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The alpha male in human societies

The first question is: can we talk about alpha male in humans? The second is: what is an alpha man. Finally, the third: how to become an alpha male?


Can we talk about alpha male in humans?

The alpha male in nature

In zoology, an alpha male (or “dominant male”) is an individual that other members of the same group follow, to whom they obey and/or submit.

The alpha male is a male that breeds more than others because enjoys privileged access to females. In some animals, the dominant male has exclusive exclusivity for females: he copulates with 80% of females.

The concept of male alpha, dominant male , exists in wolves, you surely know… but it also exists in species that resemble us more, namely most species of monkeys such as capuchins.

alpha male


alpha male

Are there “pack leaders” in humans?


The characteristics of an alpha male in nature

A male can be dominant through physical characteristics such as strength. But also by right acquired at birth (inheritance), by access to resources, by good communication …

In lions, physical strength is critical to being considered a dominant male. While among bonobos and chimpanzees, for example, an alpha male owes his status to his ability to form political alliances. No, you’re not dreaming, these monkeys practice a form of politics. Just like humans…



The Alpha Male in Society: Are There Alphas Men?

Some are embarrassed by the fact that we speak of alpha male in humans because it reminds them that the human is an animal. And yet…

From the dawn of humanity, good hunters had more children than others. I speak well of our ancestors to all of us. This ability turned into reputation, then status and power. Power that offered them the lust of women. The alpha male therefore seems to be the best genitor, with an ideal social position, a good genetic inheritance, valued skills that he will be able to transmit to his child.

Today we do not really hunt anymore, but men always strive to assert their abilities, to build a good inheritance. They work, direct, sing, write, go on TV, do politics, and so on. All for what purpose? To become visible, build a reputation, have recognition and finally afford the lust of women.

You see women adoring singers, artists, comedians, in short, public figures that THE SOCIETY decides to highlight… It is far, the time we were adored for our talent or work, even if it seems to be a logical thing. Many talented artists today do not convey a message that appeals to the system, so we ignore them, despite their remarkable work. While others, sometimes devoid of talent are put forward and oversold by TVs and newspapers until we are persuaded that they are great. Then, the people think that if such great artists have such or such opinion, then they are necessarily the good ones and we must make them ours. The circle is complete. Conclusion: those put forward today no longer strictly meet the criteria of the alpha male, but still enjoy this status. It’s enough for them to say what Big Brother wants us to say, even if they do not think about it.


Who benefits from ignorance if not the refusal to understand the people?

Females in primates and most mammals choose to breed with alphas males because an alpha male reportedly has good DNA. The social rank of the male is the main criterion of sexual selection in the female. I am talking about natural selection here. So, of course, we do not really live in nature anymore, but its laws and rules are still inscribed in us and still govern us.

You will never learn anything as important in college, on television, or during your classes at school. So keep it in mind! However, society strives to talk as little as possible. Why ? Because the ignorance of the people is the strength of the elites.

Ramses II had more than one hundred children, a Sultan of Morocco had 888 children, Gandhi himself seems to have been a real sex obsessed (according to the stories of some historians). Dictators always have plenty of mistresses and women. All tribal leaders have more than one woman. All gurus limit the sexuality of their followers but end up being involved in a sexual scandal (Rael, Koresh, etc.) Chirac has fucked all Paris! Kennedy, Churchill, have enjoyed, in every sense of the word, their status. But, yet, did you only heard about it?

Our genetic programming explains why an artist who does not take care of his children will always find chicks to make him some children, why a boss sleeps with his secretary, why some serial killers have so many admirers, why the Stockholm syndrome, why beautiful women jostle to marry footballers less smart than my dog, why Holland and Julie Gayet, why Strauss-Kahn, etc. Indeed, the man is programmed to spread his genes to the maximum while the woman l is to select the best possible parents.

You already know if you have read evolutionary psychology books (Evopsy), otherwise you know what you have to do.


The case of “extremist feminists”

Imposing a strict morality on the people and trying to manipulate women to hate men and being hated by them is a good example of this: the powerful ones go out and pass on their genetic heritage while you put it on the ear and that everyone finds it very well. This is called “morality”. What a victory for puritanism!

