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How to make love: All about how to make love to a woman

how to make love

In this article, I will explain how to make love and more specifically how to make love to a woman. Word of sexpert!

FYI, I already wrote an article on how to make a woman orgasm, which completes the present text.


How to make love: the positions

The modified missionary:


This is the best position for small sexes. She has the impression of banging a guy with a big cock (longer and wider). She is much more likely to enjoy than with the normal missionary (even if your sex is normal size).

How to make love in an improved missionary? Put a cousin in the lower back. Return to her as a normal missionary. Then put your legs on your shoulders…

Thanks to the angle in which you will fuck her, she will have the sensation that you have a bigger cock (an optical illusion in the pussy).

You can then put your head close to hers…

What type of sex do you want to give her? Emotional? Kiss her mouth and her neck. Dominant? Use the dirty talk

You do not have to pound her all the time but move all the time even if it’s slow.


The lying down doggystyle:


The doggy lying down it’s not too much time to tell her romantic words, it’s more time to be dominant… the moment to fuck her hard. To understand how to make love doggy style, you must integrate that.

You can go deeper into this position (orgasm by the G-spot): lie down, the pillow is optional, and take her so that your sex touches the wall at the top of her pussy (always this same G-spot), lie on her, put an arm around her neck, or put her head in the pillow or bring her head to hers to make dirty talk. By the way, it’s also an extra position for anal sex.

Whether in this position or in others, know that at any time you can asked her to touch (caressing the clit as she likes) or touch her yourself with one of your hands WHILE you penetrate her. This double stimulation contains all the elements to make come any girl!


The normal missionary:

Nothing more to say, just watch it on Google.


The normal doggystyle:

how to make love to a woman

How many positions should you do? Focus on one for a long time… but make at least three. That’s how to make love to a woman.

Know that women need to be constantly stimulated. So kiss her or caress her while you fuck her. It will contribute to your success in your quest to answer the question how to make love.


Standing Doggy: Use the Power of Your Entire Body


It gives you more power, it gives her more orgasms, so feel your manhood and your bestiality in this position. But the size difference between you can be a problem here. In this case take something (a support) to get you up (or to raise her).


The cross: you take her with a good angle for her


A unique angle of penetration: she will feel much more open. It’s good for the dirty talk too. Good for the eye contact. You really connect to your lover in this position.


The screw: the missionary by the side


How to make love to a woman? You can do it on the edge of the bed: it is a technique for G-spot. It is also a good position because it is not made for longevity. You are in this position, so it is possible to make sex more dominant.


The scissor : the four legs are crossed


A unique angle of penetration. You have to be flexible a minimum. One of your legs under hers. She can control the rhythm. That’s how to make love when you want the woman to control a little.


The lotus: intimate position


Very high level of sharing emotions: it is a position to make love in the literal sense. She straddles you, gets on your feet, stands on your back. You can support her from behind too (the lower back will be her center of gravity, so to speak). There, for the time, it is a good position to tell her romantic things. It is a very romantic position, often very popular with women.


How to make love to a woman, what if you let her go in amazon?


In this position, you can get fucked by your girlfriend. But you can also lift your legs and fuck her as you have decided.


How to make love: The bad lovers

The goal is to be hard, stay hard, and give her orgasms. The bad lovers are like: 2 back and forth and hop they ejaculate because too excited, those who ejaculate even before entering her, those who finish as soon as they go doggy style… you must also give her vaginal orgasms. That’s how to make love to a woman!


Sex makes the relationship

Why learning how to make love? Remember, if you are too bad, she will go elsewhere. Good sex = good relationship. Bad sex = bad relationship.

I know it’s humiliating to see her go with another man because we’re not good enough in bed (= we give him less pleasure than the other).

You must train to keep as much as you want and thus create more sexual alchemy between you.


The soft cock

If you’re the type to have a soft cock: there is a problem in your head… maybe you do not really want her? Or you think too much, too nervous, anxious, etc.

Do not become a mechanical robot: you must understand that they are fucking with the whole man, not just with a dick. You are not a removable penis.

Do not worry TOO MUCH about satisfying the girl.


Women love sex

If you think that women do not like sex, that they prefer dinners and trips… YOU ARE WRONG! THEY LOVE SEX! THE GOOD SEX! Sex is life!

Whether your cock is big or small, wide or narrow, it does not matter much. That’s the truth about how to make love.



