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France: puritanism, Americanization and race to the bottom

France puritanism, Americanization and race to the bottom

Did you know that in France, just over 20 years ago, there were outdoor porn cinemas? And not in Cap d’Agde but in big cities like Marseille… It’s unimaginable today.

Today, in our dear country, we are offended easily and we can no longer call a doggystyle a doggystyle without being called « big pervert » (but we consume more and more deviating porn while giving moral lessons). Knowing that, is it not a bit ridiculous to still claim “Paris, capital of love?” I tell you frankly, our country does not (in my opinion) deserve any more its reputation for being sexually free and full of good lovers. We gradually lose our sexy identity as well as our prestige!

How is it possible ? I think we got Americanized… but in the wrong way. The Puritan legacy, which produces a certain negative attitude towards sexuality in the United States, has apparently seized Frenchies. And yet, the Americans want us to believe that they are Puritans but it is a big lie. Or at least they are not more puritans than us but want to make us believe the opposite to feel better. And as we are apparently a little bit stupid and gregarious, we get trapped.

As a proof, we chose to elect a president who has done an objectively catastrophic five-year (and therefore weakened us) rather choosing one of the best economists in the world… all that because he took advantage of his status to participated in some orgies. Nevertheless, it should be known that the majority of people who say they are shocked would have got it very hard if they found themselves in those orgies. Moreover, I remind you that our “normal” president has still cheated on his wife in a rather ridiculous way… but we seem to prefer that. I recall for some who had zapped their courses of History that in Versailles, city today very conservative and Puritan, lived Louis XIV whose list of mistress takes eleven pages on Word.

So, in France, we prefer to hire actresses X (even to marry women) who come from the countries of the East because they are more sexy and less boring (there is a certain culture of body and eroticism there that makes them more liberated).

In short, the current finding is that there is a deep cultural divide that divides France when it comes to public morality, private sexual behavior and freedom of expression.

I personally bear the expense of our pseudo-freedom of expression. I try, for example, to propose on my blog quality content that could help people with their lives and with their vision of sexuality. Yet no media ever contacts me for anything else than programs with the reputation of ridiculizing people and making them freaks. This does not help our beautiful country that journalists do not show the reality: they very often prefer to highlight the so-called “unhealthy” character of the domain, the sordid stories and all these things. Poor us !

The world of sex fascinates people, I am not blind, but we managed to make it a taboo thing. So nobody is brave enough to venture to talk about it without insisting on the fact that the players are perverts and psychopaths… because they are afraid of being called perverts themselves otherwise! Frankly, it seems that taking initiatives in France is well seen, but only when it is in order to disparage…

I find this world fascinating: I had a hard time going to people, having girls in my life and I was a little depressed. Today, I have forged a character, I lay myself bare, I say what people are not used to hear (something else than dominant thinking) and I do things that most people do not think possible or that are supposed to be forbidden by the collective unconscious. It made me grow much faster than the majority. Today, in secret, more and more men ask me for advice to seduce modern women, proof that there is an unacknowledged problem between the two sexes… but it remains stupidly taboo. The truth is that men are somewhat lost by the fact that they do not know how to do with women: they say they want nice romantics men but fantasizes about badboys. And nobody dares to admit it.

Most people hate me ex officio when I say I have a PUA blog, without trying to figure out what it is really. The media have done their job of demonization… but that’s not how we’ll move forward. Few people find it rock’n’roll, cool and original. Yet it is, I swear. And in addition, it is productive for those who follow my advice… Is it necessary to specify that I am not a heartthrob, a frustrated nor an asshole? I just wanted to find a girlfriend to take care of my little heart at the beginning… and then one thing led to another and made that I am today what I am… but I’m still a nice guy with a moral and principles.

