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Conclusion : I am finally happy in this crazy world

I do not claim to write for people who are completely happy and filled. On the other hand, if you feel that something is wrong, that the world is not going well enough to your taste… Then I recommend you to read attentively what follows.


December 31st 2013,


It is the end of the year. It has been more than one year since we know each other.

I am anxious to apologize for the shocking words which I wrote in this diary. The oldest will not have excessively been shocked, and as regards the youngest: somebody had to bring you up! I also apologize because I am not really fluent in English… so I know that the diary is understandable but I am sorry because we have lost most of the writing style and the plays on words (Thank you for reading me all the same).

I thank all those who read me and especially those who support me, who like, who comment and who send me messages to inspire me. Thanks to those who advertise me from time to time. Thanks to the dykes of feminists for understanding humour. Thanks to the unknowns who pay me drinks in the bars. Thanks to those who suck my cock without asking too many questions, to those who like doggy style and to those who helped me to build myself. Thanks to those I forget to thank. A finger in the ass for the others.

We shared many experiences… I hope that it will have helped you as much as me to see more clearly in your love life and to seize the complexity of gender relations (oh, yeah, they are !) Some killjoys think that I lost myself during my apprenticeship… but when I see their life, that very often consolidates me in the idea that, on the contrary, I found myself ! I am going to develop.

Honestly, I am very happy. I could use all the synonyms which I know to make my texte seem longer than it is (filled, satisfied, enchanted, delighted, etc.) but because I have quite a lot of things to debrief, I am immediately going to get to the heart of the subject.

I am thus going to explain why I really moved forward in my life, why I am sure to be on the right way which leads to happiness and how you can come with me if you want. Watch out, I speak here about the “real happiness”, not about this concept which Beigbeder would gladly qualify of “moron, which makes disappointed and embittered people in search of absolute”.


My love life


You know it, I see frequently several girls. It is the lifestyle I chose after many disappointments (the girls weren’t interested in me in a first time, then I was several times taken for an idiot when I finally had a girlfriend (if you want to know everything : one even wanted to live at my home after 2 months without paying of rent nor doing anything of course she was cute but who would want a parasite ? another crazy one knew very well that she had a STD but refused to cure and lied to me to sleep with me without condom a miracle that I escaped it, etc.)But I always loved the women, I have never blamed them, and I now see frequently one girl in particular since September : Virginie. We are officially in an open relationship… but it is not for this reason that it is not serious between us! Sincerely, I think that it is even the kind of relation which can make us feel the most spread on the long term.

There is a great deal of women frustrated/put-under-stress/swamped-with-work who do not have time to find the soul mate. Some are not even conscious as they are outstanding and physiologically need to find somebody with whom to have a good time. Others are in couple but with a man who does not know what to do to drive them crazy… and they content themselves with it because it’s better than nothing and because they do not have time to find better. Then, they claim “to be in love ” to justify the poverty of their sexual life. They hope that one day, their supernatural half will come to fill this space which they feel. The heart of the problem, is that most of the men are bad in the bed and do not even make the effort to try to improve. Like if it was a fate! It seems that they prefer to lose their virile side, to pay fortunes in restaurants and tolerate the whims to compensate so that the girls agree to be penetrated two minutes. These men are weak and submitted, then the women lose their attraction and consider that giving them their body is a praiseworthy effort… The rates of bad lovers and subdued men are very high in our society. Gender relations are catastrophic and hypocritical. The girls think that a boy who approaches them is a loser in lack of sex, then they test them all day long, challenge them or manipulate them, hoping for a renewal of “virilitude”. I understand their initiative which is justifiable, but we entered a nasty vicious circle which makes that the women began sending some male energy then most of the men found logical to react by becoming more effeminate. Yes, men and women are equal but they are not similar, they are complementary. For example, a woman can enjoy so much otherwise more sexual pleasure than a man… then, when she falls on a guy who knows his business: it is her who makes the biggest capital gain (because it is rare). I already see people who criticize me by saying that I am getting big-headed… Know, on one hand, that modesty is for the morons who are afraid of putting the others ill-at-ease. And, on the other hand, that what I say is objective… I have nothing more to win, I have nothing more to prove, I was rather often complimented, I slept with more women than reason. I thus explain you things such as they are, it is now up to you to do what you want.

When I see the number of girls and guys who complain of “not finding somebody” or because their “stories doesn’t work” and eventually conclude “they are all jerks/bitches”… I recognize myself some years ago and I say to myself that they would better think about all this. You are many, even among my readers, to be full of preconceived ideas on the subject. Finally, why this need to be in couple at all costs? Except to show off in front of your friends and defy the guys by claiming to be largely above the average because you found “big love” ? The first thing to know is that feeling an attraction, or affection or butterflies in the stomach… it is not being in love. Even if you would really want that it means it.

The problem is deep, it is the model (imposed by the society and by our old instinct that has lost his meaning) which is fucked up. Me too, few years ago: when I had a girl, I said to myself that it would piss me off that she sleeps with another one after me, or even than she knew other men before, etc. With such a mentality, it was impossible to be really happy with a woman. Too many distrusts, too many unspoken, too much faintness. At the beginning, I thought that this model was made for the women then I tolerated it but I then understood that it was made for nobody for the following simple reason : men and women are equivalent (although not similar).