You can train in front of a porn: masturbate, excite yourself more and then stop. Take a deep breath and relax to do not come. Do it ten times in a row and let it out. When you are ready, you can do the same thing in a girl.

If you do not last between 25-45 minutes, she probably will not have time to orgasm vaginally and may simulate. Always try to do at least 2 or 3 positions.

How to make love longer? If you think you will come then stop the shelling and make small circles with your sex time to go down a little.


Sharing pleasure

How to make love? Share your pleasure with her by grabbing or clawing her back, buttocks or neck.

One last thing: do not make fun of “pussy farts”. A lot of girls complex on it when it’s nothing in fact.

You can pinch your ear or other part of your body so you do not ejaculate or use the perineal technique (it’s a really advanced thing that I only partially master so I will not talk about it anymore but you you must know that you have muscles under your sex and that by training you can contract when ejaculation will rise and so you will stop it: you will have orgasm but stay hard.That’s the goal.) Finally well there we’re not even talking of another level but of another type of sexuality… perhaps too disconnected from the common man.


How to make love: Become a sexpert

All the guys want to be good in bed, they want to know how to make love, but most do not know how to do it (because of a lack of knowledge and know-how). They do not even know what the “standards” are when you talk about sex. How to become a god in bed? Read The awesome lover’s manual and look at module 8 of my training Cyprine.


How to make love?

When you are a sexpert, you should be able to give orgasms to 95% of women. What do you still need at this reading level? Practice. And to reread me once to fully assimilate.

You must remove this thing that ruins everything in bed: the lack of confidence in you. Below, a brief summary of the essentials…


The time

If you are too bad in bed, she will forget you: sex must be good.

How to make love? You must last at least 20/25mn. If you think you’ve come too fast, or if you’re wondering if you came too fast, then sorry but that’s surely the case.


Fingers, tongue, sex

You can totally give her orgasms before sex with your fingers or through oral stimulation. Eat her pussy, use your tongue and fingers to touch her everywhere. Pull her hair, kiss her neck, play with her breasts. All this is welcome!

How long should foreplay be ? At least 30mn.


The massage

Make sure she is relaxed… otherwise use the stroke of the massage to relax before initiating sex (they will initiate very rarely so assume that you must take initiatives). They must be relaxed to orgasm. Your affection will relax them.

Massage: do not be too sweet. Use the right pressure that suits her. Massage to the shoulders. Elbows. Why not even a foot massage? In any case calibrate and adapt to your partner! After the massage, warm her up!


You have control

How to make love? Take control, push her gently, manage to get down between her thighs, get her wet, the outside of her pussy must be stimulated, do not be too aggressive too quickly.

If at first you do not succeed, try again: sex education is important. Spontaneity in sex is important, so stay clear and surprise her. And above all do not get discouraged !!!

When you get better in bed, you will gain more confidence, and you will fuck more because you will have a better game.


The size

The size of the penis may matter, but it is a story of personal preference. It takes at least 4 centimeters to give her orgasms. And an emotional connection. But bigger does not mean better.

The better she gets into sexual action, the better for you and for her.

Women are subject to nature. Sorry but it’s a little bit true…


Show your animal side but not too much

When you kiss her, do not be a total animal, do not put too much tongue. Do not wash too much everywhere…

Study her reactions a bit to see if you are doing this well.

Do not have dry hands.

How to make Love ? Rub her clit a bit & go slowly at first.

How to make love? Dual action = stimulate the clitoris + put fingers in her pussy.


What is appropriate or not in dirty talk?

What is really important is the timing… some girls get upset if you treat them sluts in front of people. Ask “do you like it when you are dominated?” ; “How do you like that, naughty girl?” Introduce it alone at home, you do not try to humiliate her. She must understand it: it’s just for fun. It’s a romantic story into dominance.



Girls love surprises, they love sex in the morning too. Many girls are willing to fuck in the morning.

Change the routine sometimes, do not fall into unhealthy habits. They want variety so they do not get bored.

The sextoys, it’s funny. A toy should not intimidate you. It’s not at all the same as a guy… it’s more like a therapist.


Relax her

About the one night stands : plan a drink or two before to relax well. We less talk of romance in this case.



How many orgasms should she have? Some women enjoy little so one is already good. Others easily enjoy so for them 1 orgasm it will be the minimum. Sometimes I give 12 orgasms to some girls

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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