The weird stuff is that I could say all I want but I’m sure that pick-up artist is and will remain for a long time something shocking to most people. Besides, it seems to me that we are less intelligent than the United States on this point because, there, those who have succeeded even if it is in this domain are respected. They truly have the cult of entrepreneurship, success and seduction is recognized as a true business, a real profession. In France, it is well known, we spit on those whose heads surpass the rank. The orgasmic world to which I belong makes one dream, but people prefer to stay masturbating on pornos rather than take their fingers out and learn how to seduce women themselves. Basically, in France, people do not like when some people stand out (unless the person in question is the son of a famous guy or of a big producer), we undergo a kind of puritan race to the bottom that does not help us to modernize. Everything that is not commonplace must be constantly turned into ridicule even when it’s great.

In France, it is much more complicated to evolve in the world of seduction (even if one is gifted for that) because of the culture. There is a lot of pressure, little acknowledgement. But I have always held to my freedom and I still hold on to it so I continue my fight. However, without more support from you or from people who can help mentalities to move in the right direction, I do not know if I will not soon find myself out of breath. Seriously, it’s heavy. I also have to think about privileging my personal life, starting a family, and so on. So why continuing in a vain fight if I am alone in fighting and that people are either too limited to understand that my work could be beneficial to them or too coward to join me in the battle? I could quite use my knowledge acquired in social psychology and human understanding in general to create commercial marketing…

It is true that today society is talking about sexuality, feminine pleasure, sextoys, and so on. At this level, speech has been liberated. But as soon as it becomes concrete, there is nobody anymore. It is therefore only appearance: it is anyway well known, the more we display sex in movies and everything, the less we actually fuck in reality. Similarly, the more we talk about freedom and democracy, the less we live in a free and democratic society. In fact, I find that the press (especially the feminine press) is a bit of crap on just about every point. For example, it says to women “Assume yourself as you are”, then present a diet and in the next page criticizes a star who has got a bit fat. It is exactly the same kind of convoluted discourse that is served concerning sex: how do you expect French people to do not get lost ? We talk to them about women’s freedom, sexual liberation and then we call « bitch » a chick who posts sexy pics on Instagram.

Well, if there are still people who want to work on a neutral investigation, they might be surprised by our community in a good way… Do not hesitate to contact me if you are someone who wants to publish a serious work, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help society to move on.

To conclude, I will tell you a little bit how I see things so that there is no misunderstanding before finishing this article. First, sex is for me a bit like eating good things or playing sports: a simple happiness of life that is there only to make us feel good. Sorry for not sacralizing the act while loving it, but I am not a deviant, a predator nor a fucking weirdo.

Secondly, in the world of the Game, woman is subject and not object (it is a being in its own right). People tend to want to believe that women are subject because we talk about alpha male, but true freedom… being free of choosing and enjoying belongs to women. And she yet would not have it for long if there were not some irreducible Gaulish who still have the balls to go picking chicks up to offer them a fuck worthy to figure in the annals of the book of records. Sorry to disappoint the rageous people but it is the woman, her pleasure and seduction that are put forward on my blog, not my ego of guy who would like to show off or make dick contests.

Third, it would be nice for women to support our cause a little more. Especially the real feminists. Because, it is a very courageous undertaking to get into it. Indeed, when we look closer, it is always the woman who has the last word: a man will be easily tempted so women leave with a certain advantage in the seduction while for us, it s often a real obstacle course. It is difficult to gain the right to make them enjoy like crazy, please admit that it is a little paradoxical.

Fourth, yes, it is quite complicated to concentrate on one woman to build our life when we have spent our time looking for some to have fun and that we have destroyed in our minds most of the myths of Love and Hollywood clichés. The choice then becomes cornelian but it is a problem of rich and I prefer that to a problem of sexual misery, displeasing to the majority of the guys who criticize my lifestyle and give lessons but endure a shitty sex life.

Fifth, I am not an odious manipulator. Most of my relationships are sincere. And that is what disorient most of the chicks: I am very honest from the start. So they find it hard to believe because they are accustomed to the ambient hypocrisy. But few have been tempted and have not asked for more. Sorry but we do not take women, nor the men who want to join us in our noble fight, for naive fools. Thanks to those who trust me, fuck the raging jealous tight-ass as well as the brainless, and kisses to the hotties who will read me.

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