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Pick-up artist, feminism and street harassment

Pick-up artist, feminism and street harassment
Marion Seclin – Détours

Today we will speak of feminism and street harassment. I have already addressed this issue in an article entitled “What about the current debate on street harassment?” I’m going this time to share with you my perspective (as a witness)…

The story

I remember I fucked a girl who said she was a “feminist”. When she told me that, I immediately distrusted because that term no longer means much today. There are indeed too many pseudo-feminists who currently misuse this term and have fun engaging huge polemics from confusions and fight for almost the same thing than the PUA.

Post-coitus, the girl went crazy on topics such as “for an equal work, a woman earns less money than a man, do you think it’s normal, you?”. Well no, it’s unfair, it’s a fact. And besides, when I’ll live with a girl, I’ll be glad she makes more money because it will make US have more money.

She said she wanted to behave like a free man: fucking me on the first night and not calling me after without feeling dirty/shameful/dishonored. I told her to do it and that I would be happy if more girls felt free to do that : society would be less sexually frustrated and everyone would feel better.

The street harassment

Finally came on the carpet, the street harassment. She began by telling me that women were pissed off all the time in the street. So I asked her if i twas her case personally and she said “NO, but many women tell it on the internet.”

I told her that she should be careful when she reads stuff on the Internet because many girls invents a life online just to grandstand: there are so frustrated in life that they will compensate by being aggressive. It is also often the race to outbid on forums “me, one whistles every 100 meters, I’m tired”, “me it’s every 50m, because I’m so beautiful.” No doubt some girls are in good faith but just got paranoid because of all the crap one can read on the Internet. Then their “paranoia” makes that they really will FEEL harassed. And since they FEEL harassed, it is a general truth for them: men harass women.

When a woman is making up and chosing nice clothes to get out, it’s normal to attract attention, that does not necessarily mean that those looks reify her. And then you know we just as easily look insistently a girl who is very beautiful than someone who is damn ugly or just a detail that draws our attention. It is true that it is not very polite, but we must deal with it, we are in a ceremonial society where everyone scrutinizes everyone. The eyes are usually not threatening. Paranoia and egocentrism should not lay down the law…

I am not trying to minimize because when I talk about it around me, almost all the girls I know have had at least one bad experience in the street… but is that enough to generalize?

After I showed her my blog to see what she would say… and, sure enough, she called me a big asshole. Without trying to understand what I do. I speak of pick-up and seduction so I am necessarily a big pervert, misogynistic, manipulative, narcissistic and liar… So, I showed her that we, PUAs, are teaching things that are in line with what the authentic feminists want because our art revolves around personal development. Yet many women hate us but are unable to explain why.

For the record, one of my friends approached Marion Seclin in Paris (a famous pseudo-feminist). He told me that this girl who preaches tolerance and freedom of expression has cold-rejected him without even he had time to open his mouth. In addition, he said that as he approached her, he saw that she had a mustache. It makes me laugh that because we are coming to such extremes that many “fake feminists” make themselves ugly voluntarily on behalf of their cause. Anyway, who cares, it’s too bad for them but does it make happy to be ugly?

In this table are grouped things that differentiate the pick-up and harassment.



Walking insistently around a girl despite (or because of) her refusal to discuss. Respect : do not be an ass… do not try to force things.
Whistle and insult women. Politeness and courtesy, do not whistle chicks, it is useless.

Do not insult accept rejection without feeling affected.

Being rude: touching your cock by watching a woman in a public place. Do not put a girl uncomfortable, on the contrary.
Dangerous and menacing guy. Bold guy wishing to cause a good meeting.
Denial of Man/Woman equality legal status. Considering a woman not as a person but as a consumer good. Man who appreciates the fairer sex.
Aggressiveness of frustrated: « A woman who dresses sexy deserves to be raped. » “Wow, thank you for dressing so sexy, it makes my eyes feel good.”
Reductive terminology : because of the guys who use that kind of vocabulary, many women do not see (supposedly) what is positive when a stranger tells them they are pretty. In the community of seduction, we recommend to avoid compliments on pure physical appearance. Instead, we will make them focus on things like accessories. On things she has chosen.
Inappropriate behavior: I read that many guys would follow the girl to her house if she ever had the misfortune to answer politely. The game helps the guys to stop being sex-starved, to have more normal behavior, which makes them less aggressive.
Pick-up disguised and not assumed. Be frank. Use the direct game.


Hypocrisy : considering that women who have sex are actually sluts. PUAs are for sexual freedom of women. But the goal of gender equality is to mutually help each other.