A lot of people calls upon “values” like “I respect myself” to justify that they are sexually frustrated but it is just some shit some excuses to stay in the ignorance, especially for those who drink, smoke, eat badly or are on drugs. All these shits which are poisons are socially admitted while sex which is therapeutic is taboo (at least in the practice) for most of the people. It is really contrary to common sense. This “standard” in which they are proud to belong does not exist… think by yourselves !!!

I forced myself to free me from this (useless) feeling of jealousy. The numerous books of personal fulfillment which I read learnt me how to think by myself, and it is what freed me. It’s true, finally, why things should be “like that” and not “like this” ? Who decreed it, why and how ? Why not doing the opposite ? When I see the number of husbands who kill their wives because she threatens to leave them then who commit suicide (admit that it is stupid)… I say to myself that things really have to change in this area. NB : the religion is not an acceptable excuse because if the religions forbade the sex out of the wedlock when they were written, it was mainly for reasons of hygiene (but the condom exists now).

The girls, like the guys, have a formated way of thinking (it’s sad but we are manipulated from everywhere by any sorts of strengths, we cannot do much much about it but the essential is to be aware of it). For example, a lot of young women, who know nothing about the life or about the sex, who have never really experimented things… in brief who are not in sync with their sexuality and who want all the same to control the guys “I don’t want that he flirts with other women!!! ”

And why not finally ? Why couldn’t he see other women from time to time, your boyfriend? If that makes him happy and if you too you can have sex with guys who tempt you (that will moreover avoid you to have to age frustrated)? The only acceptable argument is because we have difficulty in overcoming our genetic programming : the men are polygamous by nature (we instinctively want to fertilize most possible women) but the women who can be fertilized only once in nine months thus have monogamous tendency (this is why they try to develop faithfulness of the guys so that they give more their resources to their kid). It is not politically correct what I have just written, but it is nevertheless the truth, and any book of evolutionary psychology will confirm it to you. The thing is that, now that the condom exists, if your friend does not reproduce with the other one and if he doesn’t catch a STD… what’s the problem ? It is not even a question of pride, I think, the problem it is that you are not enough confident. That’s it, the jealousy : you are too much afraid that he compares both of you and leaves with the other girl. The faithfulness, it is thus for “insecure” people. “IF HE IS JEALOUS, IT IS BECAUSE HE LOVES ME
– No, this has nothing to do with love, it is simply the expression of our primary instincts of conquest.” Nevertheless, just like that would do good to you to fuck somebody else, he too needs diversity and sexual revival (not with whoever but with somebody with whom there is a sexual connection). Last precision, you find that squalid to want to make love? Thus have a look to what is on the basis of the pyramid of Maslow… We need it to feel good in our head and thus to be somebody spread. Living in the frustration, it is never good! Rare are the ones who rise towards the sublime by this way.

I imagine that there is more than a who jumped up by reading these lines. Strangely, those who do not agree with that are generally not really happy in the life… or then, they are but just a short moment because, as I said, this model of relation is biased and the people who conform to it are not free in their mind. “WE DO NOT NEED THAT
– Ah, you are superhuman then?” I thus invite you to think a few minutes about what you have just read (the open-mindedness, it is not only being banged his head with ax).

Let’s continue. You should not believe that my sweetheart Virginia is stupid or crazy: she knows very well what I’m doing, she reads my blog and everything. But she is intelligent enough to have released herself from all this conditioning. Why do you think that we use the word “free love” ? Because the others are prisoner. I say not that it would suit to everybody, but I say that if you tried something and if that doesn’t work for you: try something else. Be honest with yourself. Take risks! Live ! Become stronger instead of being afraid of the unhappy love affair because it is by thinking about it that you will feel it !If Virginia can appreciate free love, it is because she learnt to think by herself thanks to her studies of psychology : she knows that we are manipulated fom everywhere and that our governments do not necessarily want our individual good (yes, everything is linked) thus developed a critical spirit…

To speak concretely: the thing, it is that I am “with her” but I couldn’t sleep only with her (at least, at the moment). I am in the sexual comfort but I know by experience that it is necessary to be very careful in the sexual shortage to keep a good level of satisfaction. I so would really miss something. A feeling of independence, maybe. And then, fuck, it is not livable : having sex with his darling it is nice but banging hard un unknown is cool too (fucking and making love are two totally different dimensions (spiritual/bestial) but do not replace each other). For example, in 2015, I plan to leave one year in Australia (after my diploma which I missed for 0.75 points this year for political reasons). Two options: or I leave while being in couple with her or I stay here and I go without what should be the most enriching experience of my life. I thus should leave my life aside, because I have a “girlfriend”. I know several who broke up for less than that but then why were they together? Moreover, maybe, in 2 years, we shall complicate things and we shall not see each other anymore and I shall have missed all this for nothing. Frankly, if she really is the woman of my life, our relation can survive this test. It is even maybe what will confirm it or not. The second thing, she is one of the best in her psychology class, so she is probably going to study criminology… but for that, she will have to leave 2 years for Master’s degree in Grenoble. During 2 years, she will certainly see other cute guys, and because of me she should frustrate and stay in lack of sex and do nothing with them (just like me with the Australian) ??? It is funny when we think of it. If we are still together, I shall go to see her from time to time, of course, and she will come back in the area for the holidays but well we shall not see each other every day nor every week.

