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Shoud you be yourself in seduction?

Shoud you be yourself in seductionOne of the politically correct advices that we find most on the seduction forums is “be yourself”.

This is bad advice!

People often say that to be successful and find love, you must just be yourself. It is vague… and especially condescending! It comes to saying, “You have problems, but please do not change: you are special, but nobody notices. Be optimistic, one day everything will go well for you.” Yeah right, it’s always the fault of others… It is especially a great propaganda to castrate you while pleasing you.

This advice is not to be taken literally because it insinuates that things happen on their own in life. But it is in 99% of cases, not the case. If you want something, the job or the girl of your dreams, you have to deserve it and go get it. The aim is certainly to be yourself but not to simply be happy with what you already have.

Misinterpreting “just be yourself” would be:
– Not making efforts to progress;
– Not working on your inner game nor on your limiting beliefs;
– Not trying to correct your errors with practice.

Chicks can more than us content with saying it’s easy to pickup and there is no need to make much effort because there are a lot of sex-starved ready to fuck anyone out there. They can therefore so hold a conversation as stupid as a candidate of Secret Story, make-up anyhow and never question themselves… they will always have suitors who want to fuck her even if they do not make efforts. This is not as easy for most of the guys, it’s unfair, but that’s life!

The girl then chooses among the contenders at her level but does not give herself the choice among all men. The wait-girls attitude is not really surprising… remember they often hear during all their childhood that they are princesses and prince charming will come alone, by himself on his white horse, pushed by instinct or by good fairies (hmm I want to fuck a fairy)!

What does it means, “be yourself”?

Resist the temptation to try to please at all costs, which would be seen as a weakness of personality. Too many guys think that to have a chance with a woman, they must as much as possible agree with her and accept whatever she wants to do. Never change your values or your views to please a girl.

Do not force the similarities, just steer the conversation on these and enhance them. But do not invent some! It’s better to be honest and true. It is even a filter: those who are not made for you will go away!

Being yourself is not obvious.

Many men are frustrated (and agree to be submitted) because they undergo all the time the discourse of women that often ask them to wait, to be patient, to give them gifts, to submit to their desires, etc. Consequently, they lose their inner nature, and frustrate their true instincts, their true “self”, and take less initiative.

This paradoxically has the effect of offending women and of making men live in a form of discomfort. True, they need time, and to know you better, but at the same time, they want a real man, who remains dominant and sexed.

Basically, you are a man with sexual desires (and they are women with sexual needs too) thus: be yourself! But be the REAL yourself without repressing yourself, and assume yourself! I insist but my advice is not to tell you to don’t be yourself nor to be what I want from you… it’s to tell you to be the REAL yourself !!! Be yourself, but with a discerning eye without burring your heads!

Think for yourself, take stock honestly with yourself, without judgment. Try to see what you really want in fact. Try to think of things you’d like and would not like to do and act accordingly. Why could not you finally achieve your goals? In the street, only three steps separate you from a beautiful girl, even less in a club, on the Internet it’s 2 clicks…

Damn it ! Appropriate your personal history, assume! Start living for you and not for the others… If one takes away your inhibitions, your stress and your bad faith, you would already be able to seduce! I’m sure ! Because a healthy and conscious relationship to oneself is the best guarantor of human relationships more comfortable, more authentic… and therefore more attractive!

Can we become a better self?

The goal is, ultimately, of course to become a better version of yourself. Through personal development, you can do even better than you think being able today! But do not wait to be “perfect” before practicing the game. This would drive to procrastinate. Not good !

Do not measure yourself against your friends and stars. The comparison leads to resentment. The comparison leads to the criticism of others. The comparison is an unhealthy thing. You must think about your true aspirations and work in this direction, regardless of the eyes of others.

Surely you are not going to become anyone else but you can highlight certain qualities. Certainly, you are surely a good guy yet but you can probably improve some things. Surely you are aware of your flaws but do not underrate yourself (and learn how to market yourself)!

Some people will like you and some not. Accept it and that’s it. Learn how to do not judge others too and how to open your mind… to live more serenely. Wanting love and respect from everyone is a pointless exercise (it’s like always running after perfection). That would just impede your personal development and your level confidence would plummet.

Good luck, everybody! Feel free to like and share if you enjoyed my work!


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