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Find out the new hybrid openers !

Find out the new hybrid openers !I never really recognized myself in the three main types of openers traditionally identified:
– Direct;
– Contextual (or situational);
– Indirect.

I am often told that I am a direct player, but this is not correct. It’s true that it looks like it but it’s not really direct game. So I will talk about other types of openers I use: these are mixed openers.


Let’s remember the definition of the types of standard opener.

1 / Direct

Definition: We show our interest from the start, and we justify our approach by our interest. The compliment one does (or indicator of interest verbalized) is thus mostly the reason for our approach.

Goodies: it is fun, it marks the spirits, it communicates that we have big balls. There is no ambiguity, we get the answer of the girl almost immediately, it can go very fast into her bed.

Cons: it forces the choice before we can really attract the girl. So we lose a lot of targets (that we would not necessarily have seduced by being indirect). But by saving time, we can try our luck on more targets).

Example: “Hi, I think you’re cute.”

2 / Contextual

Definition: We open with something that just happened or relative to a personalized note that the girl inspires us (for example : her dress).

Goodies: it avoids the generic answers they give to guys (but not the bitch shield), they experience less social pressure because answering you is more justified than with a basic opener, we do not really declare our interest but that remains ambiguous, chicks think that we are “spontaneous”.

Cons: it requires effort, you have to be inventive.

Example: “Attention! The aliens have landed on your head! (If she wears a hat)”

3 / Indirect

Definition: This is when we (claim that we) approach a set for another reason than for their ass.

Goodies: it gives time to attract girls that were not open at the beginning, it is less subject to bitch shield and other unpleasant reactions, we do not look too “sex-starved” when we butterfly several groups in a bar by approaching like that.

Cons: not very sexual and it is time consuming, especially if we fall on chicks that will not be interested even if we stay during 1h with them.

Example: “Hi, I’m looking a gift for my sister. Could you give me your opinion on something?”


By reading again my diary, I realize that I sometimes struggle to classify my openers in one of these categories.

These are often openers that suit me and I judge objectively more powerful because they are hybrids.

They intrigue the girls, blow hot and cold (push&pull), make them want to validate me for my originality. Indeed, a PUA is not like everyone else, he stands out from the mass.


The new types of openers that I offer are as follows.

4 / The almost direct

It is when we manifest our interest to meet her, without implying anything sexual. In fact, interest is potential here : we have to talk to them but nothing is won in advance for them.

We keep the advantage of the direct (except for the stupid girls, most know very well that our interest is sexual in a way or another) and take some benefits of the indirect. However, here, we do not show any lack of interest, unlike with the indirect.

Examples: “Hi, are you Swedish? ”


“Hi, you have a lot of tattoos?
– Yes, I have tattoos everywhere.
– Would you like to come to my place to show me all your tattoos?”


“Hey, how are you ?
– Fine.
– Do you want to feel even better ? (with a kiss)”


“Hi, you’ve got something over the lip! “(Piercing)

but not

“You with your nose ring you’re a mad cow …”

Goodies: it’s pretty pushy, it allows easy sexualization in two times with chicks who would not let us sexualize directly, we do not really take rake even if they zap us this way.

5 / The cocky & funny

It is the mix of a cocky approach, almost arrogant, with humor so that it goes better.

“Hey, I’m sure that by coming here, you did not think you would find yourself next to such a sexy guy …”

Goodies: communicates value, disorients the target and the underlying humor disarms most resistances that could have involved arrogance, does not validate the target in advance because it raises the frame that we have a high value, make funny women want to play.

If we can do it with a good body language, this type of opener may be very powerful. The frame is clear, the opener is sexual, it’s original. Baby, I like it !!!

Cons: sometimes we find ourselves faced with big shit-tests. The more we show confidence, the more we take the risk to be tested or rejected violently.

6 / The teaser opener

“I was hitting on you and then I saw your shoes and I thought it would not be possible between us.”

“What did you told him to scare him like that?” (When a guy who tried to pick her up was rejected and left)” You looked good though. ”

“You got no friends?” (Girl alone)” Too bad, you seemed interesting from afar.”

Push then pull. What makes this type of opener powerful is that the fairer sex is often obsessed with validation. Besides, she can deserve our validation this way: she is obliged to be nice to be validated.

Please note, we do not attack physically or on something she has not consciously chosen. And we always leave her a chance to revalidate herself by being comely.

7 / Fast seduction

“Hi, would you like to kiss me?”

It has a playful side, and it shows that we have a lot of nerve. The result of this type of opener depends greatly on how it is done, of our modjo in the moment, on the context and finally on our belief and our real desire.

On a misunderstanding, one can pickup chicks anywhere, anyhow and anytime.

“Hi, you’re sweating, would you like to come over and take a shower with me?”

On the other hand, we must have a strong inner game because if the results can be amazing, rejections are sometimes very violent.

The border between an ultra-confident guy and a desperate sex-starved guy is fine. Keep perspective on yourself when you do that!


Finally, we should not forget one thing: how we approach a girl is not everything. Some appreciate a guy with assumed intentions, others prefer to close their eyes. From a girl to another, the same technique does not work the same way. It is the chaos factor that can not be controlled (especially with mass pickup approaches). The way we present ourselves then is far more important than what is said when approaching. What will give us her attention, it’s whether or not we look like a healthy guy she can trust a minimum and that excites her a minimum anyway. The opener is like the title of this article, but the content is the most important (although some will click just for the picture that illustrates the article).


I hope you enjoyed it, please leave ideas of opener in the comments. And you, how do you approach?

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