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Banging a girl who has a boyfriend…?

Banging a girl who has a boyfriend...Many times I was asked if a PUA could fuck the chick of another guy? And if yes, is it risked?

First of all, from an ethical point of view, everything is possible. Social realities are constructions that are more dependent on our individual perceptions than on the rules in force in our spacetime. In addition, it would be hard for me to lecture you.

Then, from a technical point of view, this is also possible. Beyond the “do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you” (there’s always been fucked and fuckers), the chick may not be satisfied or seeking for taking revenge on her boyfriend so a woman always can cheat. In addition, it is reasonable to think that if she is not cheating on him with you, she will cheat with another man.

But I want to share with you some cases you may encounter on the field and to what you expose yourself by banging chicks who are in a relationship :


1 / The pretty girl who says “I have a boyfriend.”

It’s either true or it is a defense to avoid weiros. It’s a bit like “I am a lesbian.” In any cases this is a bad start but I advise you to avoid sinking with the “it’s good I’m not jealous” or with stuff like “I’m a better lover than your guy who is ugly and has a small dick.”

Maybe her couple is fictitious or in the hot seat, but she would defend it to stay consistent with what she first said. She would also feel hurt in her ego.

I think it would be better to congratulate her for having found her soul mate, even if it is a bit ironic. In this case, she may entrust it does not go that well between both of them actually. But in any case, you score points because you won’t be thought of like a plaintiff or a desperate ass-starved.

For the provocation, you can even ask if her boyfriend would be up for a little football game with you next weekend.


2 / The guy comes while you’re hitting on his girlfriend.

If you did not say too much bad things about him and showed that you are not fully on his girlfriend (if it’s rather like I do not care if it’s her it may be another woman), there’s no reason for problems (unless he is a mentally sick person). You would be well advised to congratulate him on his taste about women.

But you must know that some are always looking for excuses to fight. Or, helped by alcohol, who go crazy for nothing. I remember a guy in the street, I had just stared at the ass of his girlfriend and he had come to me, doing a total scandal, like asking if I wanted to fuck her and everything. I just said she was a pretty girl, but I had a girlfriend too and I did not want to disrespect him and her. Although when a guy stares at my girl, it’s more of flattery. But hey, when you’re insecure, you see everything in black…


3 / If however you bang a girl in couple… watch out!

You may experience the jealousy of a guy that can go from a mouth breaking into proper form to murder or any trap/revenge. I agree that the chick is as much or more in fault than you. And what would the guy have done if your girlfriend had offered to fuck him? But … most of monkeys will rather be mad at the other guy than at their girl. Although this latter failed to admit that she had a boyfriend at the one who picked her up.

You may even risk worse: never being able to trust your girlfriends because you understand that women cheat. They have a lot of proposals and that it’s easy for them. This is very toxic, almost as much as the water side of a Japanese nuclear power plant.

If she falls in love with you and leave her boyfriend for you: you feel guilty so you finish in a relationship without the knowledge of your own accord. You will also struggle to trust her because “who has drunk will drink again.”

You will have the word “BASTARD” tattooed for life on the forehead … in the eyes of the people who know the cuckold.

If her boyfriend guesses and she does not have the courage to admit it to her boyfriend, it will be easier for her to do not assume: BUT OF COURSE, YOU HAVE FORCED HER … SHE WAS RAPED! You’ll get in trouble. It happened to some guys before, all this shit, this is why I mention it.

She can be beaten up or murdered by the jealous boyfriend, enraged because of his hurt ego. What would be your part of responsibility and guilt in the matter? It’s scenarios that are common, the passion killings.


The conclusion is that anyone can be tempted, do discrepancies or mistakes. But beyond the ethical question, we can say that sex with married or in couple girls is more risky than just doing this sport with the many single hotties out there.

However, sometimes the desire takes precedence over reason. In this case, it is better that neither one nor the other admit it. Anyway, that’s my advice. And pay attention to erase your texts/mails… This protects the other from his jealousy perhaps destructive and yourself too. The only hard thing to deal with is (for some) guilt. If you feel that the chick will reveal everything to her boyfriend, beware! Avoid cheating on a whim …

Also think about why you did cheat, what’s wrong in your relationship or in your mind? Or do you just want the cake and butter? And it is possible without too many damages…?

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