Understand, please, that if we really have feelings for somebody, we should want his or her good. I thus want that she enjoys at the most her life, I only want her happiness and that she has no regrets later. Besides, I am rather confident, thus I think that she is quickly going to become disenchanted when she will have banged two or three “average” guys. She recently slept with the second man of her life, a guy who promised the moon to her (“yeah during the holidays we shall go to the ski in my chalet and everything, you will see, that is going to be too very good while waiting let’s fuck plz”) then after having (badly) fucked her once, he does not even answer any more to her texts ! In brief, one more poor guy who, unlike PUA who have values, needs to lie to the girls. I already see those who are going to tell me “but you either you do not respect the women”. Oh really ? It seems nevertheless to me that I only want their good, to give them so many rights as us, in fact I am more feminist than these pseudo-feminists who militate against the self-fulfillment of their own sex! What brings me to a justifiable but purely rhetoric question, “and the men, are they respected?”

The important is not, I think, to be in couple or not. Nor to be in free couple or in “jail” couple. The important it is to be in couple for good reasons. I am not a crazy fucking dreamer, I “tested” 141 women and some were absolutely awesome but nevertheless there was not this “small inexplicable thing”. But well is it human to want to oblige her to know only me to be sure to keep her ?! Our link is really special, a very deep connection, we really live a story and she was not even a pain in the neck to me only once. I can make a mistake and the future will tell it, but I am not the kind to get excited about nothing (I would have been very easily able to be in couple before), and she neither btw. On the other hand, there is unfortunately a lot of people who have so much “desire” to be in couple (to conform to this “social model” which we put them in head) that they will do it for bad reasons.

It is a huge trap. Especially that you would probably miss (by OBLIGING yourself to do NOT SEE OTHER WOMEN) people with whom you would completely have this connection which you look for but whose creation you try in vain to force. As for myself, I find Virginie cute and she fills me but if I had to describe a girl who would make me want to be with before knowing her, I would not have drawn up her portrait (bigger, richer, etc.) ! By speaking about this connection, that makes me laugh these girls who write on Adopt “I look for love thus come talking to me if you are tall, handsome and if you have blue eyes”… They really understood nothing and do not even know what they look for! I unfortunately know (too much) people like that. And a lot of “hot” girls out there are finally less interesting and thus are doubled by less attractive girls because of their inactivity ’cause : efforts (even have if you are not self-confident) +good mentality > physical appearance. It works for guys too.

There are so many guys there who are ready to tolerate anything to have a girlfriend because they are conscious of the power which girl have on them but who are not aware of the power they have on girls. They thus have the impression that women make them an enormous favor by sucking their cock. For example, a buddy deceive me recently. During 2 months, if you listened to him they were too happy he and his girl and he taught me lessons on how to live by saying that I “could not understand what he lived with her”. Yeah, I had very well understood that his girl was an easy way to empty his testicles that he tried to legitimize. Today, he called me to tell me “she had let her FB opened at my home and I read her conversations with her other guy” (the girls are not small innocent angels fallen from the sky, they too are pervertible by temptation). He was taken for an idiot by his “sweetheart whom he said I love you and who promised him faithfulness” then he punched walls then left her without concession… before acting like a pussy and getting back with her two days later supposing that the only thing which she brought him was to fuck… ten days later she took him for an idiot again. The first solution which I propose to those who want to stay all the same in this model of “closed” relations it is to wait at least 3 months before getting excited about and to put “in couple officially”. Do not be “in couple” for the pleasure of being “in couple”. That will avoid you many setbacks, believe in me. Everybody consider special or different about that, but no, don’t be excited for nothing… I know so much girls who cheat on guys even more than guys who cheat on their girl. Or do not believe in me, take a big slap and come back to me when you will be FINALLY ready to hear the (inconvenient) truth. Well, a lot will do it again anyway and go back into the wall but do not forget that Einstein said “the madness is behaving the same way and waiting for a different result.” The second solution which I propose you, it is to open your mind and join Virginie and I in our lifestyle. We have feelings for each other, we share a great deal of things, we are unique for each other and we know that it is not the first jerk or the first floozy who can break that. We give ourselves a great deal of affection and, of course, we make love a lot. But it is the fact of knowing that we are free which makes this relation possible. It is thus thanks to everything I learnt through the Game which allowed me to have met her, to have appreciated her and to be happy and filled today. After all, am I not the sum of the girls who rejected me, the brilliant girls with whom I slept and of those whom I would have better not fucked (very few in fact) ? It is all this real-life experience carpe diem which built me (it was important that I first found the happiness in myself). To stay with Beigbeder “I learnt that to be happy, it is necessary to have been very unfortunate. Without apprenticeship of the pain, happiness is not solid.”


Mon sexual independence


What is interesting in all this, it is that I really moved on. I released myself from this quest of other one. I do not need any more to look for the affection from girls who do not deserve me or to bang girls because I so much want to fuck. I became not handleable by the fair sex because I am filled and well in my head. That moreover pisses off more than one.