I also told the girl the time I was attacked on my way home after a night: 4 junkies have beaten me, for no reason. What I mean is that there is not only who women feel insecure and who are pissed off in the street in France. It’s a society problem. It’s dramatic that events such as assault and rape occur but this is not a reason so that it turns to the collective psychosis. Otherwise, it would be the end of the beans.

I think women are right to complain when men touch them when they do not agree, when they are insulted by men because they do not want to talk to them. They are right to complain when they are called whores because they are not interested. And they are right when they are afraid to be followed up at home by people (often drunk) who are not invited. But we must not let it go crazy with large deviations in this movement called “modern feminism.”

This girl started to agree that we were in the same boat and it might be smarter to pull together. It’s not the feminists we do not like in the seduction community, it’s the bitches who are pains in the ass in the name of feminism (in fact, I think I’m more feminist than them, I guess I want more good for women than these people). In fact, if we do not like them, it’s mainly because their movement is being emasculating men.

Wikipedia: Feminism is a set of movements and political ideas, philosophical and social, which share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve political, economic and cultural, personal, social and legal equality between women and men.

Emasculation of men

In the past, women have been victims of a lot of violence. They were not the equal of the man and even today there are still unequal treatment. They do not want any of it, I understand… but I do not think they should avenge on us, modern men. Yet the current extremist movement has the effect of emasculating men and virilize women (does it make a woman happy to be virile like a man ?). But what attracts when it comes to men, it is their manhood. Paradoxically, this movement does not make women happier : they do not have the men they like.

A woman is not a man. She may be equal in rights, we will never be identical but complementary, you must understand that. This is even the heart of the problem. The equality would dictate that we all have the same treatment. Fairness, it would be equivalent treatment. As in math, we recognize that each solution of the equation is different, but yet they are strictly synonyms (x²-1=0 so x=1 or -1). In sport, for example, women do not generally compete against men. Yet it doesn’t offended anyone!

I think the so-called feminists (those that are closed and aggressive) should understand that if they want full equality: it would remove privileges such as all the free stuff for them and paying for guys. Or if they speak badly to a guy, he could punch them without being an asshole (which is unthinkable). And when they will want have sex, they will have to go out and pick-up (and take rakes). It is not reasonable to demand equality in all areas and superiority in certain.

If women want to approach in the street and to pay drinks, in the name of equality, we think it’s good. They will then understand that approaching unknown people in the street, it is not easy. There is a huge adrenaline rush, the fear of what other people think, we invent excuses not to go, etc. Getting to approach women, even in a club, it is not something easy. So why trying to blame the few men who still want to approach?

Approaching someone in the street should not be considered “unnatural”. What are the other ways to meet people today? The circles have become very closed, a lot of women do not find a guy that suits them because they have not the choice (hence the growing importance of dating sites and meeting apps). I know many women who, in fact, are flattered to be approached. GQ Magazine has also assessed in an article to $66 the value of a compliment from a stranger.

I must tell you how it goes, in general, when we pick-up a girl in the street (it almost became a heroic act). First, you must know you’re likely to fall on girls that are directly on the defensive : not open-minded, frustrated, and very complicated. When one woman is approached, in addition to the difficulty it represents, sometimes she uses a frightened look that shows the woman think we’re a rapist, a serial killer or a dangerous madman. When approaching women in a group, they often appear contemptuous and use derogatory comments. Like “who does he think he is? He’s ugly.”

What bothers me is that their bad behavior can traumatize shy guys who take their courage in their hands for the first time to approach a woman. Yet we all have much to gain to encourage such behavior. If we do not approach someone we like, we potentially misses something. And if noone approaches anymore, it’s the end of everything. We would become individualistic, frustrated and hurt self-esteem, as many people are yet, by the way.

The logical consequence is that the goods guys do not want to approach the princesses who send them to hell before the first sentence pronounced (often without even watching our face). And this is understandable. But then women complain because they do not meet guys or only fall on assholes. Men also are unhappy and frustrated, in fact it’s a lose-lose scenario.

False feminists are making men lose the little balls they still have. And others women let them do even if it makes them unhappy…

A gap between men and women

We must return to Earth, the street is for everyone. There’s no need for a “special place” to meet people (we are not all lucky enough to pay €20 to get to VIP parties).

So, we catch up on Tinder as long as it’s free. It’s good a moment but we also need to face the reality of the ground sometimes. The street is good because there is no social separation: we should not deprive normal men of their freedom and a chance to meet women who only attend the VIP areas. This is not the VIP area that makes the interest of a man.

