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5 traps for beginners in the game

5 traps for beginners in the gameThe road to redemption is long when you’re an AFC who wants to become a man sexually fulfilled (I’ve been there and I observe the guys I help). This road is long because once you start getting results, you meet new problems. Here are 5 pitfalls that you may have encountered during your beginning in the game or that you will meet.


1/ The guy who over-rates his targets

We all did, I think, in the beginning. “Oh guys, I made out with a 8
– No, that’s a 6, man.”

It is understandable : when one rarely touches chicks, every girl takes a heightened value in his eyes. In addition, it makes him feel proud to have touched a hottie. Also, you get used to beauty by running success, so you become more demanding.

But the problem is if you over-rate is that you are more likely to be addicted to a girl really under the level you might have. And you could think you’re good while you’re not yet. I think that as long as one has not fucked a real hottie (like a HB9) one cannos realize what it is like and is really naive.

There’s also the guy who under-rate all the girls for not having to move his ass during pickup sessions, for not having to try anything, or in order to justify the fact he did some shit, etc.


2/ The guy in a relationship with one of his first successes (they all think they had beginner’s luck)

This guy has thought for a moment he will never have a girl. He has narrow escape! Then, once he starts fucking one he relatively likes, he idealizes her.

Sometimes dominated by his hormones, he prefers to see his girl rather than his buddies. He spends his Saturday nights fucking her instead of picking up to find one better.

There’s no problem with being a couple, that’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that it is a mistake to be in a relationship by ease with the first girls who wants us, while we don’t know how it is elsewhere…

Well, then, this is a choice, the ease or the combativeness. With respective rewards that go with it. I do not advise to never be nice, to never to make a couple : The couple can be cool but it has to be a decision taken after reflection. I generally advise to wait at least three months before making an assessment to decide what we will do with this girl. Are we really in a relationship by choice? Or by default? Or she has forced our hand? Do we fantasize about many other babes we see in everyday life? If so, the couple is doomed to failure.

Be careful : when I talk about combativeness, I’m not saying we should be governed by our dick. A PUA is supposed to follow a code of honor : such as not trying to fuck at all costs, do not hit on the girl or the target of his buddies, etc. Respect, with men and women, is a value that must be impregnated. There are others, but let’s start with this one…


3/ The guy and the one itis

This unhealthy idealization leads:
– Or to deception (the guy who knows deep himself he can do better and stays with the girl for convenience) but is too much of a coward to break up;
– Either to the one itis (the guy is convinced he is in love with the girl while this is not love but a problem of ego… an unhealthy obsession). Victims of OI so much want to believe in love at first sight that they provoke it and then use it as an excuse EITHER to continue to see a girl that is not good for them (too lazy to go back on the field or they are feared of hurting the girl when he will break up) or to be whine during months and play the victim of unfair love.

It’s hard what I’m going to tell but I guess that cheating on the girl is healthier than sinking into depression because of the unhealthy obsession. I picked up a lot of guys with a spoon because of this problem so I know what I mean…

The danger with the OI, is that we may know that it is irrational, we may be warned … it is very bad anyway. To avoid this, like many other problems: avoid getting excited prematurely … when it comes to women, the situations often gets down as fast as it hot high.


4/ The guy who thinks AFC are always right

This kind of guy is still full of illusions about women, but he projects them on the success he has made through the game. He is interested in seduction community but do not assume it, he does not want to become “like that”.

Typically, this is the guy who starts kissing girls but that will not quickly go farther with his conquests because “he is a romantic” not like us : we are “poor dogs in heat who do not respect and women and do not understand life” in his eyes.

The thing is that while he his playing the gentleman, his target was was fucking another guy (I’ve been this guy)… or her ex (I’ve been this guy). Or, she will get bored of waiting his cock after four dates, will think he’s gay, and will not answer to him on the phone. Boom! Men are often more marshmallows than women…

This kind of guys will continue despite all our guards to say I love you too soon, to get excited too quickly, to behave like the dog of the girl, will too quickly imagine that she is the perfect woman for him and that he is her ideal, will suffocate her by one way or another (gifts, calls, texts, stress, etc.)

In general, a balanced bitch feels fear and flees when she is facing this kind of behavior. And anyway, your relationship is starting on a bad start for you, you would be the “submitted”. But the worst is that sometimes it could work: with LSE, chicks with problems, etc.

Warning: there are some girls who like pigeons because they make them feel good and because they will not need to make too much effort for them.

Thinking we are superior because we believe in love is a big bullshit. You have been warned! I’m not saying that love does not exist, just that it’s rare so those who fall in love every week should question it.

Feeling superior is a bullshit anyway: in the seduction community, we are here to help each other. To join hands. To understand. Not to judge or anything like that. Often the ego traps us so we don’t open our eyes, and we always say the others are wrong…


5/ The guy who prefers to give up and who claims that the game is shit

When we discover the game, our old beliefs are facing the reality of the field. No, the girls are not romantic little fragile princesses who only wants something “serious”. Yes, they sleep on the first night, sometimes with strangers, sometimes with women, etc.

Yes, even the one you’re trying to pick up for 6 months in mode “I take my time because I’m a nice guy” … I do not know how many cocks she hosted in her vagina since you’re playing the nice guy.

I’m not saying that to be cynical, but women lie a lot about their sexuality (they give a soft imageof it), and there are only pigeons to believe all their bullshit. I do not say this negatively, we are being brainwashed with this vision of the woman, but it is not good for us or for them. Women also suffer of being conditioned. Maybe not as much as the guys (because women’s balls are not cut) but still.

So yeah, the game is hard. Like life. Either you take the red pill and discover what is really behind the female, and it’s not always pretty. Either you take the blue pill and you stay in the world where girls are fairies. But in this case (denial), just do not give Puritan lessons to those who have chosen another way.

I’m not saying that all girls are whores. But I’m not saying all girls are good girls either. And it does not matter. But, what is serious and bothers me : it’s the guys who are willing to fuck chicks uncultured, vulgar, stupid, etc. just because those girls are dressed sexy. If one practices the game, one is not supposed to be sex-starved to death. Only looking after the physical and talking about love, it’s a fucking nonsense…

If you have recognized yourself in one of these cases, know that you will surely take some big slaps in the face again before being good with women.

Other errors in bulk to finish : the one who will buy all the products about seduction, the one who will never buy anything, the one who thinks he knows everything about women and can advisemen after only one year of game (or even sometimes less and even sometimes he wants to be “coach”), the one seeking a couple for the couple for the principle, the one who hates the women and wants to take revenge on them, the one who lies about his “exploits” (often to the point that it does is not even sound realistic), and many others…

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