want to share his own girl. His girl wanted me and the teacher… but he does not care. I even suggested that women fuck together and that I do not touch his chick, just mine, and he said “it has no interest then.” Sucker, that his girl enjoys, he does not care… what a fucking selfish. After he said “sorry, but I’m not used to do not be the most open-minded in a conversation” … LOL! What a shit! It’s crazy because people often tend to think they are open-minded when they are not.

The teacher had also found a single woman for our threesome. But after having warmed us on FaceBook for two evenings, she told us that she had dropped out of Tinder because she was subitly not looking for “sex without string attached”. Ridiculous, especially that I saw her with my personal account on Tinder the day after she told us that. The chicks generally prefer to lie than to admit that they get cold feet… ahlala, appearances.

In short, I’ll have to search into my network to do it, this fucking threesome! I really want to make the teacher happy… I think I like her a little too much.

May the God of the Game be with me!

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