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The date in itself

The date in itselfThe date in itself

For the date, avoid the moments when you cannot fuck her easily: after 8pm, it is good. Trick and cleverness : eat a little bit of dark chocolate before the RenDez-Vous, so you will be in a good mood. Make her spend a good time, make her want to know more about you. Share moments of laughter together, it creates links. Do not evoke possible quarrels “the past is behind us, I want to focus on the future”.


Where ?

Because it is her who has to enter your world (your reality), you choose the place. If the relationship progresses, it can change. Try to know her better before sleeping with her. Take the seat which is up against the wall, so, you will not have too much pain to get her attention. She will see you just you! Do not choose a too romantic place for the meeting, a coffee or a cheap brasserie. In the worst case, if you pay her something, that will not look very far and then with people around, she will feel safe.

Choose a place next to your place, like that, she will not too much have time to wonder if she is right to be along the way for the house of a man whom she has just met. Bring her in a place where people know you: at least she will see people who appreciate you (tips).


The touch

If the body of a woman demands the carnal pleasure, then her spirit will be emotionally involved. To touch her :
– The games like rock/paper/scissors;
– That one : you try to touch the hand of the opponent before he/she removes it;
– Touch her shoulder when you bend towards her ear to whisper a bullshit;
– Touch the hollow of her loins to lead her;
– If you feel that you can hold her hand, go on.


Some errors :

=> Do not come to a date with a friend

=> Do not join a girl who is with her friends

A – If they do not appreciate you, you would be blocked.
B – If they do appreciate you:

1) You could be perceived by her friends as a potential danger and they will not hesitate to put a spoke in the wheel to you. Other interested men are jealous and try to protect their territory (competition).

2) You could be perceived as a danger by her possessive friend, who is afraid that you monopolize her friend with whom she spends all her time. The women very show solidarity (hardship).

=> Do not join her if she has something planned one hour later

When the women have something planned after the date, it is not a very good sign. It means, that in advance, she does not give a lot of importance to you, and especially, that prevents you from having time to escalate afterward.

=> Do not wait if she is doing something before

It is a very bad plan to wait, even though she looks very confident on the phone, very motivated and very enthusiastic to see you. If she is not completely available to see you, it is better to postpone the meeting. It will avoid you having dates with several friends where you would be judged, dates botched for lack of time because she has something planned after, as well as waiting desperately that she calls you because she already has something planned, but that she does not know at what time it is going to end. Take advantage of the time which you will have released to see girls more available.


The objectives :

It is a question of going have a drink with your target to get acquainted, learn to better know each other. The RDV aims at presenting you with her, as well as at testifying of your sincere interest for her… Except sex (because yeah, it is better if there is at least one).



You go to your date well-dressed, you put a little bit of perfume, and you get ready to use all your trump cards of seduction.


Some rules to be followed:

=> Make an appointment with her next to your or her place

Think of the continuation. The logistics is very important. Give yourselves the possibility of suggesting her taking a last drink at your home with you. If she finds it too fast, she will not forget to tell it to you, and most of the women expect that you take initiatives. It is not « bad » ! Well, some would try to persuade you that it is, this is so a basic reaction of a girl totally uncomfortable in her own skin who doesn’t assume at all (hot in your back (in the mind everybody is) and cold in front of you).

=> Do not try to impress her

Take her rather in a place you know well, where you already know the card, even the staff, what will allow you to feel more comfortable. A simple and pleasant place is enough. It is especially a question of feeling at ease to be able to exchange and get acquainted. The place doesn’t have to be the center of interest of the meeting. It is your relation with her that you want to estimate first and foremost. Besides, it will allow you to invite her without too much having to make suffer your purse.

=> Control the atmosphere: music and lights

Choose a place where you can hear each other without having to shout. You have to feel at ease to speak. If you notice an element of atmosphere which can damage your conversation, choose another place. Put yourselves in a place where the light is flattering and convenient to the seduction. Avoid the whitish lights, and think of exposing yourselves in a place where the light is soft and will emphasize you.

=> Take place in your advantage

If there is a couch, be a gentleman, and suggest her sitting down first and foremost on. If you have the choice, prefer positioning back to the wall. It will limit her field of vision during the meeting, and she will not be perturbed by the other customers or the comings and goings of the other people behind you. Note that by experience, we make more easily a success of a RDV when we are one facing the other than one next to the other one.

=> Create some comfort

Contrary to the approach where you have to draw her attention and interest her enough so that she wants to see you again, the date has for objective to know each other. The conversation can thus be balanced in 50/50 (or 10-90 in her favor). On the other hand, you will have to remain a leader on the contents of the conversation, propose subjects, move on, and give a rhythm to your date to don’t be friendzonned.

