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How to kiss a girl ?

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A lot of my readers want to know how to kiss a girl; how to bring and make a success of the kissclose. Moreover, more than a PUA beginner finds himself blocked in the stage of the Kissclose (The best example is Style in his early stages for those who have read The Game).

Let’s do things in the order. Before seeing HOW kissing a girl, let’s see WHEN to kiss her. You know it, to seduce a girl, everything is question of timing. It is not for nothing that Mystery created a method of seduction divided in so many small stages. A girl can leave you a window of shooting (a chance), but if you do not seize it, not leaving you a second one. So, you can come before more beautiful and sexier guys if they are pussies who do not dare to stick her to a wall and to eat her lips. Because knowing and daring to act is an alpha behavior.

The stage of the kissclose does not escape this rule and is a part of the seduction. You should not wait too much at the risk of becoming a Nice guy in the eyes of the young lady whom you desire, nor rush to don’t scare her off. (n.b. : The situation is always nevertheless easier to catch up if you acted too early than if you acted too late).

It will belong to you to estimate the situation according to the personality of your target, her body language, and the environment (place, persons present, atmosphere). Sorry but I can’t be more precise than that because every interaction is unique. It’s up to you to calibrate. But never forget that a kiss close has to be the continuation of a sexual tension: do not try cold kissclose. Except if it’s just to have fun (But for that is needed a fucking pair of corones all the same thus we will speak about it another time because we make bases here). A trick which helped well me in my early stages: I gave myself a purpose: I said to myself that come what may at the end of the date I would kiss her.

You thus have to create enough comfort and attraction so that miss is ready (at least unconsciously) for a physical proximity with you. If you wish to accelerate things, bet on a good conversation and control your touches (kinos). Kinos are essential to kissclose because they allow to test the reaction of the young lady to your contact, and to create an intimacy. If she reacts well to your kinos, in theory, you will kiss close more easily.

Kiss-openers : When to kiss

The question that many men have in mind, is: how to kiss the girl during the phase of seduction. There are very numerous possibilities, to be adapted according to your personality.

*The kissclose like Beigbeder. You : « I bet you a glass of champagne that I can kiss you without touching your lips » after some negotiations, she should accept, tell her to close eyes and…. Kiss her passionately without waiting for her reaction.
* After a dinner / drink: You : « you have a lot of chocolat (café,…) on the chin ». Remove delicately the imaginary tracks with your fingers, shake them in grumbling and say: « fuck, they are not working » and go next to her to kiss her.
*You : « Listen, I saw well that you want to kiss me, but I think that it is a little bit too soon » Her : « Hein, what ?! not at all » You : « Really, well after all you are right, why waiting more »
*You : « I spend a very good moment. I think that if you were a brunette/blonde (say the opposite of what she is) I would already have kissed you » Her : « ????? » You : « Yeah, unfortunately, the Brunettes/blonde women (what she is) are bad kissers » Her : « It’s not true » well, after that neg-hit, she will in theory be easier to kiss. Or then if she is not enough confident, she will be angry and you will lose everything. So pay attention on your calibration when you neg.
*The Mystery’s kissclose : You : « We are going to play a game about trust. You have to place your lips at 2 cms of mine, but, obviously do not try to kiss me ! ». Then kiss her.

Say it with a languishing body language (look at her straight in the eyes, half-smile), just what is needed to make miss wet. This game allows to invert the role and to be a little more the one who is desired (the “prize”). Make the first step, and get closer in 2cm to her. But let to the young lady the choice to finalize or not. We so learn more about miss (does she takes initiatives?)
*At the time of leaving: «We give each other a kiss on the cheek or we assume our attraction? ». « Cordial handshake or soft kiss? » (kiss opener you can try when you are really confident).
You : « So, what do you wanna do now? » Her : « IDK, and you? » (Here is a typical answer of women) You : « you’ll see » and kiss her.

They are only examples, but I think that they will give you an idea of the quantity of sentences and psychological approaches (playful, alpha, not interested,…) which can help to kiss close. There are ideas which suit to everybody !

Take the initiative to kiss her

Apparently, at the time of kissing your target, it’s up to you to make the first step. But at the crucial moment, it is easy to be invaded by the fear of the failure… In the point to be paralyzed and do nothing… What always leads to the fiasco: a woman often prefers to let you die on-the-spot fear rather than to make the first step if she is not sure that it is mutual. She will certainly be disappointed that you didn’t found the courage, but never at the point of taking the initiative herself. Why? Well, because if you are incapable to assume your desires, then you are not the kind of man she is looking for. Consequently, when comes the moment to act, take your courage in two hands and make “the first step” : She will be very grateful to you for it…

Having said that, I sometimes take initiatives with other things than my mouth (especially my hands/words) to the point that it is her who kisses me first because she cannot handle it any more. Besides, it is good because we give them some validation when we kiss them, that way we give them less, and it is still better to do it at home to be then able to sleep with her. It is not rare, especially in a club, that a girl can “content” with having been kissed by a guy and with not trying to go “more deeply” in the relation.

Pure technique

It is impossible to describe a perfect kiss, because it results more from an alchemy between both partners than from a particular technique. Do not think, and forget yourself. A very effective technique to kiss a girl consists in approaching her to kiss her… and to pause for a moment before touching her lips. Look at her in eyes with a little smile… And kiss her. This ultimate tension should break all her barriers and activate a tsunami of hormones in the panties of the young lady. Make her dream, or live kisses of cinema, etc.

Besides, at first, do not put your hands on her buttocks or other too intimate places. Walk them in the hollow of the back and on the nape of her neck, zones of the feminine body which are very sensitive while staying on the territory of the gentleman…. And do not kiss only with your mouth, also use your hands, and not always in the same way (more passionately, more slowly, nibble, lick, kiss, with or without the tongue, in the neck, etc.) Imagine your are a vampire.

Bottom line : bottom line, kissing can be perceived like “not a big deal” or like a commitment. Attention ! Btw, what does it mean for you ?

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