It seems to the media very important to talk about inclusive writing, for example, while most people do not even know how to write French correctly and put “ER” at the end of all the verbs that sound vaguely in “é”… But there is nothing more serious on Earth? Or even in France? That’s really the priority, seriously? We will come back to this in a future article… as if textbooks could be at the origin of violence against women because the masculine prevails over the feminine in grammar. But why people don’t talk about the fact that in some cultures, so in some homes on the French territory, men hit their wives and find that normal, giving the example to their children who reproduce the scheme? Politically incorrect. Why do we never talk about those women who harass men, at work, for example? Hypocrisy and politically correct, always. In short, the debates are misguided and the fights are poorly chosen.

For me, the “extremist feminists” (those who want not to reach a gender equity but who want to crush and humiliate men in the name of revenge for past injustices) are conditioned and I will come back to this in a future article, as I have said. They are manipulated to play the game of the system, of our elites. But the strongest thing in this is to be able to convince them that they are THEIR ideas, their convictions, their interests, which is of course wrong…

The system and the relentless media have managed to convince women that a pick-up artist like me is a threat, calls for hatred and advocates street harassment. So I’m in the same basket as the badly educated and vicious guys who rub in the subway and put hands in the ass seem like nothing.

How many thought by themselves before going to report my Facebook page and my videos on Youtube, going as far as closing my channel for “call to hate”? The truth is that the only ones who hate are them, but nobody will say it either on TV or in the newspapers.

I have always been for equality between men and women, for equity more exactly, I have always advocated the respect and sexual freedom of women. A reading even transversal but in good faith of my blog would suffice to understand it.

But it’s not important, the important thing is what is publicized. Reality is not important compared with the weight of the media. How many interviews did I give to newspapers that actually only wanted to make another pick-up artist look ridiculous ? Only, seeing that I did not say anything misogynistic, they all gave up publishing these interviews… From Le Nouvel Obs to C’est mon choix, I did not have the opportunity to defend an opinion contrary to theirs . Long live “freedom of speech” !


The case of pick-up artists

If our elites wish to make people easily manipulable, they must weaken them, condition them, and take away their courage to take their opinions. They are tired of all these people who protest: it would be better for them that we are all submissive and close our mouths. There is no room for those who think otherwise, the “dissidents”, not the possibility of restoring healthy relationships between men and women.

Society is clearly in the direction of “soon, there will be no more differences between men and women”. It is obvious that if we were all of the same sex or we no longer thought of sex, we would be more productive and enrich the elites of the system. So of course pick-up artists upset because they go against this trend. These are the people to shoot because they dare to assume as sexed beings. Their value system goes against the interests of the system, since they work for the good of humans (men and women). It is therefore much more convenient to stereotype (crazy, obsessed, peers, burned to the limit of the sex offender) and to demonize them. But why is it wrong to fight sexual misery and guilt of having desire, without ignoring the rules of etiquette?

I had already talked about why you are conditioned to be ashamed to seek advice in seduction.


The guilt of men

I will also have to talk in a future article about why men are conditioned in our society to feel guilty of being men and of wanting women. Why women who want to fuck are systematically treated whores until they suppress their impulses. Why do we want us to shut our mouth and let extremist feminism win, playing the game of the system since it is orchestrated by it, I remind it… under the pretext that most men are big pigs!

I should feel guilty about my condition as a cis-gender heterosexual white man so I have to shut up and pay for some fuckers who really abuse women. But the thing is that I am a target easier than them, politically correct, so I take a lot in my mouth in addition to having to close it. And defending myself is very difficult because contrary to the ambient conditioning. That’s why the masses shut their mouths and continue a little more to submit and lose their dignity. Because of the police of thought and language, we no longer have the right to think or defend ourselves.


alpha male or alpha female

“Fear will change sides”: fairness, intimidation or willingness to enslave?

Why and how to relearn manhood?


What to say to those who think I’m crazy ?

You are doubtless blinded, convinced that the elites are honest, act by ideal, for I know not what conviction.

You accept the imposed hierarchy because it is easy, because you do not know that you still have a choice… or, worse, because you are convinced that this is what you must do, period.

But that’s the purpose of the system: and it’s even better if you work for the elite without realizing it, even relaying ideas that are harmful to you, and if possible thinking that you’ve had them alone or that they constitute your real opinion.

The worst is that in your lineage, all women have done their job. They chose the most dominant man they could. All this to come today to guys who support puritanism, extremist feminism, who argue that there is no alpha male in humans. I really wonder where it missed…


Who finances the enjoyment of our elites?

