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What is an easy woman and where are the easiest girls?

In this article, I’ll tell you what an easy woman is. Then I will explain where to find easy women in France. Finally, we will see where are the easiest girls in the world …

1 / What is an easy woman?

An easy girl is a girl who is not afraid of sex because she has experience, who fucks when she wants to fuck, who does not wait 10 dates before making love with a man… in short, an easy woman is a woman who has a lot of sexual adventures.

To sum up, in the collective thought, an easy woman is :
– a chick who quickly sleeps with a man;
– a slightly liberated chick who does not feel the need to have a stable relationship before fucking.

Personally, I find it a shame to say that a man with the same characteristics would be a “Don Juan” (positive). Indeed, we are at the time of gender equality, so I do not appreciate that when a woman is called “easy” it’s generally connoted negatively. But this is another debate.

2/ Where to find easy women in France?

In France, not all girls are easy. But fortunately, there are tourists. In cities where there are a lot of tourists, you optimize your chances of meeting an easy girl. Especially the bars for backpackers.

Obviously, in libertine clubs, there are women who love sex and therefore are less difficult before sex (sometimes even you can fuck porn actresses there). They are not all nymphomaniacs but there are not many… so it’s cool!

Let’s not forget the young students in the faculties and the parties of medicines. In the parties of literary preparations or in the faculties of psychology, you can easily have fun. And in the nights like the “skins parties”, I do not even talk about it…

Finally, you can find on the dating sites women approaching the 40 who have been dumped by their husband and who regret not having experienced more when they were younger (this is often the case). These women generally say that they have no more time to lose and are not shy.

3 / Where are the easiest girls in the world?

Easiness of girls by country by Roosh V

For my part, I find that the latinas (Mexican, Peruvian, etc.) as well as the eastern European girls are easier. Pierre Woodman’s cock would confirm. As for Thailand, I also agree with the map…

Among the countries where women are easy, I would also have put Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Norway (maybe even Canada). On the other hand, I do not know how what happens in African countries.

For the USA, I would say that in general, abroad, when you say that you are French, you can get girls quite easily. But in the United States, morals are not too liberated… so to kiss, yes, but to get laid it’s another story…

What do you think ?

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