When I sleep with a chick (Virginie or another one), I do it because I want her (moreover the free couple maintains the flame because we are obliged to continue to make efforts). Not because I am in lack or because I want to prove to myself something or I do not know what. I thus tolerate no whim of floozy, I do not look for love like a desperate person and when a girl is a pain in the neck to me for nothing, I say bye-bye. My method is pure confidence, and it can lead you far (no need to learn magic tricks or other shits). On the other hand, it is true that there is a lot of girls out there who do not know how to appreciate a confident guy and who make it a duty to try to destroy it : that makes them freak out especially when there is no cash or social status behind because that sends them back to the own limits… It is thus a good thing to make a sorting like that so we find ourselves only with girls who have a mindset (even if we lose others that we could maybe screw by making the hypocrite but what is the point?).

Some people blame me for wanting to go too fast. Ah really, because if the relation is not complicated, there will be no sexual tension? Isn’t it rather them who look themselves for excuses to do not act ? The truth is that I took initiatives from the beginning with Virginie like with most of the other girls and they left my place happy. If I wasn’t, we would not have created this link which allowed us to spend good moments, they would have had another date with a guy who would have maybe been better than me “on the paper” and she would not anymore have called me back. We are in a competitive environment, needs not to be afraid of going too fast even if we want a “serious relationship” : The girls well in their head and in their skin do not want of a guy with an asexual behavior (kissing is not enough to be sexual). They hope and expect from you, deep inside (but it is not seen as honorable to admit it) this male sexual aggressiveness (except those who are traumatized or who are afraid of everything). The problem is that most of people take the problem back to front “we try to be a couple and then we sleep together” but the truth is that we should sleep at first together (because that quickly allows to see if this famous connection is there by being directly in situation of intimacy) and then see again each other if that goes well and if we want. It is necessary to see if the sexual alchemy is there. Why most of the people do not do it (and it is not because most of sheeps do not do anything that they are right) ? Because that reassures them to create at first an “emotional link” ’cause they are not confident enough (they have a complex, blockings, are not able to overcome the social pressure), like that they can make fewer efforts even be hopeless in the bed and the guy/girl will have no other option than staying. Finally, because having sex request such a big effort, some stay together rather than looking for someone who corresponds to them better. And many undergo their couple or cheat on each other mutually in the biggest hypocrisy, etc. BE CAREFUL, it works for some, but it is rare, because it is the ones who really have this so special link but who found by chance. I observed that, the most beautiful girls and the less tiresome are girls with whom it takes place like that. The game was thus made to seduce quality girls (in all the areas) and not women with problems (who can be attractive or not this is not related… do not only see the woman in red dress like Néo at the beginning of The Matrix).

In the real life, not in this teddy bear world in which many seem to live as soon as we pronounce the word “love”, the options give the power. Sleeping with several girls allows you to be more alpha (less needy) and to really choose a girl who corresponds to you. Having the power then gives new options, because you gain confidence and so become more demanding. Let’s specify all the same that more you will improve personally, less you will attract certain girls because your well-being will send them back to their own frustration but it is a good thing for you (because no you can’t attract everybody in the real world). The success is thus a virtuous circle. I was in both camps: I was the frustrated romantic and the hot womanizer heartily… For nothing in the world I would go back. I saw, I enjoy, because I know that everything can stop whenever.

It is obvious that I shall not need any more nor desire fucking so many girls than in the past… but is it a bad thing ? I will be able to (and it is my objective for the next year) turn more to the personal fulfillment (of my body and my spirit).

When we understood how to seduce and sleep with girls, everything is nothing more than a question of proportions. I mean there that it is simply a question of repeating the same operation. Then I’m not saying that having slept with 10 girls gives a sufficient control, but I say that having slept with 100 or 1000 girls is practically similar and that there are more interesting things to do. The essential is to keep good habits, good reflexes: do not miss too many opportunities, trying certain hot girls (test them) even if it doesn’t smell good a priori.

I know how to do, I do it when I want, and I shall always get sexual satisfaction. I’m not saying it to boast or something, it is the slightest of things after 5 years of game. I mean, I am not and shall not never be dependent on a club like the waiters or the DJ or that I shall never need to go in another country where the girls fuck more easily… These guys maybe boast to sleep with a lot of girls but that doesn’t mean that they are good with women. Because being a PUA it is not only picking up chicks, it is also opening eyes on a number of things which it would be easier to ignore. Like for example that even by doing quite well, by being good, the girls can or not seizing the opportunity, lie to you, patronize you or chicken out at the last moment. I’m not saying that it is systematically necessary to blame the others when it does not work, but having reached certain level of personal optimization, we gain confidence, what allows to see that it is often the others who do not follow, who are weak, or crazy (comfort of ignorance, resistances to change, etc.)

I wanted, since I was young, to understand and to master the problem “relations men/women”. It is now done, I do not plan to stop everything and I am going to go farther into the matter of course, but I notice that I master from now the main part. I do not seduce all the girls because it is impossible, just because they all are not available or deserve to be seduced. On the other hand, I understand the dynamics, I quickly ascertain people, I know how to recognize the interested girls, I know how to handle the sexual tension, I experienced things that the common run of people will never experiment (threesomes with two girls, foursome, fantasies in public places), etc. Moreover, that makes me laugh when the basic idiots say that I am a dead man of hunger because I try to pick up chicks : they feel like so better than me while in fact I am only testing them to see if they deserve or not… some answer “no sorry I’m not that kind of girl
– but don’t be sorry girl because you miss something too so I am sorry for you to notice all your blockings and your non-faculty to recognize a guy who would make you climb the wall
– I don’t care about climbing the wall” typical answer of frustrated who would feel better after a good fuck even if it is not for being in couple after. In brief, I think that it is an error to be in a logic of search for “number”. A minimum yes, to have an overview. But when we know what we look for and that we found girls who can give it to us why going without them and looking somewhere else? Knowing that by remaining free, we can always meet a brilliant girl furthermore or make an enriching experience when the opportunity appears.

