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Does Seduction need a protocol?

Between the pressure of society, conditioning that one undergoes and the enormous amount of information (sometimes contradictory) that exist in the game: it creates neuroses. There are a lot of guys who think that the game is something very complicated. That one must control everything to perfection to get results. This reasoning is crappy (this subject is taboo so we would like to believe that it is mystical or that it’s very difficult but actually not): I will explain to these guys why it does not pay for them despite their efforts.

Does Seduction need a protocol

1/ They often follow a protocol for reassurance

Among the beliefs that limit the results, there is the fact of thinking that one should always follow one type of protocol:

“Approach => numclose => phone game => date => kiss => phone game => date => Sex”

And even sometimes the protocol continues as follows:

“Sex => couple => saying I love you”

Big program …

The problem is that the guys I’m talking about already visualize all this when they approach … rather than letting it be. They have a too sacred relationship to women and/or sex and, indeed, it’s scary.

In terms of post-sex schema, why wishing a couple right away and saying “I love you” ASAP? Why putting the pressure? Why not just enjoying what we have without rushing things?

Sometimes women like to just fuck like that, from time to time, without having to put a label on the relationship. They do not necessarily want you to account nor to sleep only with you.

2/ Alpha Protocol

I have, for my part, not really a Protocol but if I had one, it would amount to:

“Collision => having fun by testing her => offer to make her come => sex => after I see if I want to see her again”

It is very unfortunate to lock in complicated patterns because sometimes the chicks simply want to fuck … like us. And by complicating everything, we lose opportunities under our nose. Sometimes you can go directly from the approach to sex in less than an hour. Yes, yes, I swear. If both parties agree, why complicating ? Why wanting to follow certain formalities? Why believing that you need to do a lot of things so a bitch wants to suck your cock? This need, this attraction, we feel: it’s organic. And they also feel it. Do not forget that when you give pleasure to a beautiful girl, it’s a win-win scenario.

I’m not saying that one can always point blank offer a girl to come over and fuck her. But I’m saying that it is our right to try.

If she wants to have a drink in the city before, let’s go if we want to go out or if she motivates us enough, but at least will we had the balls to show that we are someone who has a simple relationship with sexuality.

And so she will know what to expect after “the drink”. In short, with this view: we make two steps forward, one step back.

3/ Dare and let go what you cannot control (the mindset of the girl)

I advise all players who know their theory and who regularly practice but do not fuck much, : simplify your game plan.

My advice: try to seem pretty normal to have a pretty look and ESPECIALLY have the nerve to propose some sex to girls. Go more straight to the point, straight to the F-close!

Do not say it like that, of course, set it a little in a context of beautiful words. Invite her to drink a glass of wine at your place, or at her place (if you can do home dates for sure that it is always better because after the conditions are favorable and you just have to warm her).

If she wants to go for a drink in a neutral site before being in an intimate place, accept on condition that it is not far from one of your places… to be able to go there easily if you both feel desire (specify these conditions in your offer “on the table”).

In conclusion: communicate more directly with the fair sex, while respecting them! And do not neglect personal development.

Assume further your desires and dare to ask what would make you happy. Relax on the headaches and everything…

Especially do not be discouraged if a girl makes you feel guilty by condemning your “direct” approach, for example by insulting you. This is because it returns her to her own limits, her glass prison, her all kinds of fears… It often happens to me, and I tell myself, that all the same, the conditioning hurt and frustrates a lot of people.

Repeat this large scale strategy for the results to match your expectations! Try my philosophy at least one time, what does it cost you? And it surely will please many of you.

Reminder: having the nerve is to be cheeky, have plumb, audacity, boldness, a nerve. Sometimes being a little cheeky and bluff wisely (if it does not turn against you after you pretend like if you say you are going to make her come ten times when you know very well that you will ejaculate in ten seconds ).

In the field of wisdom, progress requires a good deal of nerve.” Hanif Kureishi

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