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Multiplying opportunities to pick up ?

Multiplying opportunities to pick up

I finished my last video by saying that to have more success with women, you had to agree to maximize opportunities.

I can already hear all the amorous suitors bawling “but me I want to seduce THIS hirl you are an asshole” Well … fuck off … When you want to pass an exam, you watch a lot of yearbooks? When looking for a job, you send multiple resumes, right? When looking for an apartment, you visit several apartments, right? So why are you shocked when we apply it to the seduction ?!

Note that I am not saying that life comes down to multiply the oportunities of compulsively having sex until you are too old to get hard. I’m not saying either you have to always cheat on your girlfriends. I’m just saying that when you’re single and want to make out, it’s good to give yourself the maximum chance of success.

What is ironic and surprising is that by learning to be more successful with women, you will also have more success with THIS girl. I’ll explain why…


Why multiplying opportunities?

1 – You play it necessarily in a more detached and lackadaisical way if you have backup plans.

The idea is to do not put THAT girl on a pedestal. Indeed, if it is your only chance to get laid this summer, she will feel it and abuse her position of strength. You, for your part, will be more tense, nervous… because of the key issue. But, that’s all that you should not communicate, nervousness, and in addition it makes you clumsy!

You also would obey to her every whim easier because you would be a little desperate, a little bit in needy mode. And you would fail her virility test for fear of offending her. Nope, beautiful women comfortable about themselves do not want rugs!

You may be currently obsessed with “that girl” but maybe there is a better one around you that you can seduce easily… but you do not see it because you are making a one itis on a girl who does not especially want you, thinking you’re romantic. What a loss of time and energy!

2 – Multiplying opportunities is causing your own luck!

It allows to play on numbers and therefore you do not need to “lie” about your age or whatever. It is more sincere approach. You give yourself the choice by picking up several girls, and you will therefore find some with who there will be no need of tricks to conclude.

In addition, you will be more patient if you have other plans in the meantime. And oddly, it helps because chicks do not like guys in heat like dogs (waf waf) nor pressuring guy (“You’re beautiful do you wanna meet on Monday? No, Tuesday then? No, so Wednesday ? Thursday? Friday ? Go for Saturday? Sunday, please? “)

Practicing allows you to familiarize yourself with flirting and therefore be more comfortable. And to dare more, because you will less feel the fear of losing one girl in particular (you will see that it will work better that way)… Also, your game is getting better honed with practice! And you won’t fall in the Friendzone because if a chick piss you off a little too much, you’ll reframe her or next her without hesitation! In addition, by showing some strength of character like that, you will step up in her esteem… and will more likely to succeed!

If you expect it to be completely dead with a girl before going to another, by respect or I do not know for what well-thinking reason: know that women do not have as much pity as you… and you are a sucker very conditioned by society to believe that women are very pure, fragile, etc. ! If you believe that women always flirt and bang only one guy at the same time, you are totally wrong. Unless it is just an excuse that you have found to do not move your ass…

3 – Having several girls as targets does not prevent to be sincere

If you flirt with three girls that you really like, they will find themselves in competition. So you’ll become the prize. Also, we often wants what others want.

But that does not prevent you to sincerely like the three of them.

It just allows you to step back and avoid building castles in the air, or getting too excited and thus scaring the girl (by sending 150 text messages a day, for example).

3615 mylife now…

Whenever I’ve met girls with whom I had a long/serious relationship, it happened by chance. I slept with lots of women, and then I met them during a doggystyle for example and THEY caught my attention. I was not hungry for pussy nor in demand, it’s just that they were awesome girl, with who I immediately got along well.

It saved me from being in a couple by default. It allowed me to be with girls that I liked and that really corresponded with me.

It allowed me to discover the true love, not the one you think you’ve found because we see it everywhere in books, TV, movies, etc. What I mean is that we are more likely to find love while not looking for it. By spending time with people will force yourself to be couples to make love, and so spend time that could have been used for creating opportunities with people with whom you would have had a real spontaneous and deep connection.

I would say that most people take the problem upside down and that’s why it does not work for them, in general. Instead of meeting and staying with someone because they really correspond… they agree to meet people in a predefined framework “I agree to sleep with you only if you want a couple with me after.” This mentality severely limits their degree of enjoyment in life and their opportunities to meet more people with whom they have naturally a strong sexual and psychological compatibility.

Of course, we all have in mind very cute couple who met in college and are still together. But if you have not had the opportunity yet to meet you one true love, it may be that you do not take it in a way that gives you the best chance to succeed…

Maybe it’s by wanting to do too much, wanting to control everything, that we make a mistake…


How to multiply your opportunities?

Here is my prescription for guidance but there are plenty of other solutions, of course:

1 – Nightlife. If you are a student, go out at least 2 times a week. If you work, at least once in bars to discuss and open groups, for example.

2 – A minimum of street pickup. Because they are much more heterogeneous encounters. And because it trains you to talk to women without music around.

3 – Register on at least one app and a dating site. Indeed, it allows to be seen by women (and sometimes even to receive messages) even when you sleep or do something else. And in addition, by writing, you may dare more to turn women on and you will see that it will work. Then you will just have to do the same with the girls you will meet in real life!

Bisous les amis anglophones.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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