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10 details for selecting my targets on Adopt


I share with you today the 10 most important things I look for to decide if I will contact a girl on Adoptawomanizer or not (I will not say usual things like “the feeling”).

1/ Either I use the Quick Search (most often): I alternate between “new” and “old” profiles, as I’m running ages. Either I pass by the page “research” and I open them all and then I send a charm to the beautiful babes who visit my page in return (or I expect instant messages).

2/ The first criterion I look at is the distance. In general, I put 10 km. For a girl, driving a big distance to fuck a stranger (who will probably be disappointing), it’s not easy, she would really have many reasons. It would take a lot of effort…

3/ Photos: she must have a cute face and multiple photos on which she doesn’t look closed. She must be my style too, the riffraff (even if they are pretty): I zap. I know very well that I would have no connection with them (they like feather dusters like David Luiz or the footballer style like Griezmann – sorry but even if a cock can fit into a pussy, everyone is not compatible with everyone). I am wary of too-hot pictures stinking fake like I am wary of too alluring descriptions. I like to see a little natural pictures that show what the person looks like in real life, and a genuine description.

4/ Since the goal is still to fuck, I look at her body and especially the ratio height / weight. Ten kilos less than the size (like 1m70 for 60kg) it’s OK. 15 is ideal. 20 it’s either brilliant or disastrous (anorexia). I look at her figure, like “balanced, sporty”: it shows how she sees herself in her mind.

5/ She must having been connected on the last 48 hours. I do not want her to answer me in 6 months.

6/ I look at her description. All those who are beginning to put “the sex-starved disengage”, “no sex friends”, “I’m not an easy girl like other chicks on this site I respect myself and I have values” or any other kind of caveat: I zap. It will probably be a pain in the ass to fuck. She probably will be a pain in the ass period : so much hatred toward men and sex makes me flee. “I’m looking for my one true love”… can you tell me what it is plz ?

I also zap when it is not assumed like “I do not believe in dating sites” or “just here to see” or “a friend registered me.” She will probably never meet anyone on the site. Or a slacker who will bear her shitty attitude and will need three months to have sex with her (it will be bad and she will not call him back after) and during that time I will already have chained 15 one night stands and found two awesome fuckfriends among them.

I also next the sectarian ones like “only blond” or “only more than 1m80” (when you know that the girl is 1m60, you laugh) or “only Muslims please.” Because the attraction is not really based on that, you truly must have a closed mind to think otherwise.

I finally zap the teenagers, those who think we should support them whatever happens “I warn you I am very boring well it’s normal I am a girl” and those who cannot write correctly. I hate morons, and it’s a shame for me because there are many. Some will say that just for a sex session I don’t care but frankly I would share nothing with such chicks so…

7/ I send a “outgoing / teasing” first message so I can see if she has a sense of humor. It is a test for her. I use either her description or her photos for the first message. When there’s nothing to do, I bounce on the fact that her profile is empty. I do not send a standard crappy message like “hello how r u?” Last thing, the more her sexo his column is filled, the more I approach directly.

8/ I send a second message that starts sexualization. I see if she fit into my game or if she blocks.

9/ I feelers to meet quickly enough (maximum the following week in general). If she begins postponing or inventing shitty excuses like what that’s impossible to meet up, “I am in Shanghai for six months” or “not so fast”… I zap.

10/ If it does not come directly over (or invite me to her place) despite I explained my intentions, we have done a bit of comfort, and I have a minimum excited with my pen :
– Or her reasons are admissible and we meet up in a neutral location not far from one of us, she has the right to be prudent and to test me and everything but I hate when stupid principles hinder spontaneity ;
– Or I know it’s just a way for her to postpone the day she lay in the water and it simply will not work even if I move my ass out of my apartment and make efforts to reassure her, I zap.

It’s still a fucking big sort, I grant you, but I assure you that if you’re having 2-3 new interactions per day, at the end of the month there is a way to fuck half a dozen.

It also avoids a lot of disappointments. Or flakes. And other bullshit. There always always a few, but well…

Some chicks will surely insult me ​​by reading it, they will say that I judge too quickly, I do not give a chance luck to everyone, I cannot know them just through what they have written on a profile, etc.

This is partly true, but if cold reading exists and works it’s because we can “read” people roughly speaking rather quickly with an acceptable error rate.

What I can tell you is that those are MY personal criteria, and it works for me. I have already made exceptions for chicks without photos that approached me for example and I spoke to them but they sent me pictures anyway before we meet up.

I also watch other stuff like does she makes sport, what she reads, what kind of music she listens to… Finally, I am suspicious of those who put their name and surname as a nickname on the site, I find it weird.

I am not intolerant. I am demanding. What pisses off people is that we can quickly almost identify them while they all believe being totally unique and original.

Follow my advice and you’ll be in your warm place in their pussies. For more tips: Secrets for seducing on the internet!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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