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The initiatives in the bed

The initiatives in the bedI’m a “normal” dude who had not always been able to satisfy women (it’s so sad). At first I even was mad at them because they didn’t want to see me again after I slept with them (even if we went on several dates before sleeping together: don’t fool yourself… sex is important for them too and they are not VERY understanding).

One day, I understood where the problem came from… (1, 2, 3 “who has met someone else in the meantime” it’s OKAY but after you put yourself into question). I stopped blaming every girl and started doing something to fix this problem. I got myself together, just like you’re doing now.

My main problem at the beginning was that I selfishly thought that it was rare for a woman to have an orgasm. I hadn’t realized they can jerk off just like us. And, if they can have more pleasure alone than with us, why would they need us ? And who could discreetly teach me to be good?

I haven’t always been good in bed nor good with women. Far from it ! I was worried that I would cum as soon as they touched my dick. Understand me: a vagina/mouth feels so good and wet… I was shocked that everyone talked about how awesome sex was. It wasn’t for me, it was stressful for me, I had to prove things! I mean, sensations were good, but not the context. And girls selfishly didn’t really help me to feel more comfortable (sorry it’s sad but it’s true) !

I watched a lot of porn, read dozens of books/ebooks and watched several how-to-make-your-girl-come videos ! I’m sorry for my colleagues but most of this stuff was very ridiculous and unrealistic. It was obvious the orgasms and the interactions in general were faked in this stuff. And, I absolutley cannot caution the use of pills and supplements to have great sex. To me, sex is natural, so must be the orgasms.

Over time, what happened was that through my own experimentation, I became able to make women cum ONCE AND OFTEN MULTIPLE TIMES. I could get hard and stay hard for ONE HOUR if I wanted to (btw, it’s too long).

In the beginning I was too shy to try new things, so I made one step after the other with my initiatives in the bed. But as I saw how it made women literally start shaking and moaning when I did this stuff, I got more confident in bed (one women even broke my bedside lamp because she was losing control while I was fucking her hard! (according to her)). Now, I still have my day job as an accountant (who said accountants are boring?), but I spend my free time learning seduction and the art of sex… and obviously teaching men how to become awesome in those domains.

After you’ve read this book and internalize the programs I’ve prepared for you, you will feel so confident about your skills and knowledge in bed that you will not be paranoid nor insecure about your lover (or girlfriend, or wife) leaving you for some other dude with more money, better looks, and better sexual skills than you. You won’t have sexual complexes anymore!

For a long time I was myself in denial. I’d watch online porn and I’d see guys doing crazy things but I said “it is not possible to do so in real life, my girls are not whores”. But the thing is : girls like sex, orgasms and all that dirty stuff. If you’re still looking for your one true love who will teach you how to have good sex, you can forget about it (or wait a looong time). 99% chances are if you’re bad in bed, your lover won’t want to see you again instead of teaching you.

The first times I’d had sex I got really hard but couldn’t last long. The other times I had sex (it was rare for me), I couldn’t stay hard inside her (fear of coming too quickly). After crying a lot, I’d do trial and error until something works and so I became very good in the bed. Guess what ? That’s exactly what I want you to do today. It’s your turn… It’s up to you !

I want you can learn from this book and make as many mistakes as possible and then correct them until you got it right. You have to learn how to do it, what a woman expects from a man in bed. It is not one of those things you were born with. And it’s normal !

If you weren’t lucky enough to make your first time with an inexperienced girl and learn together, you’re probably repeating the same mistakes again and again. And yet if nobody teaches you, you cannot invent…

But it’s over now! I will teach you how to be in complete control of your body and how to feel the girl emotionally and physically.

They’d literally say “I LOVE when you’re fucking me!” Maybe you cannot believe me right now but you should. If you do what I say in the book, you’ll become better than 99% of the men out there. Suspend your negative and jaded thoughts and say to yourself “OK. I’m listening to this PUA who has all the same fucked more than 100 girls : he had probably learned some stuff. It can’t hurt to try. It’s a win-win scenario.

When I became a PUA, I immediately started having sex with a lot more girls (and hotter girls) and my skills got much better. I was having sex almost whenever I wanted, getting text messages from girls I had one-night stands with who wanted to see me again… while I was with another girlfriend. Because yes, I’m in love with the whole other sex.

If the Lord endowed me with a cock it is not just to stand there!

Now even girls who have boyfriend text me “I’d want to take a nap” or “do you wanna watch a movie tonight ?” which means “let’s just go into your bedroom and have good sex because my boyfriend is cool but not good enough in bed… you’re my libido’s saver”.

I decided to share my tips with you because it is a hobby. I’ve always wanted to help people improve and since I’m good I’ve always had some “padawans” that would come to me for honest advice.

Now I wanted to make this amazing information I had personally learned during my 6 years of pickup in the community of seduction available to guys who are like I was. Those who have given up and those who have faced rejection, humiliation, and had either been dumped or had relationships fail because of a bad sex life, etc.

So I figured I would put together a system for how to have awesome sex with women. “How to be a good lover”. I wanna talk here about the stuff that changed who I am, sexually speaking. I feel like now I have inside me this power to give any woman an orgasm. I’m one of the best dick in my city and that’s why girls call me and want to see me again. It is now your turn to enter the dance (because I obviously cannot handle them all then It’s better to be generous) !

I walk around with this confidence I never had felt before. When a girl is not interested in me, I say to myself “your loss, you’ve perhaps just missed the best orgasms of your life.” It’s not being arrogant when it’s true and not subjective !

Sometimes I’m pissed off : I say it to them right in their face… in this case OK it’s a little bit arrogant… but I’m French please forgive me (if I became so good in fingering it’s maybe because I played Game Boy a lot when I was a kid – just kidding I’m just in love with the fair sex so I want to give them a lot of pleasure – and you should too)!!! Seriously you should see the world this way you too because it helps !

I want all the guys to become good in bed so that women are less “skeptical” when it comes to orgasms. I listen to them often and most of the guys are incredibly bad and do not even realize it. I really believe that if the average dude was good in bed, women would have sex with us more easily (less shit-tests and bad beliefs about us, poor men).

I have already heard “sex without love, it’s meaningless“. It’s a shame. It’s wrong. And now I hope it’s over ! To me, there’s nothing like watching a woman about to orgasm… even if we’re not in love : we can fuck and enjoy life together. “Carpe diem” (enjoy the present day without worrying about the hour of your death and even less about your future sufferings) !

Extract from : The awesome lover’s manual

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