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Secrets for being a good lover

Secrets for being a good loverHow to be awesome in bed ?

Dear Future Sex God,

My point while writing this ebook is to help you to give to girls the most incredible sexual experiences of their lives ! I guess I’m not the first pretentious guy who wants to write such an ebook… but I am Cyprineman, sexpert famous for licking pussies like a God (it’s my gift).

But, I won’t only talk about licking pussies here. I also want you to know at the end of your reading the spots on girls’ body to touch – and how to touch them the good way – to make them scream “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re the best lover of my life” !

I will explain to you the good mindset that lead to some good sex, and the good things to do when you are having sex with her : how to warm her, how to finger her, what key-positions to master, how to last long enough to satisfy them, how to stay hard, how to recognize a real orgasm, etc. I want this ebook to be exhaustive. Everything about sex here.

By writing these lines, I really want to make the work I would have enjoyed finding when I started.

After my ebook about Online Dating, I thus propose you by now another practical ebook (by opposition to theoretical) : no intellectual masturbation. Only things you can use next time you’ll sleep with a girl… to drive her crazy. It’s not very complicated things, but it’s things you must know and use. I want to keep it simple but effective. For example, about lasting longer : we will talk about “tricks” that help but we’ll stay on realistic things… because anyway the more you’re used to fuck and used to fuck beauties, the more you’ll last and become good naturally.

And it’s not just about giving orgasms and connecting with the other sex, it’s so much more than that… When you are a good fuck, you feel proud… you feel like a real man. You feel like you have an ace up in your sleeve that gives you a mysterious confidence. All the women and men that you meet will treat you with respect because of this sexual confidence. Sexual skills really do MAKE the man and people can tell because it gives you an aura.

Very few men are good in bed. Really good, I mean. Knowing you’re good will give you an incredible advantage in your mind. To get the girl and to keep her if you wish… because she’ll be addicted. You will invert the balance of power between men and women by proposing her something rare: a good lover.

You will not anymore be afraid of the competition. If you knew how many guys I saw going into trouble while trying to pick up a girl then not daring to turn up at her place the day of the meeting because they were afraid of screwing her badly. You already have an advantage on the others… because rare are the guys who agree to learn on the sex. They are way too proud! And even if they brag, it is a taboo subject!

By the way, how do we know that we are a good leg? When the girls tell it to you every time you sleep with one of them, for example. When you inspire them comments like “fuck but where did you learn that, you, it was awesome!” That happens to me all the time now (nevertheless I leave by far) then sorry if I am a little big headed now ! 😉

But it’s not about my ego, not about “being better than the others“. It would be impossible and useless anyway. Some people will always be better than you and me. It’s not really a competition fortunately as far as the girls have only for partners a little sample of the population. The probability that she knew a better lover than you and me is thus low (at least after you read this book).

I wish to get loose from everything that can make sex a stressful and full of negativity experience with the aim of teaching you how to enjoy a profound union… an experience way more complex and pleasant than a purely physical gratification (physical friction which is all the same important but it’s not enough).

Sex, it’s not just a mechanical act. So yeah sure I will tell you the mechanisms… but there is something more, something better than that… and we will talk about it too. Few people know it, few people live it… and it’s a good news because you’ve now joined a very limited circle !

I am going to reveal you why so many people say that sex is wonderful and you’ll finally understand why in the practice it is not often that awesome !

Extract from : The awesome lover’s manual



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