Some girls have the good state of mind. They are not necessarily loose but they know that the memorable experiences rarely take place in the zone of comfort. Some knew how to release themselves from the popular belief (the society considers us only as consumers and thus make sure that we are not spread nor too much happy or filled to weaken us and make us dependent to be more able to exploit us) and it is for those that I fight. It is for the intelligent people, endowed with a critical mind, that I exercise. It is also for the women who are realistic: those who know that the life can stop at any time and who want to take advantage at the most of their FIXED-TERM CONTRACT. I also reward those who respect themselves in a constructive way: because, no, filling your biological needs (which are totally natural) does not make of you a piece of meat ! Frustrate you voluntarily, on the other hand, create a need thus makes you more handleable and you become the “whore of the State”. If you want to begin to take out the foot of the gearing, stop listening to what we tell you on the TV! Shame to those who condition you to militate against the interest of your own sex ! Down with these prejudices ! Also stop eating food and other shits, go in for sport to stay young and in shape. The key of your safety is an improvement of your lifestyle. Miss, forget this ridiculous dictatorship and hurry to take advantage of your sensualism because, in 20 years, it is not said that your capital seduction is always intact. Overcome your fears of being compared or to do not be good enough or IDK what… That will need an effort at the beginning but will free you on the length-term. Before shouting to the murderer, realize that I am more feminist than most of the “feminists” who criticize me because I defend the sexual freedom of the women. No judgment from me, I try to make change the mentalities of the other men. The thing is that idiots judge those who release because they have not enough personality to release themselves.

Furthermore, why would I waste my time wanting to try to pick up girls who do not deserve me? I caricatures but there are many girls out there who say proudly “I drink alcohol I smoke I take drugs I didn’t fuck for 6 months and I eat McDo I am too classy then I am going to patronize you because you are not as classy as Kev Adams: I love his hair style and his politically correct humor !” Seriously, good for you, you are the small basic idiot manipulated by the society, which lousy ideas will give her a cancer at 60 years old just after she stopped paying the contribution for her pension. Even to empty me testicles, I would not want you. I am a little bit nasty because a not so long time I had not an healthy lifestyle but it is because I have understood the importance it has and because I have made these efforts that I do not want be again brought down.Moreover, I “never empty” testicles with a girl, even if I she doesn’t become my girlfriend, we always share something otherwise it is not worth it (we are not animals it is rather a logic “friendship with benefits” otherwise “sex only” it is a little bit unhealthy).

Moreover, it is good I think of strengthening the friendship by sleeping together with our friends of the other sex… If we are friend with somebody it is because we find him at the level, right ? Thus, why not ? And if the other one is not in a state of emotional despair there is no reason that he hangs on and that it spoils the friendship (it is good to know how to appreciate what we have and what we had without necessarily always trying to have more). Additional argument, that would avoid the situations of faintness linked to the latent sexual tension when you will introduce somebody for a serious story. But it is only an idea like that… that I apply generally.

Another lousy idea : I do not see why a girl with whom I sleep would be a victim. A victim it is the person who undergoes a damage or an abuse. Then yes, I can understand that when a girl sleeps with an average man (who egoistically has sex in two minutes) can find that without interest. Indeed, in this case, which is unfortunately the most frequent, the man uses the body of the woman for his selfish pleasure without caring to know what she removes from it nor even of what she thinks of it. However, when the chick enjoys as a madwoman and when she gets up the next day with a wide smile in spite of the fact that she slept only 4 hours, I do not think that she can be considered as a victim. And it is why I make every effort to make, because I like making what I’m doing, because I love the women, simply… I hope one day to reconcile both sexes which desire naturally with concupiscence but also suspiciously while they have so much to exchange… I do not tolerate either that we say that I make “conquests”. To make a conquest, it is to win something on somebody… Now, when I sleep with a woman, she sleeps with me too, right ? Nobody loses something there, I don’t force anybody to have fun. It is a win-win scenario… then why going without ? It is necessary to stop seeing the life in this way: a sensible man does not need to circumvent women to have sex…


My personal growth


The lifestyle is probably the domain in which I progressed the most this year. I stopped having this nasty lifestyle like “Hank Moody” whom moreover adopted far too many young people in France. It is stupid because it is the war in several countries, and we have everything to be good, and a lot are proud to say “wow I make myself sick with alcohol yesterday evening, I vomited, it was brilliant “. Well, you’ve got the idea : I do not drink, I do not smoke, I eat organic and healthy, I avoided all the STD, I don’t eat meat anymore (I try to become vegan because I tasted the incredible sensations which it gets), I go in for sport a lot (a combative sport which allows me to feel more powerful and more confident and I wanna one day try to learn salsa to still improve my contact with the women), I read a lot, I become enlightened, I think, I write a lot, I question myself, I try to solve my problems by asking to myself how I will do so and not if I am going to be able to, I do not believe that I need more than being an optimized myself to seduce and be happy, I learnt to appreciate the simple things because I sincerely believe that happiness can come through simplicity and humility, I learnt that there are things on which I can act and others on which I cannot and that it is necessary to accept it, and many of the other things but I cannot unfortunately develop everything here because it is a too vast subject so : etc.

