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The overspeed pick-up artist

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It’s hard. It’s hard to get up on Monday morning to go to work. It’s even harder when we fucking a lot and that we went out during the weekend. The alarm may sound and sound, the body of the overspeed PUA is tempted to stay and rest, inert in this cozy bed perfumed with thelove juice of his conquests. “I could make one or two more erotic dream, if I had not this fucking boss who is pitiless waiting for me to exploit me”!

Sometimes I increasingly too much overstep the mark. I am completely empty. The nights end at dawn, different fuckfriends want to enjoy, chicks are waiting for their turn to have a date with me. I also have to take care of my apartment, my dishes, my shopping, do the cooking, sports, etc. But mostly, this fucking job because of which I work more than 45 hours a week paid 39.

Damn if every person who read this line gave me € 1 or could buy one of my ebooks, I could live quietly and go to Australia and write for you awesome field reports after having fucked surfers with my tanned cock!

The boundaries that should not be crossed to don’t end overspeed are fucking until 2am when you work the next day, going out late during the week, sacrificing your hobbies because of work and babes… such as sports. All this stuff is a mistake, is it really worth it after all? Also, do not always postpone your appointment with your family and friends. How your seduction life and your work/social/personal life can be combined? It’s very difficult and I have myself more and more difficult to follow the rhythm.

The best compromise I’ve found is to pick up on the Internet at work. To never date on the outside but to convince them to come to my place early, around 8pm. Then I fuck them until midnight and they return home! So I can sleep. I’m only going on the field at Saturday night (I do not even take public transportation I live next to my workplace) but I confess that fatigue and envy are rarely here when I go out. I’m missing my student life…

Going out can pose financing problems too. Paying for dates, paying for clubs, it’s damn expensive! Subscribing on dating sites is nothing compared to that. I advise you to stay of course in the free places and please do not systematically invite babes in paying dates. Me, I quickly did the math: Adopt it’s €20 per month and I stay warm during the winter. It does not really impinge on my free time, since it is like if I was answering text messages on my cell. And the chicks come to me directly by bringing something to eat or drink. Perfect!

Your state of fatigue inevitably attacks your modjo if you do this mistake : you are more irritable, you will less responsive and will lack of initiative on the field and at work, etc. And it will be obvious! And then your learning curve will be reversed! When you’re too tired, physically or psychologically, it is not a good idea to yell and gesticulate in all the directions to compensate. Take a break and put some order in your life for a fresh start.

The Fengshui will tell you: coming home in a clean, airy and pleasant place will help you to have a better image of yourself! And that makes sense! Also, when you invite a girl at home, it will be reassuring for you to know that she will not accidentally sit on a piece of stale pizza. So start from there!

Also note that only 5% of the population may be in good shape with less than 8 hours of sleep. If you violate this quota, it may expose you to risks of depression and other accidents or health problems more or less serious. It is also clear that by being in better shape, your times out will be more productive and you will more enjoy going out.

To be more successful, I logically recommend you to try to have a balanced life, but not too busy (take care of yourself) … and an interesting one. Continue to learn the art of seduction and fucking, but keep going out to play sports and see your friends who are not in the community of the seduction. Also see again the girls you like!

You can make a beautiful encounter at any moment, so do not overlook anything. The best would be that seduction is part of your life in an integrated way (except at work where it’s delicate anyway) and not compartmentalized.

Be hungry of pretty girls, it’s cool! But know how to recognize when you’re exhausted and you stir the air. Reframe yourself before doubting about yourself. The desire and energy are the main drivers of PUA therefore must be protected.

It is obvious that when I fucked two chicks the day before and the afternoon, I have no envy when I go in a bar after in order to try to pick up. Do you see what I mean?

Making 20FC per month is not a sign of good mental health. Like in everything, some moderation is necessary!

It’s not a contest, stop wondering who has the biggest dick (it’s your black friend).

See you later alligator !

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