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Top 10 of sexy butts

# 1 The too fat ass

With this, if you are able to get hard, you’re a boss. It can be a challenge to take it doggy style.

# 2 The big ass

I know that there are guys who like fat chicks like that. Destroying an ass a little fat and soft, it can be enjoyable. And especially to make it turn red by hitting and spanking on it.

# 3 The nice but fat ass

Here starts the real competition of the ass. The girl is wide but somewhat muscular. The nice fat ass must often be accompanied by a pretty face and cute boobs otherwise it ruins everything.

Also available in blonde. Even better if it belongs to your boss who piss you off all day long.

# 4 Ass looking like a heart

It is the ass of love: round and massive. It is not for the small pink cocks of skinny metrosexuals! And if the girl gets quilts, you can even use it as convenient handles for doggy style. Well dimpled, if you take a run-up, you can jump on it like on a trampoline.

# 5 The anorexic ass

Unlike previous ass, the ass here pale, scrawny and tasteless. Advised to repressed pedophile who love children and so the girls without forms. Built by these fags who dictate women’s fashion in Paris and then go get fucked in gay bars. Precautions: be careful to do not penetrate the bones of her hips in your lower abdomen, it hurts. Also be careful to don’t break her legs.

# 6 The flat ass

Flat yes, but can be successful like a joke by Norman. Indeed, an ass like that can be as good as a horny porn with Clara. Especially if you love fucking asians who have never seen a big dick in their lives. Hoping to be able to get it without hurting her too much.

Also available in French model to please Montebourg. Even better if it’s a bit tanned and wearing a smock.

# 7 The Eastern bitch’s ass

A perfectly proportioned and horny ass. Easy access to Western men when traveling in the countries of the east. I’ve not seen anything so excitant since my last orgy with DSK in a luxury hotel. In addition, they were not very expensive (€ 50 per doggy style).

# 8 South American’s ass

It loves to stir on Brazilian music. Warm, welcoming and breast, perfect for unresolved Oedipus complex. It allows to start a family with confidence. And after bearing children, you can even enjoy an effect “melancholy ass” due to excessive stretch marks and cellulite. By cons, you must love brunettes and hair.

# 9 The black ass

It was designed for big black cocks and is known to be one of the finest asses in the world. Global benchmark, to be tested at least once in your life! It is not too hard: the carriers of these ridges seems to be hypersexual. Even more exciting if they are dressed as maids to please the macho (it also works with the Eastern girl).

# 10 The little well-rounded butt

The sports ass. Great as it is young and goes to the gym. Generally it ages badly (it breaks the myth) so it is interesting to renew your girlfriend regularly.

Bonus: the perfect ass

So there is a bit of a personal choice. That ass never pooped, just like Megan Fox. Just designed for sex.

Thanks to Topito for allowing me to make this ranking ass (I had a lot of fun) because otherwise it would not really have had a place on my blog. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing they thus backtracked so I publish it here.

And you, which ass do you like the most ?

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