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What to do after a numclose?

What to do after a numcloseThe purpose of this article is to increase your chances of having a date after taking a number.

Once we took the number of a girl, it is assumed that both parties have expressed their interest. So we do not care if you took the number in direct or indirect mode.

The delay

The first important thing is to send a first text quickly. The day after you took the number, that’s good.

Why ? It confirms the impression that you have given her with your pick-up, it reminds you to her memory.

Structure of the first message

Hey ya (or funny nickname) + questions on what followed that day preferably with humor + quick hint to the best moment of the meeting + formula to say goodbye.

So “Hi little alcoholic. Did you manage to remember where you lived at the end of the party? If you’re nicer than last night and that you promise you won’t scratch me, I will accept to see you again. Kiss. Signed: the really cool guy who gave you a fry last night”


To say goodbye, you have a choice. For example :
– Tchuss (for the offbeat side if it is cool);
– Kisses (only if said it before (mirroring) if not it’s just needy + she will wonder what kind of kiss you’re talking about : it creates tension and makes her imagination work);
– I embrace you (if it’s a classy girl);
– I kiss you without the tongue (if you want to play it provocative);
– Bisous.

These are just ideas for you to understand the concept. Dare! Stand out from the mass! Prefer ambiguous stuff.

For your signature, do not necessarily remind her who you are, or do it in a nice way.

The choice of her nickname

If you tease her on something negative, she must understand that you are joking (or challenging) or it can make you lose one girl stupidly. Like “hello kinky girl, how are you?”

But, when it is soft and harmless, there’s no danger but it’s still a small effect. Like “hey the hot tea drinker, how’s your tongue ?”

Phone or SMS?

I do not think it necessary to call. You can, of course. But my phone game comes down to texts. Except sometimes just before the date, if we can’t find each other, I call her. But I find texting way less intrusive than calls.

Response time

If the girl did not respond 48 hours after your last message, consider that it’s over. So do not stress, because anyway, it’s dead. If she did not respond before the deadline, do not stress, some are long before reacting. Basically: never stress about it.

You should know that for our friends the women, consistency is not something innate. This is not because she was warm around you last night that she will also be warm with you the next day on the phone. Or that she will necessarily want to move the ass to see you again. That’s sad but that’s life…

Suggest a date

I do not often make a date proposal in the first message. I prefer to wait she answers before. Except in an emergency or if we had verbally agreed to quickly meet up at the moment of the numclose. But it’s better to do it when you have made some comfort before.

For writing an invitation, I like this kind of structure:

“So, pretty psycho. Do you feel like sharing a tea, on Friday or Saturday afternoon @ Bellecour? Do you think you have enough conversation for at least one hour? ;)”

How to effectively fix an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, four elements are essential to determine (if not it is just vague) :
– What day ? “Thursday or Friday ?” If the girl never can and does not even justify, it sucks… the sooner you can have a date, the better it is.
– What time or what time of day? “In the evening after work, around 7pm (around is better than at because it less stresses people)?”
– Where ? “I know a nice place where there is good wine, I hope you like it … (if not take into account what she says and propose something else but not 20 times if she says no to everything then too bad for her !)”
– A (false) time constraint: the goal here is that by reading between the lines  she understands that you are preparing an exit door and eventually to frustrate her. She must understand that she will have to assure if she wants sex. “I may have to join a buddy after…”

This is typically the kind of stuff they do so that’s weird from their point of view when men turn their weapons against them… But us, we find it funny!

You do not have to be a leader in this part of the interaction (she can choose the place or the time) but be determined, firm and effective. Firmly determine the conditions of the game, so there is no misunderstanding. For example, give a specific appointment “in front of Garibaldi’s escalators at 20:30…”

Why not adding a little teasing, like “make yourself beautiful” or sexualizing innocently (free interpretationin her mind) “If you’re late, you will have a punishment”?

Prevent flakes (prevention is better than waiting for nothing during 1 hour in the rain)

I send a confirmation SMS a few hours before a date, to be sure she won’t flake me. I send sometimes just simple thing, such a nice message asking if she’s okay.

If she does not answer or if she says she wants to cancel because something unexpected happened, I’m not going there. And I know there’s a 90% chance she lies. On the other, if she says everything is fine, I tease ” tonight, we’ll have fun” or something like that to warm her a bit, but with delicacy.

If it does not answer to your proposition

There’s the girls who are not at all sincere. They prefer to do answer instead of saying they are not interested (well that’s not too much of a problem). But some will even continue to talk to you to inflate their egos, just avoiding questions that do not suit them. For example “do you wanna meet up on Friday night?” If a girl ignores the question or vaguely replies that she will tell you later her decision, that it is a bad start, and the frame is not at all in your favor.

I like to pressure them a little to remind them that I am not a lambda dude “I proposed you to meet up Friday night, you have not answered yet. Someone else proposes me something, I wanted to know what we finally do on Friday before answering. ”

If she still does not answer, thank her for her politeness (irony). If she said no, without giving a reason, send a neg. Exit the interaction with the head in pride (but do not insult her).


This goes without saying : even a not really intelligent girl will prefer a guy who writes her correctly rather than an illiterate.

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