All these activities take time, that I find better invested there than in nights in clubs and contact with unhealthy people (drugged people, alcoholics, starved who did not fuck for years who piss you off instead of trying to pick up, princesses who have no internal life and who just came to make fun of the guys because they have the sexual power but are too much frustrated to use it, etc.). Then, yeah, I shall have probably less results in term of FuckCloses next year, but I shall have better ones and I shall make more interesting things in my life (I will continue to keep a diary). If things take place like I hope, I shall see there a sign of maturity. Moreover, my experiences and my knowledge of the human being gave me a true confidence (an internal strength) which irritates most of people because they would like to do it so much but do not dare to give it a try (I don’t care that they find me beautiful or ugly, to conform to their expectations and to do not to live in the same glass prison than them… let’s keep in mind that it is always frustrated people who come throwing their poison on free people because if they were at ease with themselves and in their head they would not even think about doing that.) The truth is that most of the barriers (including physical barriers) between people and happiness are inviolable and invisible (they impose obligations on themselves). But the range of possibilities is huge, what I wanted to show you through this Diary… It is moreover the concept of visualization that helped me: I believed wholeheartedly that I was going to become a PUA and it is what made things possible, I guess.

As I said, to me, the “game” is a domain which I consider mastered. I do not want to remain blocked on that even if I am going to continue to dig the question (for the pleasure), but it will not be a priority for me any more (I have already done more than 90 % of people will never do in this area but it is not a reason because more I learn more I realize that there is a lot of other things I would like to try). Having said that, I trained myself on a difficult field as gives evidence of it the message of an American “personally, I am living in Aix since 1 year and to be honest, the game here is really hard. I mean, the girls are much more colder that many other cities in France” And I had good results there, I thus think that it is now my duty to help people who meet difficulties with love. Because, yes, you too can you be happier than you are at the moment, but do not wait that it arrives at you quite cooked in the beak : you will have to move your ass and fall several times just like I did. As usual, there are those who “live” in the dream and those who “are” in the action. I want not to become an extremist but it is the bullshit and the passivity of certain people who irritate me: Those who are not well, who know why and how to live a better life but who do not make the effort. Roughly, everybody do what they want, but because I make many efforts to improve myself and go towards the others, I expect willingness from people I see frequently. Anecdote: the captain disappointed : he stopped going in for sport, spends his nights drinking heavily in clubs (not with us because that does not interest us) without fucking any girls and became fat. What a shame but a lot of people act like that! Hoping that he will react because I like him and that hurts me that it becomes a rag…

If what I say does not please everybody, too bad, I do not try to be a hit but rather a realistic blog which tells situations (especially about pick up) that men (like women) can live daily … while putting aside my ego because I think that the Web is lacking of pages which speak about these things with sincerity (most of the guys who do that are guys who try to fill a space in their mind “look at me how I am handsome, how I am good”). If you have read my entire diary (which gives you experience by proxy even if we cannot envisage all the situations so much the human being is unpredictable), you saw that it is not narcissistic nor boaster or conceited (I express facts by calling a spade a spade and I tell my successes like my fails). The majority of other coaches are in my opinion opportunists who repeat the “advices” that they read in American ebooks without a real mastering of the problem. It is them who discredit the profession.

It is necessary to know that the biggest French sites of seduction generates more than 6000€ a month to incompetent which just do communication and which contents are level “short-daisies”… while I work hard for absolutely nothing : so before criticizing me because I consider that all the efforts which I make to help you to improve your life represent a work which deserves salary, make sure you are not participating in one of these forums, especially that this ebook like numerous resources on my blog are free. 99 % of these coaches do not even really try to put a lot nor to make quality (it is fortunately not the case of all but I think in particular of the one who boasts to have written his method in 3 days). In addition, they all copy to sell you commercial ebooks full of commonnesses which will not really help you (some stuff like “how to approach a girl” or “how seduce during your date and make her call you back”). Only the titles make me vomit and you suspect it : these stupid and politically correct works do not handle real problems. They will just tell you what you want to read so that you continue to buy their products (“but I don’t understand why I didn’t become a seducer in 10 days, I am thus going to buy their other products”). Reading things which do not shake you will not make you move on.

By comparison, know that I have the real passion of the seduction, that I am ready to go to a great deal of trouble for helping the others to improve their love and sexual life (I do it for me but also for you and I have already had feedbacks saying that I helped numerous guys to understand the concepts and to progress), that I am quite good in English (language in which the best resources), that I am a hard worker, experimenter, persevering, perfectionist, open-minded, impervious to the criticism, I begin to have a good experience of the field and a certain objective look on the world of the seduction…

A lot of guys try to feel reassured by saying “yeah you fuck girls but they are certainly ugly”. Nope : they are girls you can see in the street and want them. Besides, when I compare with American PUA for whom a “10” is just a girl with a cute face and a body not bad… I say to myself that I am demanding because for me a girl like that would be a 7. When I say that a girl is a hottie, it is because she could be the cover of a magazine, when I say that she is “cute” it is because she is, and when I say that she has “a little bit of fat ” that means that she has not a perfectly flat stomach (and not that she is fat). In brief, I don’t think I have a particular merit except having questioned myself until it works for me, everybody can thus do it.

