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The nature of seduction

The nature of seductionAn unknown energy

Many people think that the universe is made up of atoms… Yet, this is not quite right! There are particles of the atom.

We are not able to perceive them directly but it is possible to act on a certain number of particles. And that does not mean that there is not yet something even less noticeable behind…

According to the researchers, the universe consists of 4% matter, 23% dark matter imperceptible, and 73% black energy.

Is seduction a “dark matter”? We only know that it is there, that it is acting upon us, but we do not know much more about it. So we have to work empirically to unravel its mysteries.

If we gave up our ability to reflect, to draw practical and applicable lessons from our experiences, then we would submit totally to the “laws of the universe” of life in society. Now, according to these laws: 80% of the male should not have a sex life worthy of the name, that’s all! Is that acceptable? No, let’s do not give up!


Transgressive activity

Even a very experienced seducer never has all the women at his feet (it’s a legend). But he has found empirically a way to have success… a success usually reserved for stars, and powerful or very handsome men!

Seduction is not a science, but rather a discipline or even an art that one learns by the practice and the testing of the theory.

That is why pick-up is a transgressive activity… That is why we try to dissuade you from learning to seduce: you would take what the elites had reserved for themselves.

This is also why most guys find it hard to assume publicly that they read my blog and my ebooks: there are few comments, for example, when my articles are read by thousands of people and many people contact privately to thank me for the positive impact that my knowledge had on their lives (I will publish proofs of this one of these days on my blog because we all like evidence).


A denigrated activity

Rather than creating a dynamic working relationship (questioning, comparison, proposition, exceptions, tests and conclusions), most people react in the French way when it comes to seduction, that is to say they try to shine with criticism and jokes, while they have a sex life that is actually not good. But they pray that it will not be known. In addition, it would piss them off to realize that other people have a better one. This is called the race to the bottom.

Even if we don’t talk about that, there exists in France a real sexual misery. The message that scream our society is “if you can not seduce, it’s not your fault. You are a nerdy because you do not consume fashionable places, good clothes, good food, good skin cream, and so on.”

You can try if you want but these things do not work (or rather badly) to seduce… and sometimes even make people aggressive with themselves or others!

If you are excluded from the private circle of womanizers, you must learn to truly seduce, without going through the consumer society. It’s a vital necessity to get out of this infernal circle and feel better. But do not delude yourself: learning is also putting your hands in the sludge.


The stigma associated with learning seduction

Ask yourself this question: would you accept to torture an unknown person for no reason ? No…? Are you sure ? Yet Milgram’s experience (if it just vaguely means anything to you, see below) has shown that 90% of a population would, if asked correctly.

I’m not saying that you’re a monster. What must be understood is that we ALL live on certainties which are nothing more than automatisms of thought. To identify these automatisms and to question them for a better life is what I call “opening your eyes”, “thinking for yourself”. Of course that seduction can be is learned, like any discipline… even though most people think it’s not the case.


Women’s opinions

“I like handsome boys (but who do not know that they are beautiful), kind, attentive, shy, sensitive with a great sense of humor,” girls generally tell us before having sex with machos, daddy’s boys or riff-raffs… “The others yes, but I am different” may they answer this statement. Of course ! It reminds me some girlfriends, psycho students, laughing and explaining that they would never have fallen into the trap of the Milgram experiment nor into the trap of Leyens (google that). Yes, yes, if you like to believe it…

For information, the Milgram experiment is a psychology experiment carried out between 1960 and 1963 by the American psychologist Stanley Milgram. It sought to assess the degree of obedience of an individual to an authority and to analyze the process of submission to authority, especially when it induces actions that raise consciousness problems.

In the first experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram, 62.5% of the 40 subjects carried out the experiment in the long term by inflicting 450 volt electroshocks (which were fatal, fortunately they were fictitious) three times. All participants accepted the principle, and, after encouragement, reached 135 volts. The average of the so-called maximal shocks (levels at which subjects stopped) was 360 volts. However, each participant had at one time or another interrupted to question the authority. Many showed signs of extreme nervousness and reluctance in later stages (verbal protests, nervous laughter, etc.)

Milgram described these results as “unexpected and disturbing” at the time. Preliminary surveys of 39 psychiatrists had predicted a rate of subjects sending 450 volts on the order of 1 per 1000 with a maximum trend close to 150 volts. And yet… 62.5% were very cruel!

What I want to emphasize here is that most people are strong to lecture and criticize by playing it politically correct but offer nothing constructive for you. They will tell you to “be nice” and that is how you will find “someone”. Meanwhile, Milgram’s experience has revealed their profound nature. Do not allow yourself to be stopped in your personal development by their bad faith or by their shirry lessons in morality!

Seduction can be learned!

Seduction is a discipline that can be learned and taught, like any skill, even if skeptics do not like this idea. But attention, seduction is not easy: it is the result of a long process, largely unconscious, become a quasi-automatism in some and a phobia in others.

