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The sport

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Most of people go in for sport for health and esthetics reasons only. But much more than your physical well-being, the sport also improves your mental strength because it teaches a certain rigor, how to set goals and to build up to a mental of winner thanks to the self-confidence which it allows to acquire. Health profits linked to the fact of having a sports activity are really too numerous to be quoted in a exhaustive way… The heart, the breath, etc. For the esthetics, the sport allows obviously to sculpture the body.

It is generally possible to find a physical activity adapted to every person. However, if you begin in sport, a medical examination will inform you about your capacities and the contraindications you can be the object of. If you are lucky enough to be physically capable of going in for sport, take advantage of this chance to feel the well-being which it gives you (in particular the liberation of endorphin in your body). Otherwise, walking is a good way to do it not violently.

Because 20-30 % of your capital of attraction depends on your physical appearance: more you will be good-looking, more you will notice a change in your interactions with women.


Good ideas

I recommend a subscription in a club, because it is more rewarding and more effective than working out alone and because that obliges to personally invest and to avoid big mistakes. I think that the atmosphere in the group is the most important. I speak about this atmosphere : we are all here to improve, not to kill or humiliate the others.

– A combative sport : Martial arts correspond well to the realities of the life of a modern man: we let off steam, it inculcates values, we meet interesting people, we work the mental. We all need to develop our confidence, our strength because we all have emotional and psychological weaknesses, hesitation or a lack of aggressiveness in a domain. What is good it is that it transfers in the studies, the work, in brief in the daily life. All the other things seem less grave by comparison with a fight with a big sturdy man: we are neither not intimidated anymore by the other men or the girls taller than us, nor by drunk and aggressive people who threaten us in the street. And this training of the body and the spirit is almost made without risk because the trainings are secured. I do not think that all the combative sports are equal, my personal experience with the tae kwon do nevertheless allows me to recommend it because very complete. The wrestling in string too.

– The Yoga: To discover and control our energies, to meet (a lot of) women, to be self-aware, to become supple, to learn how to meditate, to open to other ways of thinking, all this can appear to you a waste of time but learning how to use the breath of life is in fact very important. And how to keep it. Not only the expenditure of energy: learning and exchanging is important too.

– The dance: Dancing with a partner increases the self-confidence, increases the comfort in this discomfort that is an interaction or a contact with the other sex, especially if the dancers are extremely attractive… And quite finally without real risk of rejection.

– The swimming: it is good because there is almost no risk of physical wound. Attention on the hygiene of the swimming pool. Do not forget stretching.

– The running: Again, do not forget stretching. It is more annoying because you should not run in a bad way at the risk of finally doing more bad than good to yourself (like in many repetitive sports) but the good thing it is that we can easily have a contact with the nature.


How does it work ?

Testosterone, adrenalin and endorphin are hormones of your body which participate in the regulation of the effort because the muscular effort comes along with hormonal deep changes, which allow the realization of the performance. The increase of your rate of testosterone will make you more virile, whereas the adrenalin and the endorphin will get you pleasant sensations of well-being. Know that endorphins are also naturally released after an orgasm. It is what provokes the relaxation and the desire to sleep of the men after the sexual act. The sport thus allows to evacuate the stress and to fight against a possible depression. In fact, isn’t happiness a simple story of hormones?

If your body resists the hunger, it will defend itself by decreasing its spending in calories… Which is not interesting for us, thus you should not resist the hunger. More you will distribute the daily total of your intakes in a large number of meal and more your body is going to spend calories and is thus going to lose some fat: Favor several small meals rather than three big ones.

It is very important to drink some water to compensate for the losses in trace elements and mineral salts which causes a session of endurance. However, eating should not be done before one hour after the end of the effort.

The rest and the sleep are important factors for a sportsman almost as much as the exercise and the balanced diet. Give yourself 2-3 days without intense training so that your body can rest. So, try to sleep 8 hours a night. Try not to go to bed late every evening. Indeed, during the sleep, the body builds muscles, on the other hand if we do not rest enough, it increases the risk of hurting. The sleep also increases the production of testosterone in your body. A high level of testosterone leads you to produce pheromones of attraction of the other sex, favors the muscular growth, equalizes the humors and boosts the confidence and the dynamism.

If we are diligent, we shall be motivated by the improvements noticed from day to day. Anyway, we are not all equals in front of the muscle building. The supplements are not necessary of course because we can consume all the nutriments which we need from a good nutrition. The supplements are just supplements: They should not replace the normal food and cannot bring nothing more than a good nutrition => just annoy (cancers).

The intelligent women generally prefer the strong and powerful men rather than the attractive boys who took the winning ticket at the genetic lottery (effort > chance). However, it is necessary to develop the muscle with delicacy: develop the muscles without fat but not too much developed (do not to make more efforts for fewer rewards). Furthermore, it is necessary to be balanced, nothing is more ridiculous than a muscular trunk and little runt’s small legs or than abs on a not V trunk. Thus here are the muscles to work first and foremost (attention to also develop the muscle of the complementary muscles to avoid having troubles of imbalance like for example wounds) :
– Shoulders
– Arms
– Abs
– Pectoral muscles
– Buttocks

Stretching allows to calm muscular tissues and articulations, it increases the dynamism of muscles and our body then enjoys a better mobility. Stretching help to overcome small troubles (tensions daily accumulated in the work or in the house). Stretching after a sports activity allows a better physical recovering, stretch out muscles and tones up the silhouette. After the session, stretching avoid spasms and aches. It is necessary to avoid stretching when a muscle hurts. To avoid hurting, it is necessary to stretch also before practicing. Do not forget to breathe. To make a success of a stretching, the position is very important: you must not be too much bent. If the pond is badly positioned, you would risk to have a backache. It is also necessary to warm up to prepare the heart and the other muscles for what is going to follow.

Dressing well, going in for sport and having a healthy diet will help everybody but more particularly the 30 and more years old men. Indeed, we obtain a higher status and become naturally more dominant with the years, then, if in addition we have a flat stomach: the improvements are even more spectacular.

Keep in mind also that a guy who would be a 10 physically speaking but who would turn out to be a depressive dish mop remaining made limp all day long and trembling at the idea of speaking to a girl that he has just met, wouldn’t have a lot of success with women. A good attitude is essential!

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