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How to bring her over to your place

How to bring her over to your placeWalk her home

You interrupted the conversation at the café. Along the way to your place, continue to make her speak to maintain her excitement. She must have no time to call a friend nor to think too much: no silence at this moment.

The excuse you are gonna use to be alone with her (intimacy) has no importance. To do it like a spy, say “I have only some minutes because I have to get up early tomorrow but if you want to come over…” Support her emotional state (turned on after the date) and calm down her brain (she does not want to be thought of as a whore). With that said, if she expressly wants sex do not mention constraint, it could block her, do not be sado-maso! Show her your house then sit down on the sofa. If she lets you caress the extremity of her hair by speaking, it is because she follows you.

Wait for nothing, otherwise you would be put under stress and disappointed if nothing happens. Please make her understand, that whatever takes place “it is great”. (You will score points by not being thought of as a dead man of hunger.) Stay ready and take a little of step back. The girls are attracted by strength but you have to remain flexible. You thus remain dominant but not excessive. You are a player, you make her feel like a little girl. You are authoritarian but not threatening. You are sincere, you do not apologize and you do not hesitate… just that: it is persuasive and very powerful.

Otherwise, you can also attract her by inviting to have dinner (just the two of you). Pastas are easy to cook and get married very well to some wine and candles. Put the chick on the sofa with a glass of wine, otherwise she can come and talk with you in the kitchen. If you have a recipe of chocolate cake for the dessert, it is perfect! That a little goes against what I said on the food, but once from time to time, that has never killed anybody…



If you go to her place, gaze upon her room, the knickknacks she has. Or show her yours: Your apartment is clean, remember that you are always ready for the action! Do not call it “the bedroom” nor “the baisodrome” but rather the relaxation room (avoid the alert to the pervert). It is nice to have a book like The secrets of the ecstasy by Nick Douglas and Penny Slinger or to know how to do some magic.


Turning her on

Sexually, the women warm more slowly than us. Touch slightly her shoulder with your hand, and withdraw to create some lack… Later, touch her but more firmly… If you interest her, she will come to snuggle up to you. Otherwise, you will try again later.


Act :
– hold her hand ;
– put your arm around her ;
– caress her hair, twist them around your fingers, breath them ;
– do what you have already done together until now.

Erogenous zones:
– hair ;
– skull;
– inside of elbows;
– skin between fingers;
– ears (blow slowly inside, touch the outline and the lobe);
– shoulders;
– feet;
– toes.

If she closes her eyes and opens her mouth while you approach your lips of hers: she thinks “kiss me, handsome”. Maintain the tension, kiss her, plunge your hand into her hair and accuse her of being too direct. You remain sensual by kissing her, (neck, ears, shoulders) until she is excited (fast breath, accelerated heart). Wait so that she applies sexually. Move back and let her come to you. Continue to smell her. You are patient… The anticipation is a very powerful weapon!

When you look at her in the eyes, slowly come to caress her lower lip which is slightly half-opened (do not kiss it directly) then, let her succumb. Do not put in the oven your tongue in her mouth, wait that she starts using hers then answer her. The kisses are maybe the only sexual practice when it is necessary to let her lead. Relax and follow her (imitate). After a while, it will maybe be necessary to unjam her by teasing her with your tongue.

Asking her before the kiss (indirect method) : “How much would you give to your kisses on 10”?

A way of caressing thanks to the NLP is to suppose that the person caresses you as she would like that one caresses her!

The girls of today still want as much sex as the girls before but there is a little more who assume it. The sex is a seller! Look at the youth who is inspired by exhibitionists like Lady Gaga either read the lyrics of the songs of Katy Perry (It is very sex-based generally). The fashionable songs are revealing as I make some good girls go bad or Girls just wanna have fun.


Knowledge on the excitement

The results of a study of Chivers et al. (2010) showed that the spirit and the body of the woman do not react necessarily in the same way as the man for who the sexual reactions of the body and the spirit are more in harmony. We can conclude from it that there is a kind of split between the body and the spirit of the woman.

Roughly, the guys when they are hard, they are hard… and that’s it. For the girls, on the other hand, a physiological excitement does not mean necessarily a psychological excitement. It is probably from there that the “last-minute resistance” comes : She is warm and then “oh darling, I am not ready”.

To reduce this gap, it is advised to expose the woman in more (in quantity) of sexual stimuli: the behavior, the voice, the decoration, the music (visual, hearing, kinesthetic…)

You hold her in your arms so as to be able to touch all the parts of her back. You remove slowly her top: you open one button then continue to kiss her. You unbutton the second then you mean caressing her hand by inhaling her neck then you caress her hair. Then her stomach, then you return to a previous stage as to French kiss her sensually. You have time because you are a dominant and then you like taking your time… In all the areas!