I know well that I shall always have detractors whom that will amuse trying to make me have a bad reputation. But I have only one thing to tell them, before criticizing me:
– Make sure that you are not frustrated, that you are happy, at ease with yourself, that is you had sexual intercourse with orgasms less than a week ago;
– Make sure that you are not an alcoholic or a drug-addict and that you are not a member of these haters who criticize everything for the principle because they are unhappy then they reject their wickedness on other people;
– Make sure that you have coherent arguments to support your criticisms and that you are not only guided by your social conditioning and your bad faith.
That will maybe piss off you but I notice in practice that 99 % of people who criticize my lifestyle are very badly placed to speak and that thus I waste time to answer them because it is always more or less the same thing (yeah yeah everybody is unique blah blah blah… It is good too to have the humility to accept that we are not so special, neither you nor I).
– Many jealous guys/frustrated girls do not manage to assume their desire and write me only to offend me or threaten me. These people do not not want to be happy, but they do not want either that the others are him. Instead of trying to bring you up, that makes a burn out in their brain and they would prefer to bring everybody down. So, they legitimize the fact that they do not have to make effort.
– There is a particular case of the poor guys who want to shine by demonizing me. They cry out loud that I am for a jerk and a pervert… all this to contrast then to try to bang the girls “no, I am not like that me thus suck me bb plz”. These guys are dishonest and understood nothing to the women: their strategy to fuck, is to not be a sexual threat. So stupid ! The truth, it is because they are afraid of seeing the reality. The truth which is that having naughty thoughts is totally normal, for men like for the women. Otherwise, explain me the success of certain songs like “Gimme a man after midnight”, “Why don’t just fuck” or “Blurred lines”. Truth which is also that the dirty sex is not more degrading for the woman than for the man… A cunnilingus and a blowjob, it is more or less the same thing. It is a little bit difficult to understand for the macho men with badly placed ego but this fantasy of purity is counterproductive : no woman will ONLY want you JUST you. Then, why so much wickedness ? Why are you pissed off if I am happy and if they are filled ? It tells its own story on you, rather negatively moreover. Frustration, when you hold us. I thus shall not answer the messages of hatred because I only wish to give love (why would I dedicate my time to explain the life to narrow spirits while I would not even be paid?) For people who wish that I help them, know that I receive many messages, I thus kindly request you to verify that the answer is not obvious and/or is not already on my blog before asking me PLEASE because I do not have time to handle everything in these conditions. Thank you.

I end by answering those who blame me for not having invented all what is in my books: it is partially true… so what ? My style of pick up is similar to the fast-seduction (because it is what works the better) and my books thus resume these principles (I did not know everything and someone had to explain to me). I was inspired by several PUA including Sixty, Brad P, Liam McRae, John Alexander and Love Systems (especially that these same coaches invented nothing either, most of the concepts had already been approached by Cost of Success, Gunwitch, Ijjjji, Gone Savage and certainly many others before them). However, if you had read before speaking, you would know that I quote all my sources, that I synthesize them and appropriate everything (by testing on the field to see what works in France) before writing MY VERSION. Because yes French and American Game presents some small differences which are related to the mentality of people (with them the society works in the merit, our society is more divided into social castes) even if grosso-modo the dynamics are the same everywhere (we all have more or less the same genetic programming). And still more important, contrary to a lot of people, I do not write when I do not master: I write only when I know about what I speak otherwise I shut up… there is thus a quality security in my products. Then, if we speak ethics, needs to know that most of the ebooks and coaches do not cite their sources, THEM. In brief, I have nothing to hide, it is even for this reason that I always propose a free extract on my sales letter pages (moreover you understand easily that if you do not read more than the free extract IE 20 % of the book, your game will not improve as much as it could have).

Now, it’s up to you if you wish to trust me : I have an enormous culture of the seduction. I read tens even hundreds of books. The great majority in English, I thus had to translate them. Then, I tested to push aside bullshit and what does not work here in France. I do not think that it is always necessary to reinvent the wheel, but rather to base on what our predecessors did to go farther, and it is exactly what I do in my ebooks. If you want to do all the work yourself, you can of course, but you will need several years. I thus suggest you saving time and efforts by presenting you the best. I just try to democratize the sexual satisfaction (fuck it is beautiful what I have just written) to share with you all this information and experience. Seriously, how many people go to the nightclub or on dating sites to fuck and really have sex at the end of the night ? Both parts want to but nevertheless it doesn’t work… it is necessary to fight these blockings because ignoring the problems is not going to solve them. It is also necessary to see things under the following angle : by wanting to save the €25 of an ebook, how many euros do you lose while you find completely normal to give your cash to maffiosos who have clubs or dating sites without making profitable your investment? I know a guy who is so unhappy with his love life that he has for diversion (to flood his sorrow) to buy flat panel display which cost €3000… But buying an ebook at €29 which would free him, no he doesn’t want, too much pride… But well he finally punishes himself! In brief, it’s up to you if you prefer put your money in the alcohol or other shits which hurt you or to invest it to open eyes on a number of points which will make you happier and will help you to move on (and no, the click will not come alone otherwise you would already have had it… me too I bought books in my early stages and I still buy some when that seems interesting to me, there is nothing to be ashamed of). Let’s say that it is not because my ebooks are not very expensive compared with my competitors that they are less good, I simply wanted to make accessible knowledge: that would have made me win years in I found that in my early stages and this is why I wrote them and share them with you!

