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It’s hard to be a sentimental PUA

July 11th 2014,

Yesterday, relaxing day (so much the better because at the moment I am strangely exhausted all the time): up by 11 am, small salad of vegetables at noon, and in the afternoon I took the virginity of an inhabitant of Marseille.

I had no more condom then I had to go get some at the Monop’. I went there at about 2:40 pm while I had to meet this 19-year-old sweetheart at 3 pm. I am so far-sighted. I like to go buying condoms and hold them proudly in the store. Many hide because are ashamed to put it on their cock, like the cap we are obliged to wear at the swimming pool, but I am proud because I send to the world the following message “I am about to screw now, and you ?!

NB : At the risk of not being very original, know that I do not like the AIDS.

Small sensation of breathlessness in the tail to pay, certainly the anxiety otherwise it is because I don’t like paying. No, seriously, I don’t like feeling stuck. Well, then, I hid the box in the inside pocket of my jacket (yeah I had a jacket in the middle of July because it is cold at the moment here). I said to myself that arriving with condoms in a plastic bag would be a little “cheap“. With hindsight, I think that I did well because she asked me in the elevator “what did you buy?” and I didn’t imagine myself answering “some condoms to take your virginity, darling“.

As I was late (it was approximately 3:10 pm), she was sitting down on the ground in front of my building. I sit next to her as a result, to establish a good communication. “Ah, you sit down with me, it is cool“. I gave her an ambiguous kiss on the cheek by way of “hello”. She smiled, cool. I observed and noted that she was dressed like on the photo of Adopt for which I had complimented her. That smelt good. Moreover if you too, you want to take advantage of the Internet for seducing like a bastard, do not hesitate to read my book. I explain to you there quite everything in detail.

Ah because yeah… I didn’t say it yet but I had never seen this girl before. I picked up her on Adopt… When we spoke about sex, she took offence during 2 weeks, then I sent her the message of the last chance about which I speak in my book. As a result : we talk on FB since last Saturday. She lives in Marseille. She told me that she already had tried to sleep with 2 guys this summer but that they were too clumsy and that she wondered who would be able to take her virginity. The first one I don’t remember why they did not do it, I believe that he simply didn’t get hard because of stress, and the second put her a headbutt while they were stark naked (but not quite tanned)… it fucked up everything.

At the time, I wondered if male gente is really SO KNACKERED in the bed or if it was HER who managed to make everybody uncomfortable (because when we are nervous we make bullshit more easily – and we are often nervous when we get ready to sleep with a new person). In brief, she needed somebody to take the virginity of the “indépucelable“, it was a mission for Cyprineman!

To start with, she wanted to go on the balcony, just to get acquainted. I began to make pressing at the end of 10mn. “Yet ?!” she got indignant… she tried to throw me off like a knight during a joust for her beautiful princess Cersei but I know that the kind “we wait just a little then we do it” it is shit… It does not work like that: when needs to go out your comfort zone, it is better to go there sharply (like when you want to break up with your girl). This gossip was an insult for our desire, it was high time to pass in the delicious serious things.

I kissed her (she stopped evading my artless kisses), fiddled, etc. She told me “wait” or held my arm like to accompany me or rather to control my movement. In brief, she was not in confidence. I can understand it. But well. I took the helm firmly, like the Captain Haddock, and I caressed her breasts by over her bra and her pussy by over her string (because she didn’t want that I bring in my hand inside at first). But when she was turned on enough (her emotional part got the upper hand over her logical part) I brought in my hand inside and she did not protest anymore.

In brief, after that, we got back in. We settled down on the sofa: she enjoying because she is totally clitoral… and me by saying to myself that she was cute all the same and that it was thus strange that she is still virgin at her age. But well “plus rien ne m’étonne” (nothing surprises me anymore) as Aurélien says. Usually it is some sublime words that caressed my tongue, there, it was her clitoris.

She rose very high on this sofa… Even if I was not too much able to finger her because that hurt her, my tongue pleased her a lot. And she absolutely wanted “to give me some pleasure too” because she took a lot apparently. Thus we went to the bedroom, I guided her to undress me… She wanted to save time again but the truth it is that she did not really know what to do in this situation then I took time to reassure her and to explain to her. Once naked she panicked ” I don’t know what to do? What must I do? I have to do what?” An attractive small blonde with blue eyes who asks you for that, with her attractive nipples in the air, it is downright sweet.

Calm down, love! You MUST nothing, you do that you want“. She wanted to give me some pleasure, then I taught her how to shake me. Then, she hesitated one hour before deciding to suck me “I dare or not“, she took my glans in her mouth and made 3 comings and goings “was it good ?
– yes except the hesitation that spoils everything
“. Well, will need that she does better than that for her future lovers but for a first time: I found her very brave, of very willingness, and it is the most important for me. What sat her free her it is when I told her “I am your guinea pig today I explain to you so use me to try what you want to discover otherwise you are going to go back home by saying to yourself that you would have wanted to try this or that but you didn’t dare“. Having said that, she did not seem to find that a cock has very good taste then I put her a spanking and she took it badly.

As a result, I redid her a cunni, to make her forgive me. That drove her crazy and after a while “go on dude, we do it now, I so much want to know how it feels“. Ah OK. Well, I’d maybe better continue and make her come with my tongue but I penetrated into her. That hurt her of course. We went there slowly, blah blah blah. We tried several times. That gave her a little pleasure but that still hurt her. At the moment, she wanted that we stop and she shook me to finish me. It was very good: that’s it, she knows how to shake now! “Go on, hug me“. She enjoyed sniffing me in the neck and say “oah you smell good.
it’s not me it’s Paco Rabanne!”

NB : All this reminded me my own very first time. Except that the girl with whom I made it did not wish to finish me and was very unpleasant. What a silly bitch when I rethink about it!

She told me that she found me “rather” handsome (“sorry I am not used to complimenting “) and very kind. It is good for my confidence. She thought that I would be a jerk but in fact “you rather are a Care Bear“. Yeah, not really either… but well. Apparently I have an image of jerk on my blog, etc. I think that they confuse jerk and alpha, in fact. You can be very kind and alpha… In any case, me, I like helping my neighbor. Especially if it is a girl.

There was a little blood on my bed there when she left, but well. At least I had the honor to take the virginity of a new girl. I hope I have freed her and put her on her good way so that she is happier in her future sexual life. She told me that she had dates next Saturday and Monday with other guys met on Adopt. For my part, I was delighted to discover her 3 attractive tattoos (which just goes to show that all the tattooed are not nymphomaniacs…)

Roughly, she used me as man as a sex object to discover the carnal pleasures. That was not the worst good deed in the world. It was an honorable and delicate mission, but I think of having succeed because she left happy and determined to have fun this summer. I am satisfied because, you know, it is difficult to combine PUA and emotional sentimentality… I’m not kidding, I guess I have too much empathy.

May the God of the Game not put it in our ass !

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