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Top 10 improbable lines with whom I picked up chicks (true stories)

10 effective pick up lines

# 1 “Are you straight?
– Yes.
– So would you like to kiss me?
– Why not” Kiss.!

# 2 “You have a nice butt my mare, I want to ride you to win the Irish sweepstakes..
– (She and her friends laugh)
– Relax, it was just a joke …
– Yes I guessed !
– What do we do now ? We kiss?
– (Laughs again) OK let’s go, because I liked your approach” Kiss.!

# 3 “When you’ll get tired of being with your girlfriends, come see me.
– That’s it I’m tired” Kiss !

# 4 “Hi, are you a good kisser?
– Yes” and she damn put her tongue into my mouth and then “do you have got fags?
– No I’m not a smoker.
– Okay good night, it was nice anyway…”

# 5 “Hi, we kiss?
– What for ? “And there without answering I turned her head and KISS.

# 6 “Did you wash your teeth?
– Yes.
– Then we can kiss?
– (No answer) “kiss.

# 7 “Is there still girls that I have not kissed in this club?
– There’s me.
– OK. Do you want to kiss me?
– perhaps…
– Go, let’s give it a try” kiss.

# 8 “Wesh chick, wazup? We make pimp bombs?
– What is your trip?
– If I tell you that it’s a gamble, does it ruins everything ?” One got up and kissed me.

# 9 “Didn’t we already kissed in a club?
– no I don’t think so.
– Well, then we sould do it” Kiss!

# 10 “Do you have vomited tonight?
– no.
– You can kiss then …
– I don’t know, not now.
– Are you not enough drunk or you don’t find me handsome enough?
– I do not know, both.
– Go, I bet you’re gonna the first one to crack.
– Not a chance”I approached her, close, without kissing her. We talked for about ten minutes and sexual tension drove her crazy… She cracked the first one…

Bonus: Do not forget to move on to sleep with them! For example: a girl in the line of a club. “Would you like to kiss me?
– Yes” kiss “second question, have you already made love today?
– no…
– Are you interested?
– Yes … but right now I must join my girlfriends.
– OK, take my number and call me later, plus I just adopted a kitten, you’ll be able to see it.
– Okay, I take your number”.

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” You too have the fantasy of the unknown?”
” You too fall only on bad legs? ”
” Have you already made a threesome? ”
“How long since your last orgasm?”
“Do you like doggy style with spanking ?”

And you, what lines do you use?

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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