Kiss at the first date if it is possible,
During the second it is good,
During the third, you are slow.

« The one who does not kiss in the first meeting is a gentleman, the one who does not kiss in the second is homosexual. »

Attention :
– One single ticket “standing you up”, not two.
– Do not wait for more than 20 minutes without news from her, have some self-esteem.
– If an interested girl cancels, she has to make a counterproposal.
– Don’t be a spare wheel on condition that she have nothing better to do that day! Do not become dependent on the goodwill and the humors of a single girl (they will sometimes try to persuade you that it is bad to keep their power).


The conversation

=> Classic questions: danger

The classic questions have maybe already been asked during the approach, but often we like to remember them during the first meeting. « How old are you? What do you do for a living? Where do you live? What are your origins ?» those classic questions are a part of what everybody is wondering when they meet an unknown. Then “Where do you work/study ?” Have you got brothers and sisters, if yes how many? And how old are them?”, and possibly for the mystic, the astrological sign, the Chinese sign, etc.. These small questions look harmless but can disqualify you straightaway.

How old are you ?

Ask how old she is first. The women do not generally love the too young or too old fellows with regard to her. To don’t take risk, estimate the margin of age which you have in more or less to move closer to what is on the right track and do not answer if that does not match (lying is on the other hand not ethic even if certain would deserve it: being obliged to lie to them for having sex… I prefer to try to be honest but it is true that some really look for it : that the guys become jerks… fuck them when they play their saintly hypocrites while they want to have orgasms. A strategy to don’t answer is to make her guess.

What do you do for a living ?

If you are unemployed, do not say it. The women do not like it generally. If you have a small job, embellish it a little. Give yourselves a little more status than you really have, without too much. It is a question that it remains credible. You just arrange a little the reality. Everybody does it, even her.

Where do you live ?

Through this question, she is going to know if you live alone or with your parents (outch) and where she will possibly spend her next weekends. The other questions are not really dangerous (except maybe things like politics, religion, etc.)

=> Personality’s questions

These questions are a little funnier and aim at knowing better the person and her personality. The objective is to learn to know each other while having fun. These questions are not questions of disqualification, but aim rather at establishing rapport with the person. There, you can leave free access with your imagination and ask more impertinent questions.

– “Have you already dreamed erotic ? If yes, tell me…”
– “What did you want to do when you were a kid?”
– “How many men did you know in your life?”
– “How long lasted your last relation? How long was your longest relation?”
– “Did you already had fuckfriends ?”
– “Where did you travel yet?” Where you would want to go?”

Cold reading (speaking about her without asking her some questions).

The common interests are important for a chick: she has to imagine doing things with you, not each from his part (even if finally you will maybe just sleep with her). There is a desire of projection.


The sex

Find an innocent excuse to go at her place or yours. Once arrived safe and sound, make the technique of “one step back for two steps forward”. Make sure that she is relaxed and comfortable, it favors sex. Do not hesitate to use bad faith: “ouah who spoke about sex there?” and act like a sexual guy. Let’s go slowly, she has to realize that she has dirty ideas in mind and natural envy and that it is not a bad thing. Put into words nothing about your relation. No ultimatum like “either we are together, or nothing” or “either we have sex, or we never see each other again”.


Your Cyprinecave

Clean your house, make your bed. Create a selection of background music, invest in a sieved light (why not?) In brief, it is necessary to be ready for the action!


Spit-balling here

Always coming with a bottle in case the girl would have nothing at her place… A little drink of wine if she invites you at her place and she will be in a better mood (Muscat or rosé).

The hottest girls (or the most beautiful) are not necessarily the most venal.

From the moment, we have already gone in an instant date with a girl, it is useless to redo some comfort during the following date : in the second one, suggest her coming directly to your place.

Do not hesitate to get invited to have dinner.

Monday is a good day for the first dates (seriously, who has something better to do?!)

The passage by a neutral place to get acquainted is less justified for neighbors for example, given that you already know each other. We can thus mutually invite directly at home. It is sure that it is better to know a little bit the people before bringing them home, well, on the other hand we have more chances to be attacked by somebody that we already know than by somebody who don’t give a shit about us (statistics) But well, a minimum of distrust is a mother of security.

If you speak with a girl you like about cinema, suggest naturally going to see a film together the next day, for example. It would be necessary whether she is jolly acting in very bad faith to claim not having understood that it was a date.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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