Yet according to these pseudo-feminist, approaching them in street would violate their freedom to walk alone in a public place. With this logic, rejecting us would violate our freedom to have sex or our freedom to be ugly… And by conditioning the guys to do not approach because they are afraid of being called perverts, don’t they violate the freedom of the women who want to be approached? It seems that these false feminists have never seen a handsome guy in the street and the fantasy of the unknown is a myth.

Many women I spoke to complain about not making spontaneous encounters in real life. But the pseudo-feminist fight is not for nothing in that problem. Is it then really the friend of women? Or is it the game, the true friend of women who will reconcile women with men? 😉

Those who are wrong are those who spit in the soup and cry because just we have made them a compliment on the street. Women who think like that unserve the purpose they think they serve. It is necessary that these women stop playing the victim. Talking to a woman in the street or in a bar, this is not an impermissible intrusion into her private life as some pseudo-feminists claim. If they prefer to turn sealed (always the same social circle, no fancy, never out of their comfort zone) that’s their problem. But there is nothing disrespectful in approaching someone in the street (when it is for a survey or a charity, noone says anything…), so why this disrespect as a reply ? Because of this attitude, too many guys now think talking to unknown… it’s wrong.

The real problems

On the other hand, there are true cases of harassment (often by riff-raff, men of power and superiors). Unfortunately, there are also sexually assaulted. People who’d say “you got raped but you were dressed in a skirt so you deserved it” would be idiots. Regarding the clothes, I think everyone can dress as he/she wishes as long as there is no indecency. It’s called respect. On the other hand, those who kiss by surprise the breasts of a woman who nevertheless said she was not interested, to save face on TV, are like dogs. Just as those who insist during 3 years and who make a woman drink alcohol to get to kiss her in a bar. Now, the game teaches guys to do not behave like dogs.

Feminists are right to complain that sometimes when women are attacked, idiots find a way to ask them if they have firmly expressed their refusal to be mugged. They are angry because they feel that men often pose to victims of assault a share of the responsibility. Of course, this is not tolerable.

That said, I have heard similar stories but about men: guys accused of rape on the mere word of a woman who was lying in fact, just to piss off an ex. Or men who have not been granted custody of their child to benefit their ex wife, yet notoriously hysterical that will traumatize them, just because they are the fathers and not the mothers. Unfair stuff, excesses, are found everywhere.

The solutions

Feminists say they are tired of being approached in the street but yet I know many girls who complain that it never happens to them and wonder if they are pretty. All women are not in agreement. This is a problem: what to do? Listening to those who spit their venom and not picking-up or pleasing those who like to be picked up and say it (but quietly because the others make them feel guilty : « if you do not support our cause and if you like being picked up it’s because you’re a whore ») ?

First you should know that if you spend your whole life to especially never want upset anyone, you will never do anything. So stay virile and continue your personal development process although the society says “be frustrated and shut up! And do not try to get out of the flock, accept your fate and shut up!” If you do nothing wrong and are not disrespectful, there is no reason to feel guilty. You do that as much for you than for them.

Next, understand that it is not because we dared to approach a woman that she owes us something. I advise you to withdraw as soon as you are not meeting enthusiasm (the interaction may last only 2 seconds). If they pretend not to be happy when they would like to be fucked : that’s their problem. The most important is to especially protect you from trouble like harassment and rape. No shadow of doubt should hang over!

Their mentality should also change because they are women who thanked me much for having a little insisted and told me they were very happy to meet me in fact even if they were cold at the beginning and they especially do not regret not because they have orgasmed like crazy. This is the big problem of the social pressure that fight against the real deepest instincts of women. But when in doubt, do not insist… if I am sometimes allowed me to do so it’s because I was sure of what I was doing (I know how they works now). When it comes to the guys who do not have much experience in pick-up, it is for women to learn how to show visible signs of interest. And to stop blowing cold if they want something hot. Everyone must do their part of the job !!! Otherwise it’ll make everybody crazy.

In France, we make great efforts to pick-up while they are difficult. And then they complain about the efforts we make by saying it oppresses them. And the worst is that the chicks that are pains in the ass like that are often zero in bed. So we will take a headache, so that they take ten times more fun than us (but that’s another debate).

In some countries, the customs are totally different. And women more comely (less aggressive as truck drivers). However, this is not an excuse to go abroad in the North, East or Australia: a battle needs to be fought here in France and is not yet lost. Abandonning the vessel and his comrades would be an easy solution.

I don’t think that the false feminism as advocated by the site who wanted its workers to post pictures of their tits on a wall of the premises is the solution. The game can be. Be interested in the message we really drive, do not be blocked because of received ideas.

Think for yourselves! Otherwise we will not get out, we live in a society that starts being a mess and it will be worse and worse if it continues.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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