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Seduction for men : taboo?

Seduction for men : taboo?Today I will deal with the following questions: why is seduction a taboo subject in France in 2016? Why is it a “shame” to seek pickup advice on the Internet? Why are PUA so hated?


Reason 1 : People do not want it to be said that they need seduction advice. It is supposedly something innate or that we haven’t. It’s always the same question, should you accept passively your fate or should you fight to do better than what you were destined to ? I made my choice.

Many people who read seduction tips do not assume and it gives the impression that it does not interest anyone (few likes, few shares on Facebook). But when I see my visits curve on my blog or when I first talk about it with people, I understand it is not at all the case. I can tell you that it interests thousands of people (who are not very honest).


Reason 2 : It is also a matter of pride. Many men believe it is a sign of weakness to seek pickup advice. But experience shows that intelligent women love men who think for themselves, who are questioning, etc. This is in fact a strength!

I have always said that : assuming it and yourself is a key that leads to success.


Reason 3 : Guys criticize seducers/PUAs and say that they are bastards who just want to “fuck”. This is ridiculous as they are most of the time just trying to shine by comparison… “I’m not like that, I do not only think about sex, well, can we fuck now?” Or, almost worse “I prefer not to learn how to seduce because I expect to meet a woman naturally and everything will happen by itself at a party” (bad faith).

This is absurd: instead of helping women get rid of their social pressure, guys start to suffer in their turn of that damn Puritan conditioning. This is what we call the race to the bottom.


Reason 4 : It is also a matter of jealous. the guys are afraid of having to admit that some are better than them in bed with their dick, they feel their manhood endangered. But the game is there to help men overcoming these feelings of inequality and injustice, not to make fun of our fellow human beings who are still struggling…

A part of the problem is that the gender relations are falsely chaste, we all fear of being thought as something (a hooker, a bastard, a virgin). And we are also afraid to accept our animal side, which is expressed in the sexual drive… we are ashamed because we know that this is something that is sometimes difficult to master! For me, the real courage is to accept it completely (while respecting others, of course).


Reason 5 : There is some legend about what constitutes the seduction community. Many people speak without knowing what they are talking about and are imagining hardcore things or are unfairly assimilating us to street harassment and other horrors.

There really is a real lack of objective information on the subject, so it scares people because they think that it is black magic or hypnosis or I don’t know what. While this is actually just some personal development: we improve to attract more … no one violates nor manipulates, we’ve got an ethic! Btw, learning to communicate better and to dare more, it seems to me more honest than wearing make-up and heels. But when we hear about it in the media, political correctness wants this denigrated. It would be nice if more people thought for themselves instead of being sheep.


Reason 6 : Many seduction coaches (btw the diploma does not officially exist) do it just for bragging and making money. They do not really want to help others, which makes them horrendous. Many are ridiculous, some are bad and just recite what they have read in books. We can say that commercial sites (which are also often the most publicized) discredit the concept.

Moreover, in the everyday life, a lot of guys and women brag but there’s nothing behind. I agree with the saying “who speaks the most does the least” but I would swatch by saying it depends on how those people talk about it. Indeed, some, it is obvious they know their stuff, we can feel it !


Reason 7 : We live in denial, in the repression of our sexual instinct. Our society is too frustrating (especially in big cities where women are seen all day: they are dressed and we kinda ignore them but their hormones act on us anyway). However, people are too afraid to admit it because it would amount to freak out…


Reason 8 : Guys are afraid of having to challenge themselves, of having to question their lifestyle. They are used to always go to the ease of pulling others down rather than pulling them up (a phenomenon unfortunately quite common in our society). Many can’t be bothered to have to make efforts to get out of their comfortable little world so they prefer that nobody has fun sexually to be in the standard and revel in it.


Reason 9 : There is a natural battle, a genetic competition between human beings (we are on Earth to survive and reproduce)… and seduction could help you to improve and make a child with awesome girls. So, your ignorance suits many people : you stay in your place and let them the great girls/guys.


Reason 10 : Historically, the two sexes fear each other because everyone has a power over the other one. Moreover, in year 1, Ovid was exiled by Augustus just because he wrote The Art of Love, a seduction manual. It has thus always been a sensitive and politically incorrect subject (like a clit). Especially in Latin countries (where the game developed the most it’s not by accident) because in Australia or Ukraine for instance, girls flirt and do not always play the “disgusted with the perverse sex.”

Still in ancient times, women had to be attractive and men chose the ones they would like to fuck. Now they must make efforts to attract and thus see themselves being closer to their sensitive side, and that bothers machos.

However, we all know that sex is a good seller, for example in movies or in books: the subject in fact interests a lot of people who veil their faces. This ambient lie puts everybody uncomfortable by making people ashamed of their needs that are yet natural. Perhaps is it simply the fact of speaking of things concretely which is problematic since it is appreciated in fiction but much less when people are directly affected.

One walks on the head when you know what alcohol, cigarette or drugs is almost better seen (in public) than sex. Reminds me of the story of the scandal around stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence: all the guys said it was disgusting, but they had all it on their phone !!! Moreover, many of the chicks also had watched the photos, even if it only was to compare…


Some do not know the game but actually already have a great girlfriend, are not submitted to women and stay alpha… and everything is for the best in the best of worlds. But this is a rare case and many people are in couple by default (or single and hungry for sex). So I think that they would do well to focus on the seduction community.

In short, everyone is free, but people will not be authorized to protest about not fucking sex bombs if they don’t practice the game…

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