The worst part is that we ALL finance the enjoyment of individuals like some of our elected (there are even some who are pedophiles) who pretend to be interested in us on TV sets and who, in the european parliament, earn tens of thousands of euros a month… in the name of equality. How? With taxes, various taxes, pseudo charity actions, etc.

And why are these pedophiles who govern us not in prison (yeah, for some it’s not suspicion but certainty)? Because the elites who govern us support each other: soon we may be sentenced to prison for having approached a girl respectfully in the street, while they will make crap quietly in their corner…


How are we manipulated ?

Your instincts are not in the interest of the elites. So they have to use fear to make yourself a manageable individual. I had already spoken of the fear of punishment that society puts in place to domesticate the man in this article.

Keep in mind that the morality we are taught always goes in the direction of the system, never in that of our interests (unless you are part of a few privileged elites).

If you doubt it, I give you a list of three books to read to go further and better understand: George Orwell’s 1984, The Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and La France Big Brother by Laurent Obertone.

Finally, to explore the issue of puritanism growing in France and the leveling down, I encourage you to read this article.


What is an alpha man?

Become alpha to get out of sexual misery

You will readily admit by observation around you that 20% of young men seem to be serial fuckers while 80% of the male population lives in sexual misery.

It does not remind you of anything? Yes, as mentioned above, in some animals, alphas males feed on 80% of females, leaving only their crumbs to others.

Do you still believe that the alpha male does not exist in humans? No ? Well, I prefer that… In fact, we can not go against nature, in spite of civilization and the progress of science, because we are the nature, we carry it in ourselves… and denying it by vanity engenders only problems !

So, of course, you may never be part of the governing elite, you will probably never be an alpha among the alphas, but you can still pull out of the game. And for that, you do not need to to become an odious asshole.


Characteristics of Alpha Man

Be careful, what follows is caricatural… but true!

An alpha man is a man popular with other men, he is also a man who is liked by women. Preselection is a concept that when you’re liked by girls, more girls are likely to be interested.

An alpha man is expert in something, he represents the authority in a field, is a reference for some people.

An alpha man is ambitious, he has many passions, a busy life…

An alpha male is combative, he can protect people he loves and who loves him, etc.

For that, he can be strong physically, of course it helps. It can also have some form of beauty in the face or a “very manly” face, like our friend Lino Ventura.

However, be careful, do not be fooled: you do not have to have all the features to attract women. Some are doing very well with only popularity, wealth, power, trust or authority…

lino ventura


How to become an alpha male?

Enter the circle of alphas males

To become a true alpha male, you must enter the virtuous circle.

At first, you can use the famous “fake it until you make it” to become an alpha male. Behave yourself as if you had a lot of confidence, even if it’s not really the case right now. Do it while waiting to become authentically confident, because this is the best way to make it true.

Personally, I was far from being an alpha male when I was younger. But I formed through the community of seduction and personal development, and I became much better. Among other things, thanks to sex and soon 300 beautiful women who wanted me, I became what I am. Today, I do not really think anymore in terms of technique or what, I have become authentically more alpha. Naturally!

It is not good for the system that we become alphas males, because it prefers that we are all submissive sheep. And frustrated, if possible, so that we give everything we have at work, to make up for our terribly meaningless life.


You can change

You can, to start attracting women and thus become a confident alpha, train you to sexy humor, learn to have a good body language, to be a great leg… you will find everything you need on this blog.

You must not be needy, you must represent a challenge and take care of yourself. Things that you may not be doing naturally but that you must force yourself to do at the beginning… before you naturally become an alpha for whom this behavior will be “normal”. Personally, I do not really see myself as a pick up artist today, I think I became an alpha, simply.

For me, one day even the elites will be overwhelmed by the system they have put in place. One day, machines will replace us or we will give up sex to make test-tube babies. And that day, nothing will save our part of humanity… What an abomination!


The basis of salvation

To save our species, the basis is sex. Because sex and survival are at the heart of the whole society, at the center of all attention, even more than money and power.

I sincerely believe that if, to begin with, we lived in a less frustrated society, with fewer problems between men and women, if we were for example trained in pick-up and seduction, it would be much better… What do you think ?

For example, if public transit scramblers were not sexually frustrated and had learned to approach and seduce a woman while remaining respectful, do not you think our country would be better off?

I let you think about everything you just read…

See you soon !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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