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How to show to a woman her own contradictions

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Patricia says: Unfortunately I think you have wasted one of your rare charms (I am flattered btw ;)) because it seems I am one of those girl stereotype, who takes relations upside down according to you and am tight-ass … Certainly because I fell only on bad lovers :)!

Fab answers: it’s your choice, but do not forget that by doing what you’ve always done … you will get the results you have always gotten.

Patricia says: What I always get me probably suits me ;)! But I cannot prevent myself to approach men like you thinking that I’m special enough to make them see things differently. But I would have to realize that I am not special;)

Fab answers : Yeah that’s it! It suits you so well that you give moral lessons on Adopt… so approach guys like me, as you say, and you will have lots of orgasms. Otherwise, every woman is special in one way or another… don’t worry!

Patricia says : I am not giving you lessons of moral :)! People are as they are and it is useless to invest energy to try to change them! Then if you’re happy that’s the most important !!! I would not waste my time to make you a lesson, you assume what you are and that’s what counts. I accept people as they are, I just know if they can bring me something good or not! If I condemned your way of life I would not have accepted your charm and praised the effort put in your description :)!

Fab answers : Welcomes therefore the effort I’ll put in licking your pussy now.

Patricia says: Haha I do not think so! But I don’t want to question your qualities as a lover 🙂

Fab answers: I HOPE SO, YEAH! 😉 Otherwise explain me why a girl like you is going to refuse free orgasms without judgment and with a guy who turns her on a minimum… is it a principle or there’s something else? Because it seems so stupid that I cannot conceive it so you would be nice to explain.

Patricia says: Let me clarify that I find you a little pretentious (I find it fun and at the same time I don’t know if I most want to see if you say the truth or to shut you up ;)). As you stated in your description, I’m locked in my principles;)! I believe that sex is important but the couple must already be a couple for that. And to be a couple we must have a minimum of connection before the act. With that said, I appreciate the idea that you do not prevent yourself from living something nice if it comes to you. Many men do not want to expose themselves to a normal relationship with a woman. I may also be very stupid 🙂 but I do not like this idea!

Fab answers: So, you have not been able to give me arguments and you are contradicting yourself in your paragraph. PS = of course that you want to check, deeply.

Patricia says: I have no argument except that I am what I am;).

Fab answers: So you transform a win-win scenario in a lose-lose scenario and you’re proud in addition? OK, you consider sex as important but to be a couple before. So why do a lot of couples break up because sex is bad? They go on dates during several weeks and then sleep together and it sucks then they will not meet up again. Wanting the guy to commit before sleeping with him reveals a lack of confidence in your ability to keep him after sex. This is not very encouraging…

Patricia says : I will not calculate the number of dates before sex, I’m not such a stereotype than that, thank you;)! It depends on the connections with the person. You are certainly right, I am not really confident even though I’m wonderful haha! But it’s because we fall on guys who make us believe things while they just want to undress our firm buttocks;)

Fab answers: Yeah and then you’re mad at them because they lied. But as you can see that the franchise does not work with you…

Patricia says: I am suspicious, that’s all! You pay the piper for your fellow, I cannot deny that and I do not hide it!

Fab answers: If you knew how I could repair a part of your mess, you might not give me the same speech. What could you lose by trying, by the way?

Patricia says : I don’t like to be taken for an idiot, if not be taken for a ham. It hurts my ego too badly, I have a minimum of pride! And then it makes me lose my confidence… what a vicious circle!

Fab answers: Yeah I understand that but the question is: What do you have to lose by coming enjoying with me? I’m not a stupid asshole : If you’re talking to me for an hour and everything it’s because you’re tempted a minimum…

Patricia says: This is not compatible with me.

Fab answers: You watch too many TV shows, you. It makes you answer stupidly.

Patricia says : Guilty !!!

Fab answers: Yeah, maybe you come to live in real life just one day. I wish you to fall on a dude who will make you discover another aspect of your own sexuality one day. But do not forget that you are in a competitive environment so the pain in the ass like you who contradict themselves and are full of rigid principles are bypassed by babes a little more flexible in their head who 1/know where is their interest and 2/dare to take the plunge. See ya

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