To date, I wrote two ebooks and my readers came out with increased stature:
– The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations (let me introduce it)
– How to sublimate your body language (let me introduce it)
– You can see my other products here.

The first one, The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations, is self-sufficient. Rather than advertising it during one hour, I copy-paste the e-mail which one of my readers sent to me after having read it « Your book changed my life because you understood everything. My game is really inspired by your book now and since that day I get laid. No need to get damn bored with routines, or C&F or I do not know what, it is only about sexual tension. Now I let the girl talk (70% of the conversation : stoical face in front of her whatever she says) and I play on kinos, on getting closer and on the paraverbal (deep look, BL, voice, half-smiles etc.) to make the sexual tension rise. To me, it’s the best ebook of the game… if I had read that when I started learning the seduction I would not have read something else. » Roughly, it will teach you how to not be awkward in situation of sexual tension and even to enjoy this tension. The second is a little bit different approach which allows a better understanding of seduction and to further examine certain concepts. It is more “traditional”.

This money helps me (but unfortunately not enough to make me live) and motivates me to continue to write this blog which you like, I hope (because having a website is not free). To study pick up… Needs to eat, needs to get dressed, needs to have a few money to go out, etc. And the hosting of a website, it is not free. Thus, do you find it squalid to sell ebooks which help people ? If they are not bullshit (if you are not too stupid you have to doubt you that miracle solution = commercial shit), that is widely worth 30€ to learn how to make profitable the nights out).Where I join you it is that there are many shitty ebooks, written by people who know nothing and who content with plagiarizing approximately famous authors just to make money. I’m not saying that it is necessary to reinvent the wheel every time but at least to propose a method a method which works, by having tested it to be sure. We are sorely lacking guys who speak with frankness, with their balls! We are lacking quality contents! I say to myself that on the long term, the public will know how to make the difference! I prefer to be honest with my readers. Thank you if you buy my products or use the links of the blog to buy others! You help me to continue the blog ! I cannot lead alone this fight against the close-minded people and these ridiculous taboos.

It’s the same thing with the likes on Facebook, the re-tweet or the subscribers on Youtube : that encourages me and make me want to continue ! That costs you nothing but that helps me a lot and really makes a difference for me. If you knew what send me sometimes certain haters, you would say to yourself that it’s a pity that people have the criticism (often unfair) easier than the sharing or the positive comments. But it’s the way people are… hoping that you’re different ! You can easily do me a big favor (it’s free and quick) : please copy this link and send it to at least one person you think is likely to be interested in this blog (or who would really need it). Everybody knows someone ! Or talk about it on some forums or on your websites PLZ ! I need you, assume, don’t be ashamed because you read an ebook of seduction… assuming is moreover the first step towards your liberation of the social pressure, your future self-fulfillment and your success!

What is the problem with the fact that a guy who does not know how to give an orgasm to a woman wants to learn? He wants only to give love, pleasure, to do good. What pisses you off it is not rather that you do not have no courage to give it a try then you prefer criticizing those who train hard and make a success? Why frustrated, shy, uncertain guys, etc. could not learn the state of mind of those who are successful with the women. Of course, sex can be an objective just like a serious and spread relation. It is necessary to understand it : women like as much, if not more, sex as us. Moreover, the girls have a sense of the seduction naturally more sharpened than the men (and they are early on us about that). Already because they learn very young to make us senile thanks to their charm (that begins with dad) and then it is a question of survival for them to compensate for the fact that we have on average more physical strength than them.

I do not expect to have changed the world but I hope I have given you lines of thought through this text (and to have make you want to fight to succeed). Some will have found me brilliant, others will have found me obnoxious, but I don’t think I have left a lot of people unmoved. That’s the point.

While waiting for the continuation of my adventures (in 2014) I suggest you reading some old Field Reports because they speak about people or about events I told in this diary.

May the God of the Game be with you !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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2 thoughts on “Conclusion : I am finally happy in this crazy world

  1. ”personally, I am living in Aix since 1 year and to be honest, the game here is really hard. I mean, the girls are much more colder that many other cities in France ”

    haha, it seems like someone has quoted my sentence. And that is truth, girls in aix are hot but sometimes game here there was really hard, I remember those days.

    Btw, Fabrice, I am curious about how many approaches have you done in all year cause Game is really a numbers game in Aix. and it is statistically normal, more you approach, more chance you can have.
    But with a very wicked approach like yours than you gotta really approach a lot cause I know Aix mentality haha
    So, do you have a number like how many times you have approached in this year? So that can give an idea to all beginners to see what it costs or how many rejections can it cost to be better in game. Cause some people are not capable of dealing with rejections.

    PS: Btw, I am not American, just info.

  2. Hello Stricker !
    First of all, sorry for the mistake ! where are you from btw ?
    I don’t know it depends, some times I approach and it works pretty quickly, sometimes I approach a lot and it doesn’t work and of course sometimes I approch a lot and it works a lot. I can’t count the number of girls who reject me (there are so many reasons to reject a guy), it would be depressing lol ! I just learnt how to don’t care…
    Cheers !

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