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Where and how to buy condoms?

Where and how to buy condomsMany guys and girls are embarrassed when buying condoms in a store. It comes, in general, from the fear of what the others could think and of the reaction of the seller.


I see many people pretending to watch the razor on the shelf next to condoms and then, hop, they discreetly drop a box of condoms in their cart… and then quickly hide it by covering with other products. The problem with this technique is that it pushes for consumption, that drives them to buy things they do not need, just to hide their shame.

Me, I have fun when it’s time to buy condoms because when I’m in front of the cashier, I think “yeah, me tonight, I will have a lot of fun… and you, what kind of movie are you going to watch?”

This is a question of reality : either you choose to accept and to be proud of having sex, or you live it as a shame and you try to hide it. I made my choice.

Anecdotally, it reminds me of an old adventure in which I accompanied a girlfriend in a shop and there I made her ashamed by shouting “take condoms because tonight I’m going to take you harcore (or something like that)!”

I also remember the first time I wanted to have sex : I searched a long time in my parents’ bedroom to find some. But they already stopped the condoms for a long time! So, this is the girl who bought it (she was motivated). And she was really ashamed!


Next, there’s the question of size: if you take small sizes for your tiny penis, I can understand that you do not assume. But if you take large sizes or if, like me, you are average… so there’s really no reason to don’t assume!

If you are afraid that someone you know can see you buying condoms and repeat to your mother, then go ten kilometers away to go to a store located in a neighborhood or village where you know no one. And pray that the other guys around had not the same idea!

Well, I suggest ordering on the Internet if you absolutely do not want to go buying it in person. You should not deprive yourself to have sex nor protect yourself just because of social pressure or a shitty complex! But still, it’s like the guys who do not assume to use the urinal when there is another guy next to them : it reveals a large complex and it would be interesting to work on it.

Then, about the difficult choice: pharmacy or supermarket? I personally prefer supermarkets. Because it’s cheaper and it’s the same product. For the more stingy, remains the solution of going to family planning and stock up on condoms! However there is an advantage to go to drugstore: sexy pharmacists sometimes will go as far as to ask if you need help choosing the condoms (there is a real choice). And btw, they are subject to medical confidentiality.

If it can make you save time and allow you to choose more easily, know that I have not found better than Skyns condoms in terms of quality, durability and comfort.


Girls are too many to be ashamed to buy condoms. It is because cashiers who get bored and who sometimes look at them and say “good evening” with a kinky smile. It would still be nice if people stopped constantly judging! Sex is a natural thing! It’s part of the cycle of life! It should however be well considerate to protect yourself, right?

So, for the girls who do not have enough character to send to hell the idiots and their crappy remarks: they still have the solution to order online.

We must also realize that these vendors will have forgotten an hour later (they see so many people during one day) … in short, in any case, keep in mind that you’re not the first person to buy condoms and you are not the center of the world. 99% of cashiers will not give a shit whether you buy it or toilet paper. Besides, are you also ashamed when it’s time to buy toilet paper?


My final tip: make a pretty necklace with all your used condoms, and wear it proudly when you go out in a club!

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