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I found back my Mo-Djo : Austin Power I will soon challenge you…

July 4th 2013,

Proposing the forbidden fruit. It is simply what we have to do. We can think about that a lot, we can make a fuss about it, but everything amounts to a womb welcoming a phallus. Let’s not forget that we are on Earth only for two purposes (in our genetic) : survive and reproduce.

So, when a guy interacts with a girl, there is always an underlying attraction, at least at first. So that the sexual copulation takes place, it is necessary:
– That there is no social pressure (in particular, isolation);
– That the one or the other does not commit a blunder which destroys not the sexual tension (being uncomfortable) ;
– A physical contact (eye contact, getting closer, touching the other person).

Yesterday evening, small date picked up hastily. A girl (the political hope 2013 of my ass) whom I had poked but waited to long to fuck told me « I am in couple now.
– OK then send me the number of a friend. » As a result, I had a date with this girl. A kind of crazy bitch who gets dressed with dress-naked-back/heels but who sings rap with a flow… how to say… not easily imitable « I am an optician but never doggy style taken ». True story.

We had a drink then she suggested me eating at her place with her, except that it was necessary to go shopping before. I saw the condoms, I thus provoked her as I know so well how to do it “take a lot of it, I am nymphomaniac”. I said a lot of lines likes this one in fact. I can do nothing about that… I am a predator. She explained to me in a very serious way that when certain girls like a guy, they make him have a hard time so he has a good image of her : they believe that to be in couple and to respect them they have to prove us (or to make us believe) that they are not easy girls before. I answered “I like simplicity, a girl who does not know how to have fun and who gives me a headache for the pleasure does not see me again”. I continued “I like you because are spontaneous, you do not complicate things. It is exciting… I want you to be my buddy and to make love to you from time to time. »
– Do you really believe that we will sleep together? In any case, not this evening, maybe next time.” In any case, she agreed that I am not a jerk because I warn the girls that I will be only a lover… I do not make them believe things to finally break their heart: I give them some pleasure and if in addition we get along together well… we date again ! That’s it !

Once at home, we ate then she went on the computer to answer to her other pretenders. Fuck… there is a guy in her apartment, caressing her back and her legs and everything, and she talks with guys who hope to date her. There is even one who suggested her going on his boat. In brief, I was there fiddling with her back and stopping from time to time until she says “continue, it was good…
– yes well, it is 10pm yet, I will go back to my place (big joke) ».

At the moment, she had my hand under her dress, caressing her casually, she gave me that look to try to intimidate me but with all the nonchalance which characterizes me I tried a « what’s wrong, you don’t like it ?
– yes it is pleasant.
– then why do you piss me off? You know the number of girls who are in their bed, bored and who would like that a guy touch them?
– yeah you’re right.
– ok, turn around, I am going to make a massage for you… And remove your dress otherwise it is not easy !» I was entitled to a funny resistance: ” I don’t eat the same jam than my friend
– ??
– well you fuck [my political friend], no?
– not at all… anyway, I do not see what lets you think that we are going to sleep together.” In any case, the other one had not told her the opposite… strange ! Or, it was a test to see if I was a liar… In brief, I began my massage : the back, then the head, then the breasts and finally the buttocks. I took off her string, massed her then put back it back in place. This little game lasted until I turned her and licked her. I can tell you that she did not keep her panties for a very long time after that. The fuck was good, the girl was cute, one can see it that she traveled for kilometers (the way she moved). It is not a bad point.

After the rodeo, her friend and the captain joined us (big combination of circumstances I don’t want to explain)… Let’s just remember that the friend in question (the one who connected us together) apparently wanted to make fun of me by connecting me and her buddy “you have no chance, go for it and fail like a shit”. She was really surprised that I was with her « Oh no I don’t want to see him anymore… he is going to rape me on the spot…
– don’t worry I just had sex with him…
– !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » OK. We then wanted to go out in the club of Aix which has a name of wind because “free entry for everyone tonight” was announced on FB. Except that at the entrance, the bouncer said “no it is not true, it is €10, it is just during winter that it is free”. Classic the foot in the door (but can damage their reputation). The principle: you get ready, you take the car, then when you find yourself in front of the club… well, it’s OK for you to pay €10. It is easy to manipulate the simple spirits. But fuck it’s not fair.

On my way back, I met Marie, my ex-open-relation. She wants that we see again each other next week. I always like her. It is not healthy. The good news, on the other hand, it is that I found back my Mo-Djo. Austin Power I will soon challenge you. In fact, the pick up it is like soccer: sometimes big teams are in a nasty period and do not win even the easy matches just like small teams can beat the best sometimes. What is important, it is the trend… the lifestyle.

May the God of the Game be with you !

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