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Pick up in an open/closed environment

Pick up in an openclosed environmentSeveral readers have written me that they are too young to pick up in an open environment (street, bar, clubs) but they would like to seduce in a closed environment (eg at school, in their sports club, etc.)

Girls are not holy

The first thing to know is that high school girls are dirty. I have, several times, fucked high school girls, and it was not the most difficult shots in my career. In fact, being older, I was the prize for them: they could then brag to their friends, they could feel validated, etc.

However, the chicks are probably not going to sleep on the same night with a high school guy (one night stand)… because they will fear for their reputation (everyone knows everything in such an environment). Indeed, they are less experienced than older girls and are less confident. Also, because they do not necessarily want to fuck guys half virgins who idealize women.

Anyway, on a late night misunderstanding: why not? But still need to be invited to parties where the “a little shameless girls” go. And then learn how to create opportunities and seize your chance.

Be less direct in closed environment

Personally, I do not advise you to “actively” pick up in closed environment: no crash & burn, no direct game… except perhaps in the end of year parties or in very special festive contexts.

Indeed, when it does not work in this environment, it is a disaster. And when it works, it often goes wrong afterwards. This is why it is often said “no cock in job (no sex on the workplace).”

And then one takes a lot of rejections when one is beginning. But you do not need a loser reputation with people you see every day: “do not shit where you eat.”

The problem of the closed environment

The problem is that in closed environments, people talk to each other. You will therefore inevitably have a reputation. The reputation of the guy who tries with all the chicks and who fails 90% of the time would lower your “social proof”.

You can always test the waters with the girls in mode “I take the temperature” with chicks that you see every day. But be subtle and let them come to you! If they are interested, if they send a lot of indicators of interest, go for it of course! But what I mean is that it is not in this environment you will do mass of cold approaches to desensitize you to rejections!

In closed environment, rather focus on personal development and on having a more magnetic attitude. In open environements the hard-pickup.

How to pickup on your campus

In high school or college, in my day, the guys who seduced the most were not the most handsome but those who had the best “social proof”. They were those who already went out in clubs, those who were part of the Student Unions, etc. It is all about social dynamics.

Chicks of the promo were easily kissed in clubs by guys of their age. But outside, if they kissed one of those guys, it was especially for something more serious. The only advantage of the closed environment on the open environment is when we get to have a good reputation that brings us girls “passively”. Indeed, a girl can easily fantasize about the captain of the football team of her chest.

However, you can change

If your situation does not fit you and you want to change but do not dare because your reputation is already made: it is an excuse. Yes, gossips will notice the change and maybe try to belittle you. But it’s worth it to go through it, when we know every good things the game will bring you. Do not be afraid !

Also, if you do it well, people will not feel that you have really changed. They will just say that you are more relax, or they get to know you better. Do not start saying “I will change after the school holidays” or crap like that … because this is the best way to procrastinate and never get started.

You will become more and more interesting and some girls will be on you (logical result of a personal development process). So if people criticize the fact that you want to improve, they are idiots. Leave them in their shit and prove them wrong!

You can already fuck

If it can cheer you up, be aware that if you are “almost normal”, there already surely are some girls who would willingly make out with you. That said, if it leads to anything concrete or if they are girls you do not like, it’s a bit useless to have admirers. But for confidence, it’s always good… it is still necessary that you learn to identify indicators of interest.

Improvements ideas in a closed environmental

If you pick up in this kind of environment, you have to go in a much softer way. So rather bet on the personal development and the fact of creating attraction passively.

To improve, start with your look (dress yourself better) and your body (eat better, play sports). You will attract more eyes and it will give you confidence.

There are many blogs that will help you find a good style for your age. If you are really lost, you can always hire a relooker. Stay still in a fairly simple style… if not, for once, you may be ridiculous for real.

Attitude is the most important. But do not overplay the “dominant male that makes prizing since he discovered the seduction community” that would be ridiculous. Rather, play it humble and accessible, especially at first. The same rules that make an alpha male sexy in an open environment work in closed environment. Try to become “funnier”, “cooler”… you can also work your analytical ability, your nerves and your ability to socialize.

You will become a “first letter of the Greek alphabet” male gradually. Especially if you are currently very reserved, you are not going to change overnight, otherwise it would sound fake. Take the time to develop your inner game that will eventually pair with your outer game.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple with sexual humor like with clothes: do not use too elaborate stuff otherwise you may only receive as answers puzzled looks. Especially do not take the risk of being a weirdo.

Continue to cultivate your seduction skills until you go out more. You can also work out on the field but when you’re young you’ve much less options. Because a guy of 25 years may fuck 17 years girls and 35 years old women without problems. But a 16 year old guy will struggle already to fuck 18 years girls. All in good time, so.

Above all, do not exercise on a large scale on a land that you are obligated to attend every day. This has too many drawbacks: the girls have more difficulty letting themselves go and you will be hanging a sex-starved reputation. On the other hand, on holiday for example, go for it!

In hindsight

I had friends (girls) in high school and college, I was not sleeping with them, who spoke frankly with me because I was almost sexless in their eyes. If you are also temporarily in this situation, take advantage of this opportunity! They will teach you a lot about the dark side of women, once there will not be other guys around and they can let go and say what they really think (especially as you will learn the good filters through the seduction community).

If I went back today to high school with what I know, I would be a hit, that’s for sure. But at the time, I had no notion of pick-up at all and I would have needed a ass kicking. So I think this is a chance for you to experience the game very young. The skills you will acquire in a closed environment will be useful in an open system too.

You are on the right track but you must adapt the material (the community is especially made for young men not for “children”)!

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