Caress her breasts then return to the stomach. Slide now your hands in her bra a moment then take it off. Return to a previous stage then kiss her tits, nipples… The following stage is the cunnilingus, indeed, if we insert a tongue or a finger, we are almost sure to be able to insert the penis. If she is wary, say ” I do not manage to be hard tonight, all what I want to do is licking you”. Do not go too fast with the preliminary. If she says that she does not want, disarm her verbally : abound in her direction with words but act differently “You are right, we are not going to take so much pleasure the first evening, it is not moral.” We demote ” We are going to content with what we did up to here”. We continue until have our way (and hers!) or until she seriously says “no”. Persist, it is virile and she will be satisfied. It is even very possible that she EXPECTS it from you. A real man knows what he wants !


Attention on the view of the condoms which can alert the part of her brain which tells her that she should not be so easy. Put it without making a story of it for example discreetly while you lick her and she will do the same (she will not pay attention to it). For that purpose, you can put it in the back pocket of your jeans.

When you kiss her, do not make the mistake of staying too long on her mouth. The neck, the shoulders, etc. Also use your hands to caress her or squeeze her! Finally, you can use other things than kisses: lick her briefly or nibble her friendly…


After sex

The next day, you have to phone her. Often, they want one-night stands but even if you want a serious relationship, sex is the best starting point which you can hope! If you are in “fuck friend”mode, avoid seeing her more than once a week, otherwise you would become a potential boyfriend (lesser risk). If you do not want to see her again anymore… well, call her all the same because you don’t want that she has what we call “the remorse buyer” (the impression of having being… fucked… but in the worst sense of the word). So, she can do it again with your flirty colleagues. We must show solidarity between PUA…


General lessons

The Resistances: always try to quickly understand where from come the resistances and to put it into words them. Ex : virgin ?

The sensualism and the feelings are always more important than the sex in itself. Do not overvalue the importance of effectively bedtime with her or not. It is more important to have a good emotional connection.

Do not trust what she tells and always test her sexual resistances.

A lot of women like being dominated.

A lot of girls say they are attracted by the girls.

Many girls like that we speak to them in a authoritarian way in the bed or even more dirty.

The use of the telephone (to warm her beforehand) to make the girl comfortable for a Xsome is redoubtable.

A girl can look very shy, and nevertheless be very warm in the bed.

To make a threesome, never ask for the opinion of the girl (because emotional > logic), agree with the guest, and test the reactions of the girl by putting her in front of the fait accompli. Some could say “no” if we put the idea into words but be very satisfied if the situation appeared “like that”.

A girl who says she doesn’t want to sleep the first night can be tempted all the same.

A woman who goes out of a break which she introduced may be more susceptible to be tempted by the novelty.

It is possible to put a frame of open-relationship from the beginning of the relation. It is even desirable. Indeed, establishing it afterward would be delicate.

The process of seduction is made step by step. When the stages were crossed, we can pass in the following stage directly without having to go back.

From the moment a woman invites you at her place, it is that she is motivated.

Do not go too fast and always try to put her comfortable. Don’t be too much in a hurry.

A girl who sets face at the time of the preliminary has few chances to come back.

Many girls are opened for Xsome.

The women are not always very faithful, even when they are in love.

Avoid going to girls who have animals because they are very jealous and aggressive if you have not a good feeling with animals.

Always indeed pay attention on the time you have to conclude.

Do not trust at once what she says when she says that she can’t do anything tonight.

After a long relation, and around thirty, certain women who suffocated in their couple do not especially look for a serious relationship.

Do not take her objections for ready cash.

Isolation is always important for passing of the social report in the intimate and sexual relation.

The preliminary are always very important for the women. The fact of kissing her tits allows to make her receptive and to give her urge to go farther.

The double massages with your wingman allow to introduce in a progressive way the Xsome (here 4some) while testing her sexual susceptibility.

The informal evenings between friends allow to get acquainted with the friends of your friends and to envisage more if respective affinities.

In spite of the fact that a woman is sexually very opened and freed, she can show herself very charming and loving.


Ideas of lines

What is a good lover for you ?

What are your favorite erogenous zones and positions?

Would you exchange your man for one night?

Do you like being kissed everywhere?

I kiss you everywhere, do you like it ?

How are you dressed today ?

I remove your trousers and then I start to kiss your legs, then I go back up. What do you feel?

I continue, and I approach your breeches, I remove it, and I start licking your clitoris with my tongue?

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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