I would say that, despite the difficulty, learning to seduce is not the most difficult. The most difficult part is to handle the light that his learning throws on yourself and on the relationships between human beings. Many people cannot handle this and prefer to cover their faces by pretending that it is bullshit. It is a matter of choice, denial… but these losers should not try to dissuade those who want to educate themselves!


How it works ?

As a human being, the more you have experience in the field, the easier it is. The more you understand how the world works, the easier it is. The more comfortable you are with women, the easier it is.

If you stay nicely in your corner, you will have what others want to leave you, that is to say usually not much. Or, “good friends” who tell you for hours that their ex is a bitch but want to sleep with him again. Thank you !

There are rules in seduction because there are rules in society since humanity exists. Since the time we were prehistoric men and lived in tribes. This does not mean that they must be complied with. On the other hand, it is absolutely necessary to know the rules otherwise you will always take the same doors in the teeth.

It’s important to note that when I talk about not following the rules, it does not mean you have to be a cheater, an asshole, a misogynist or a serial fucker. It simply means that if you have no success, there are reasons for this. And if you just do the same thing (and complain that it does not work), nothing will change.

Realizing that women are not innocent, fragile and benevolent beings will poke your ass. Again, opening your eyes and bringing women down from their pedestals will upset your vision of the world. Yet this will help you to sleep with them and see them again. Do you really want to live in the land of the unicorns and stay with your utopian vision of woman (or love) which, however, until now has only disappointed you?


Everything is based on evolutionary psychology

The genetic difference between chimpanzees and us, humans, is less than 2%.

By studying them, it can be observed that all chimpanzee females can have a sex life easily, but that few males do.

The strongest, the most powerful, those who can fight predators and repel the attacks of enemy tribes (war and murder also exist among chimpanzees, a common point with us) can. They quickly become leaders and attract almost all females.

Other example, those who learn techniques to improve the life of the tribe (eg hunting meat chimpanzees are fond of). They also quickly attract the ladies.

Finally, the “smart little ones” also play their part. They are the ones who develop their communication skills with females. They create a bond of familiarity with them, which they would normally develop only with those who would enable them to raise their children in the safest possible way (in other words, the powerful or the competent ones).

Just like one cannot not communicate (even silence and eloquent), one cannot not influence, said Paul Watzlawick. This is why I advise you to learn how to communicate the right messages to be part of the “smart ones” (this is what the community of seduction teaches and that is why it bothers the dominant as well as the submissive conditioned to defend the interests of the dominants in the hope of obtaining their approval).

One of the reasons for the development of communication may have been access to sexuality. Its consequences have in any case been the construction of complex societies, the transmission of knowledge acquired… But if our intellects have evolved, our deep desires remain the same: security, belonging to a group, reproduction… the instinctive desires of women always concern the same archetypes: the powerful man and the competent man.

And the others ? That is to say, 80% of the guys? Well, they pick up the crumbs if they do not know how to communicate well.

If you want to have the choice in your sex life, you must take power. Either by embodying a certain social legitimacy (the president, the famous actor, the rock star, etc.), or by satisfying a social need (being safe near a macho, expressing her rebellion with a riff raff, etc.), or by learning to decipher and elicit the processes of attraction and attachment through the Game.


Tools of the community

A theory is rarely horny. Moreover, even we, members of the seduction community, do not have a blind faith in our theories. We are trying to systematize what works. We are looking for concrete tools.

Of course, the term “tools” (or techniques) concerning human relations could be called into question, we could say that such consideration should be deleted.

But then, most of the “human sciences” should be suppressed in the wake, the others that just seek after all to make human behavior understandable.

If you think about it well, how would it be different when it comes to seduction? Except because it’s scary and it’s a little taboo?



“You must be natural, that’s it…”

It does not mean anything “being natural”. One can be comfortable, tact like if he doesn’t give a damn, but: “to be natural”, what does it mean, seriously?

The “nature” of an anxious person is to frighten, but this is precisely what must be avoided. The “nature” of an insecure guy is to be easily aggressive, but it’s rarely a good idea… And I do not even talk about the “nature” of a shy or a social phobic…

The problem is that we usually cling with the last energy to what makes us suffer… like our traumas, our bad habits, our aberrant reflexes, and so on.

Creating a virtuous circle systematizing our small victories to gradually rebuild the perception of our reality and success takes time but it is worth it. I can guarantee you!

Whether you like it or not, if you do not emit well-being, calm, a certain strength… you will not attract anyone interesting. Or, it will work by chance, 1 time out of 1000…

However, one can perfectly integrate his anxiety, aggressiveness or shyness in the practice of seduction. Because in any case, one must integrate it in his work on himself (seduction is for me a personal development work).

In any case, if you just start, you’ll certainly not escape a serious work on yourself… So, pretending “it is enough to be yourself”, it is choosing the bad way of the ease and denial, if you want my opinion!

Extract from : The basics of seduction

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